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  1. a tutorial, character build angle: that's a good point. i don't think it's my strong suit, but i think there would be interest in this.
  2. i think this is right. i would probably go for the delay, but have the same worry...and i'm assuming my guild peeps would be pretty uncomfortable with that even, for good reasons.
  3. i'm having trouble thinking of how livestreams could really work, didn't know if folks out there have found creative solutions. i'm definitely not interested in after-the-fact highlight videos...yet can't think of other solutions. livestreaming could help build some interest, yet i can't see a way it would really be possible.
  4. I'm curious how streamable CF will be, and wonder what folks who have played these sorts of games think about some potential problem areas... The concern is this: the people I've spoken with so far say, "live-streaming won't work with CF because it would give away your guild's activities/strategies". So, with that issue in mind, what are the best ways for players to create live-streams and you tube channels for their CF game play? It's something I would like to do, but worry that a lot of the different styles of video would run counter to the guild/siege system that is hardwired
  5. the trophies worry me...i've seen stuff like that (w/ both trophies and trophy-like gear) bring in the wrong kind of player, and push out those who want a more competitive/sustainable economy, where there is risk associated with any loot. anyway, will be curious to see how it plays out.
  6. i don't disagree that "we don't know", i'm certainly willing to see what happens...but if "trophies" is the answer...that's going to disappoint a whole lot of people. conversely, it will appeal to people averse to true open world, brutal pvp, because they can win stuff...and keep it. in some cases, compromise is the worst thing that can happen to a game. battles, sieges...yet loot that can be taken to special, "eternal kingdom" realms and made safe...that's just compromise. for now, i take CF at face value...they've been promising something different, I believe they are sincere in that go
  7. so what you're saying is, from what you've seen...there is no economy, other than "fluff"...that's the whole problem. what's the motivation to play if most items either go away or are temporary or can be held safe in hoarding realms? the point is not that we need a stable economy where we can "keep" things...the point is that items should be up for looting, in one form or another. if everything just vanishes at the end of a campaign or can be hidden in safe realms...why do anything? eventually, battles just feel empty, pointless, because you know there will just be a reset...but if there i
  8. I don't think people are understanding, because you're asking the right questions, yet people are saying, "but you can win something!!!...the end". that's not really the issue. The issue is: are there areas in the game where items that are won can remain permanently safe? So in the Eternal Kingdoms: if you can win stuff, store it in the EK...it just means that the economy is pointless, because items can be removed from the pvp/looting game play. which then raises the question: what, exactly, is the economy? what value does it have? if items 1. expire after a world erodes and a siege p
  9. i'm referring to game mechanics, not history. there are a lot of discussions in the book about implementing a specific sort of crafting system, as well as a breakdown of the way open world pvp works in the fictional game. also, after this book came out in 2011, there were discussions online about whether or not this fictional game could actually happen in the real world...those discussions are just word-for-word similar to things that are said here in the forums, in terms of debates about open world pvp, crafting systems, etc...so it's just interesting to see the connections. mostly i was just
  10. For anyone involved in the game...or any players familiar with Shadowbane: Have any of you read the novel Reamde, by Neal Stephenson? It was released in 2011. The novel features a fictional online game called T'Rain...and the similarities between it and Crowfall are really striking, in a fun way. Makes me wonder if the novel inspired any of the game developers...or, it could go the other way, perhaps Reamde was inspired by Shadowbane. I'm just curious if anyone here has read Reamde, has any thoughts about connections between it and Crowfall, whichever way the inspiration goes
  11. actually, I just noticed...flatley's next comment? will tie him with #7 on the all time commenter list, so I hope he makes it a good one.
  12. good news, mikey: you just made comment #291, which puts you in 8th place for most posts all time! congrats, broseph. in this forum you say you don't like...you've commented more than thousands and thousands of other people. I mean, if you're going to contradict yourself...go big. I like it. Flatley post #300 is just 9 away, I think you'll get there in the next 10 minutes at this rate, lol.
  13. #284 Here's the thing, mikey: right now, in a forum of thousands, you're the #9 top poster. The next person above you is at 290 posts. So, if you contradict yourself just six more times, you'll be tied for 8th place (in a forum you claim to not care about). Don't stop now...dude, six is nothing.
  14. #283 If you tell us how much you don't care about anything here just 17 more times? you'll be at post number 300, lol.
  15. haha. that was your 280th comment. it's too perfect. wait, this was your 281st comment. guy who doesn't care about anything or anyone here: getting closer to the 300 post mark, lol.
  16. my favorite thing about flatley: he's one of the top posters in the whole forum! it's kind of awesome that he claims to hate everything here, yet can't stop leaving comments. he doesn't respect CF, keeps saying it's carebear. doesn't respect any players here, because they're not as amazing as he is. and yet, who has left more posts than the vast majority of people in this whole forum? Michael Flatley. flatley is either trolling for fun, or he's just a kid who's not getting enough attention at home. you can't really leave almost 300 comments and pretend you hate everyone here, lol. the best
  17. for peeps like you and me, they'll be creating a "hobo" class, where you just work on boosting "dumpster diving" stats and craft items like cardboard boxes and "will work for loot" signs. instead of sieges, we'll just ride the rails and live off of opossum and soup donations.
  18. I really have to stop commenting here.
  19. "I'm just too good. I'M JUST TOO GOOD!!!" flatley stands alone with his skillset. being awesome...it's his gift. his curse.
  20. it'll basically be a big sausage party, you know? room full of dudes kneeling before you...and you're just sitting there on your golden la-z-boy recliner munching on a phallic turkey leg, mumbling some kind of weak thanks for all the help during the 12 hour siege, where you basically hid behind a bush the whole time and let a huge zerg clump do all the work. not really sure what it'll look like with a female king. maybe there should be some sort of...i don't know what the word would be...but a female alternative of some kind. maybe we can put our heads together and sort of work up a title
  21. this has been brought up repeatedly, it's one of the more baseless concerns so far. plenty of wiz folks play a variety of pvp games...are definitely looking for something more hardcore. plenty of wiz folks are studying siege mechanics, interested in meshing with whatever CF has to offer...and there are plenty of folks from wiz who will be all about the face-stabbing, loot-murder and pvp degradation. this sb versus wiz bs was pretty off base on day 1 here...the fact that someone else is bringing it up this late just means you haven't been reading. why even bring this up when you can go read oth
  22. i wonder if "hunger" is intended to be a stat that will place reasonable limits on the sieges. people may be able to feed individuals, small groups without too much trouble overall...but during sieges, where much larger groups are active for long periods of time, it may be harder to keep a supply of food going...and declining hunger stats would eventually mean the siege would have to be cut short. so, it would force players to have a end game in mind before beginning sieges...a plan that could actually work, and not just create 1 and 2 day battles, which would be a pretty boring slog for
  23. yeah...and there is a tree post already, this could have gone in the original one, where everyone else has been discussing it.
  24. from what I've seen "marriage" in most online games is a feature that just draws in a lot of histrionic, emotionally unbalanced types, they would just be a headache in a pvp style game. they seem to have a lot of genuine emotional problems...if the game brings in role players to that extent, where marriage is a thing, it would be a nightmare. I don't get the sense CF is going that direction though, it's more about guilds, holding/taking land/loot etc. even in j todd's previous game, wiz101...which is supposed to be for a younger crowd...adults with pretty serious issues made their in-game
  25. wonder what the odds are that, in addition to being a skill tree, the crest tree is also the new leveling system. they've mentioned wanting to reduce level grinding, so what if instead of going from a level 1 to a level 60 or whatever, you start at the bottom of the tree and can progress through 1 of the 3 crest paths, work towards the top. it would be a smaller, much more compact leveling system...the top crest is larger, clearly implying a bottom to top hierarchy, so i can kind of see this being the case. one can choose a class (knight, templar, priest, etc)...and then work through the c
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