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  1. Yes it is. It would be better if there was an option on the site (store), where we could click on a package and see the differences, like what you get and what you lose when upgrading. I'm afraid it's just too difficult to implement that.
  2. Funny .gif's. Need more!
  3. mylo

    Sea Of Thieves

    I first heard of this game in E3! I hope it's going to be a fun game... sad that they weren't at Gamescon.
  4. Interesting project, I like the ideas!
  5. mylo


    I play Rust! Seriously the best survival game out there...
  6. Always fun playing this game!
  7. mylo

    Arche Age

    Three Problems... 1. RNG 2. PvP (not enough) 3. Bad company
  8. The most fun I had was on WoW, when it came out.
  9. Rust, HotS, Rocket League and City Skylines...
  10. I just hope Ubi doesn't f*** this up...
  11. Most important thread on this Forum.
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