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  1. I need that we have a thread about the different classes. But how about a thread for disciplines, its a pretty large chunk of content and should be isolated to one area.
  2. Just here for the boobs! Cya!

    1. Darkened


      You should see the uncensored version :D


      Look me up on steam "Darkened0218"

  3. I saw a YouTube Video that someone had called them a Magic Melee Caster, but this was not really credible in my opinion. The concept art that you see all indicates a ranged class.
  4. I'm having this same issue, I've tried several different methods including 3rd party image hosting imgur.com, photobucket.com.... and Gravatar... nothing it working. This is such a minor thing, and I've already spent so much more time on this than I should have. Everyone here is a backer and has put money to this game... 1st we deserve more than 50KB profile images, this isn't 1992. Also, such a basic feature shouldn't be a big issue for the users. Can this please get resolved?
  5. Hello to everyone, I can't wait for this game to hit it's official release. It has been awhile since I've seen a game that has me as excited as this one. Keep up the good work!
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