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  1. Personally I think it should be a feature in the final game. Let's say I work evenings/nights but I am a big fan of the game and siege pvp. Am I forgotten completely? Or do I at least get maybe some amount of siege pvp even if it's less ideal?
  2. @jtoddcoleman@thomasblair@Tyrant Please please please highly consider activating some of the Fort's siege's at EU friendly times for this campaign. I can understand if you don't want to activate Keeps but currently no EU/Russian player can reliably participate in any type of siege for NA hosted campaigns.
  3. @seastodd check DM's here on forums please
  4. @jtoddcoleman Was having similar style hitching except the freezes were maybe a quarter the duration of @yiannis. I haven't seen those prolonged freeze frames personally.
  5. Thank you Todd! Really appreciate your help on this one.
  6. +2 This is a serious issue for many gamers. As a long time backer and supporter I hope you reconsider.
  7. Jagour

    Dwarven Thrower

    Arbiter can be a neat promotion class that might fit your description.
  8. Does this mean Monday at the soonest or is weekend a possibility?
  9. Enter the following into your webbrowser: http://discord.undeadlords.net This will open up a link to our Discord where you can then ask to speak to a Crowfall representative.
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