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  1. That’s not what he’s saying. Even with Weapon Finesse they cost too much for a pip class. You can channel them for less than two seconds before being out of resources.
  2. You gave Guinea’s access Lord of the Forest major. I would suggest adding Elken to domains that can use it.
  3. Soul Power is being generated at 50% the rate of live at least via dealing damage.
  4. Originally the plan had been campaigns end when the victory conditions are met...though they seem to have gone away from that model. @jtoddcoleman@thomasblair please read this thread.
  5. Thank you for the communication!
  6. <Question> How do Dev Partner Forum members feel about this thread?
  7. Personally I think it should be a feature in the final game. Let's say I work evenings/nights but I am a big fan of the game and siege pvp. Am I forgotten completely? Or do I at least get maybe some amount of siege pvp even if it's less ideal?
  8. @jtoddcoleman@thomasblair@Tyrant Please please please highly consider activating some of the Fort's siege's at EU friendly times for this campaign. I can understand if you don't want to activate Keeps but currently no EU/Russian player can reliably participate in any type of siege for NA hosted campaigns.
  9. @seastodd check DM's here on forums please
  10. @jtoddcoleman Was having similar style hitching except the freezes were maybe a quarter the duration of @yiannis. I haven't seen those prolonged freeze frames personally.
  11. Thank you Todd! Really appreciate your help on this one.
  12. +2 This is a serious issue for many gamers. As a long time backer and supporter I hope you reconsider.
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