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  1. Blade Master Discipline passive "Blood Price" spawns all orbs off in a random corner away from you all stacked up instead of randomly spawning near where the strike that spawns it happened. Rendering the passive useless for now which is a huge disappointment for me. :-/
  2. Spider Queen's health doesnt reset after combat end if you die. Also her reflect caccoon happened without an animation which is what killed me. It was also during my Q but still died. When I released I am unable to jump in crow form now.
  3. Can we please be made aware if at some point there definitely won't be a patch/CW going up today so I don't keep spam refreshing the forums. Thanks!
  4. Not sure if this is intentional, but I bought a Small Fort today for $40 but it can only be redeemed for $30. While other items seem to be at 100% value. Also if I wanted to upgrade to a Medium Fort it would cost me $20 when it should be $10.