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  1. Personally I think it should be a feature in the final game. Let's say I work evenings/nights but I am a big fan of the game and siege pvp. Am I forgotten completely? Or do I at least get maybe some amount of siege pvp even if it's less ideal?
  2. @jtoddcoleman@thomasblair@Tyrant Please please please highly consider activating some of the Fort's siege's at EU friendly times for this campaign. I can understand if you don't want to activate Keeps but currently no EU/Russian player can reliably participate in any type of siege for NA hosted campaigns.
  3. @seastodd check DM's here on forums please
  4. @jtoddcoleman Was having similar style hitching except the freezes were maybe a quarter the duration of @yiannis. I haven't seen those prolonged freeze frames personally.
  5. Thank you Todd! Really appreciate your help on this one.
  6. +2 This is a serious issue for many gamers. As a long time backer and supporter I hope you reconsider.
  7. Jagour

    Dwarven Thrower

    Arbiter can be a neat promotion class that might fit your description.
  8. Does this mean Monday at the soonest or is weekend a possibility?
  9. Enter the following into your webbrowser: http://discord.undeadlords.net This will open up a link to our Discord where you can then ask to speak to a Crowfall representative.
  10. UDL is always on the look out for gamer's with a vetted interest in old school hardcore PVP gameplay!
  11. You can get whites up to 110ish light and greens to 135ish light.
  12. Still very accurate....have you seen the numbers at siege time? Let alone considering the fact that Order and Balance tag team the Chaos keep more often than not.
  13. With the addition of Warbands of varying species and factions and the fact that you plan on sticking to a mostly victory point oriented win mechanic for campaigns here is an idea I have been brainstorming for awhile given the new information about what is coming down the pipe. Let’s say for example there are three different Warband factions within this pretend campaign Orcs, Bandits, and a Roman Legion Tribe. Now let’s say each one of those has a faction leader who is sort of a mini boss. What if each of those mini bosses had a small chance to drop a different specific recipe for a component. Now if you collected all three component recipes and crafted them they could then be combined into a final item. Now if you successfully escort this final item to the Embargo Chest your faction or guild in the dregs gets a substantial chunk of victory points. I would also recommend that each of the three component recipes that drop from the Warband leaders require a different type of crafting as well as small components from the more obscure types of crafting. So if one was Blacksmithing, one Woodworking, and one Stone Masonry but maybe they required little bits from Jewelcrafting or Runemaking in them as well. I would recommend that these require significant amounts of resources too. This would give crafters/harvesters a more direct way to impact the victory point scoreboard. Also if on your trip to “submit” the final item into the Embargo Chest you got jumped and killed if it was looted it could then be used by the looting faction but maybe for slightly less points if the name of the crafter on it was not from that faction. Just some ideas I have had for again a more direct way for crafters/harvesters to impact the end result of a campaign. Thanks!
  14. Yes all valid but in a game about choice give players the option. 5 minute death shroud instead of 3 but start from when release to Crow form. Or even starting to and only ticking down while within rezz range of your corpse as a Crow. I understand there are certain ways of getting around it but I still think it’s current implementation is very poor for above stated reasons.
  15. Sure and I don't dispute that but it created a couple significant problems as well that have been listed in this thread.
  16. Yeah I'm all for not being able to get right back into the fight but the timer not starting until you're alive and able to be killed is like a griefers wet dream. Griefing will definitely be part of this game. It's focused on PVP for Christs sake but you don't need to go out of your way to encourage it. Make it a 5 minute timer from the moment you release into Crow form. Most run backs arent more than 60 seconds now. So that's 3-4 minutes of staying in Crow after you're at your corpse or choosing to ress immediatly and risk getting taken for an easy kill.
  17. Duping bug when everything is free? LOL. If that's their excuse it's pathetic.
  18. Should specify somewhere that's it's European only more clearly.
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