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  1. C'est marrant, je n'ai pas touché ni approché Crowfall depuis plus d'un an maintenant, et j'ai décidé d'y repasser il y a deux jours pour voir ce que ça devenait. Et comme j'ai perdu le contact avec les joueurs des tests pre-alpha, je venais sur le fofo trouver des copains. Et hop, petite mention, donc je me permets de répondre avec le peu de connaissances que j'ai pu ré-acquérir. :) Donc je dirais les choses suivantes pour le JOUR 1 1 - démarrer les skills, et surtout passer quelques minutes à lire les tooltips, histoire de comprendre la dynamique de chaque arbre. 2 - se créer son (ses
  2. Very very nice changes indeed! Cannot help but remind me of D&D character creation. I really like the UI, and I really like the changes. Well done!
  3. AWESOME NEWS! Will be there to kick some test-bottoms! I can now say with blunt certainty that choosing balance is showing clearly to the world what kind of unfaithful butterfly your inner self deeply is, lmao.
  4. Je viens de voir le topic, j'étais chaud. Puis j'ai vu que c'était pour hier. x) PS: si vous vous sentez d'en refaire un plus fustilarian, donnez une à deux semaines de temps d'organisation, pour que ça se sache aussi. PS2: des petites équipes de 3-4 seraient sympas aussi je pense.
  5. Le fléau, c'était le terme phare de Warcraft 3. Ce n'est pas sûr qu'il n'y ait pas de copyright, ils sont bons Blizzard pour ça. x) Sinon, l'idée de "Hunger" présente différentes facettes. Pour les dieux du panthéon, elle est: - une force inconnue, irresistible et insondable - une source de corruption et (sûrement) de destruction, mais peut-être aussi une source de pouvoir, - une entité qui se répand, de façon inexorable. Cette même idée est vécue complètement différemment pour les peuples mortels des mondes. Pour eux, elle est: - le signe de la fin de (leur) monde, -
  6. The EK menu will indeed need another pass. But most probably, a few things can be improved: 1 - add a filter menu (show/hide: offline, favorites, friends, guild, alliance, blocked, with/without passwords, region (US, EU, etc)) 2 - display it as an "ugly" but efficient list, and only show picture and "EK profile" while hovering mouse.
  7. I actually think it should be a must have, and would fit perfectly with the tracking idea. In a game where damage and armor mitigation types are so important, like a huge paper-rock-scissors game, "drawing" the main enemy gear comps would be a huge advantage for those who: 1 - took the time to build different type of weapons AND armors, maybe against the option to only have one better gear set instead (import/export restrictions and/or caps) 2 - have the logistic to switch their gear in the wild, just before an encounter (meaning outposts, caravans, camps, etc) 3 - are organized eno
  8. Sounds like a good idea to me, also with the new mapping software you are working on, I think it will help make the maps much more details and beautiful. And as for performances, I suppose our computers had to load entire blocs of maps. Now, I suppose it is still the same mechanism, but the difference is that we could load only half on them (the closer to the character), or something like that?
  9. I very much like the idea that there would be no log-out without a safe location. However, I think that just dropping the full bag of goods on the floor while logging out is a bit harsh tho (let's say you got disconnected for any reason but your own will). It is not even fun for PvPers because they don't even have to take the risk to attack another player. EVE online deals with that issue by having specific extended timers delaying the disappearance of a ship from the game, even so its player owner has logged out properly, when out in space rather than docked at a space station (namely, a
  10. I like the idea very much. Some may say that it is "too much" survival to be fun. IMO, once we would get used to it, it will be all the more interesting for cookers. However, that would not stop offline mules and alt accounts to be used for stocking purposes. Rather than being packed with apples, they will be packed with apple pies. :/
  11. Interesting article really. I wish we will have some more about AI in the "Future". @Tinnis: lmao, IamMe must not like hellcats anymore. x)
  12. Could also provide them with a specific KS backer skin only for them, and more basic skin for the others who wants to purchase them to get the buff (slightly borderline P2W, but well...)
  13. Tell me we will be able to throw cash at the shop and make sure we can have the complete collection even thought we are not KS backer? Oh, and do you have to choose an "active" relic buff you want to go in war with, or do you automatically get all the relic buff from which you have the corresponding relic?
  14. Merci de nous prévenir. Remets-toi bien!
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