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  1. Move along bro, move along. Its already too late and I made peace with my cash loss. Nothing short of new ownership/lead will change this mess. And even then I really dont think it will ever have the ability to draw new/returning players again. The #'s are just too low and you get ONE shot at an mmo. (except the 2 exceptions FFX and Albion, both of which had LARGE coffers/funding and COMPLETE reworks on EVERYTHING)
  2. bro, sorry to say but you are WAAAAYYYY late getting off the Titanic. Sorry, no more boats left for you. Enjoy the cold water
  3. Simple. 1. Have the smaller forts/towers have "lower tier buffs" such as 10% alliance/realm crafting drop rate, 5% gold drop etc. This will give incentive to ANY small tower/fort for small groups to actually obtain feel accomplishment. OPEN UP THE PVP/SIEGING 24/7 ON ALL FRONTS/MAPS. 2. The larger keeps hold the best surrounding area/mobs with the best buffs for realm/guild/faction OPEN UP THE PVP SIEGING 24/7 ON ALL FRONTS MAPS. If you just do this, it will constantly force the LARGER zergs to always support/defend the larger better buffs/keeps rather than zerging around the map with closed windows. Your issue is THE TIMERS, THE LOCKED TIMERS. If you remove these, it will force fights 24/7 randomly but each small OR large group will feel it worthwhile to defend or attack in different areas with different needs. Put a npc/boss inside that flips the tower/keep/fort no different than DAOC. This PVE is terrible. Until you get more time/resources to actually get some stuff moving on that end. FOCUS ON THE NON STOP 24/7 PVP FIGHTS, LET THE PLAYERS DICTATE THE ACTION, NOT YOU, YOUR TIMERS, OR YOUR SYSTEM. THE PLAYERS.
  4. 6 years......6 years...and you think in 3-4 weeks fixing UI/banking is somehow gonna bring the rest of us "rushing" back in? 14 types of mobs. Locked PvP timers for siege. POINTLESS/ZERO character development rewards for pvp. copy pasted mob camps with NO depth/soul. Computer randomized maps that look like someone took a crayon and drew LINES to small round circles that are supposed to be maps. A crafting simulator that is so convoluted that your bags are just filled with more and more junk. (do you like swapping runes btw to craft?? neat isnt it!) oh, btw, want to craft the best on something...gotta roll a certain race! go go go rat creatures. On the fly faction swapping 500 cap guilds with 250 cap zones ZERO realm-pride or allegiance ZERO depth/point to the gods/buffs/explanations/reason I'm not even focusing on BUGS/graphics/performance..these are just CORE issues that are blatant. Do you want more? Seriously I can keep going..this was just me typing fast...Again, i'm glad you're having fun. But from a business stance this game is BLEEDING #'s daily.
  5. LOL. Bro, this game is the FURTHEST thing from "UO" and "PvP". Its a failure, and the dev's were told for the past TWO YEARS enough of this "crafting" etc... They just kept moving right along and this so called "pvp" game is nothing more than a hashed out bland crafting world. Were you here when you actually had a FOOD BAR and had to eat??? That's when I really began to scratch my head... What you see is what you get. I'm sorry, this game is NOT going to turn-around some magical way. They don't even have the resources/money/time to do it. This was 6 years...6...i'm sorry man, I invested a good chunk of cash but ya. Accept it for what it is and either play or just move on. I already did. Best of luck to you.
  6. We HAVE moved on. Are you not noticing the shift down to ONE primary server now??? OR less and less people on daily? The reason people are posting on here still is because of the massive amount of just straight "AWE" that a company can continually make this many poor decisions in a claimed "PVP" game. Just look at the WEB PAGE promotion...you seriously see THAT going on in this game? Nope, the majority of us do not. We see 14 types of mobs, copy pasted hunting spots, and STANDING ON TIMERS WITH THE ABILITY TO SWAP FACTIONS AT ANYTIME. Oh wait, go play dregs? Sure, let me line right up and join some wanna-be "guild king" and go hunt solo crafters BECAUSE THEIR IS LITERALLY ZERO POINT TO THE PVP. We did move on. Were just sitting back in absolute AWE.
  7. Oh yea. The fun is just SO intense I can only log in for about an hour a week now. I just cant handle the fun level. "Its off the richter mate!". I just LOVE staring at a website showing wars going with keeps and siege...people on walls firing. 24/7 warfare. OH wait...my bad. I must be seeing things incorrectly. I get to log in. Stand on points with TIMERS. Get ZERGED because there is NOTHING for pvper's to do BUT randomly run around looking for a solo red dot on the screen. Then, I get to stare at log in screens jumping from broken vendor to vendor all the while questioning why the H i'm even doing any of this??? Oh yea, loads of PVP goodness.
  8. Shakes head. No logically thought out cool map. No 24/7 siege with wall fights and strategic purpose. Swapping sides as if it's some switch you can flip whenever you want. None of you see the problem? Ridiculous rewards for ridiculous pvp timers standing on points....no realm rank or titles. A forced JOIN our guild or just die over and over. ZERO reason for zergs to do anything but search out crafters out soloing for pve or mats...geeze I wonder what went wrong. Too little to late. You don't release a game and FORCE players go join some other wanna be kings guild and then sit back wondering why nobody is doing it . See all the rangers and sins? Oh wait I'm sure everyone is playing them because it must just be the best class and not the fact you are pigeon holed into this mess if you want to play solo.
  9. The very fact you have to even POST this is just crazy. Do they even PLAY their own game??? I just don't get it.
  10. Unfortunately its NOT trivial. The "CORE" mechanics are there for classes but everything else INCLUDING their "ruleset" is beyond amateur. 1. No devotion rhyme or reason to a faction/lore. Flip sides on a whim! Jump to other servers! "hey! we think that's strategy!" 2. Even getting your RUNES is an absolute life-time quest of non-sense. "What's that? You got your amazing "knowledge" rune? COOL! Now you can CRAFT CRAFT CRAFT to even get that working! 3. Go out, take the map and hold them amazing FORTS/capture points for CONQUEST points!!!! "yea guys, you get to stand around with NO portals to your keeps, NOTHING amazing for conquest points, locked PvP events, BUT DONT WORRY YOU CAN FARM FARM CRAFT CRAFT!!!" 4. Patches are so far in left field with MASSIVE sweeping changes that have NOTHING to do with WHY people are leaving in droves and NOT logging back in. (aka the assassin change, the fae change, the ALMOST implemented combat change) All the while IGNORING the core issues of boredom. 95% craft/%5 pvp. 5. Zergs FORCED to roam a computer generated map just knocking out random solo crafters BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DO!!! YOU CANNOT SETUP SIEGE 24/7 AND ATTACK KEEPS TO HOLD FOR A REASON/VENDORS//PORTS ETC. NOPE, YOU GET TO STAND ON NODE POINTS AND WATCH A TICKING TIMER! WWWHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
  11. ROFL. Ya more organized alright! earth guilds LEFT earth, aka earth was winning all season. You guys won AFTER everyone bailed over with sun/moon. BTW, no you wont have anymore fights. EVERYONE FROM EARTH HAS GONE BACK TO SKYPOINT AND QUIT!!! great game development!!!
  12. sorry, this is a joke and being able to "flip" sides on a whim is just LOL. I cant believe the thought process on these decisions. But hey carry on! I'm sure the playerbase will somehow "turn around" trying to push this non-sense. (cough cough). And to the above calling it "coordinated leadership" ohhh yea. Lets all do that, just jump to the winning side and reap the rewards...Wonder how that turns out in the end. BTW, 2 days left and because of this so called "coordination" of players jumping sides. Earth is now empty! gratz!
  13. uhhhh? what? 1. WB's attitude (just like anyone else in competition) is WIN. They are NOT reporting over-balanced builds/issues because they will USE them till nerfed. 2. I have no respect for a ZERG guild that has a maddening alliance setup that locks zones out so they can "win". That's called a zerg, #'s, not well run management. 3. And yes, they have a HUGE influence (or did) based on the amount of PAYING CUSTOMERS and PAID CASH thru their already purchased accounts. I'm sorry, I don't in anyway fault them for OP busted builds or mechanics to WIN, that's just human nature. But to get on here and preach some of this stuff...I just gotta shake my head and laugh. BTW, their influence is DEMINISHING based on lack of log-ins/players and ACE is realizing "catering to a zerg/gaming community for a very NICHE dregs, Is NOT exactly business smart.
  14. We screamed this for YEARS. The dev's were told OVER AND OVER year after year; eventually we gave up and moved on. They did this to themselves and its a real shame. They are now scrambling making changes, but most of us feel its too late and the damage is done. I hope they DO turn it around, but its already left such a sour taste in players mouths most wont come back. You are correct though, Shadowbane was amazing and this game seemed to go into "crafters world" all the while calling itself a "niche PVP" game...????? (dont get me started on the TIMERS and LOCKED sieges...such poor design)
  15. What are you guys even talking about??? Isn't this FUN!!!???? I mean its like playing dodgeball back in PE class but when you get hit enough, you just run to the other side!!! Yaaaaaaaaa. Isn't that cool! What a game! What a well thought out mechanic! I mean lets do this in all competitive games. Who needs competition! Just run to the winning side and you too can be a winner! *groan*
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