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  1. Awesome feedback guys, glad to see alot of players are really "noticing" the improvements and "Feel" of the game. One thing I LOVE about crowfall....The MASSIVE distance you can spec your characters to see the horizon and action going on. Last time I remember being able to sit sooo far back and plan/engage in fights was DAOC RvR. Its nice to build a character and have abilities you can actually keep "distance" with or just watch big fights afar. The lack of clip-plane is 2 BIG thumbs up. Great times in Crowfall, Glad these dev's are working so hard. Wrain
  2. Gearing is no longer an issue. You can run out, start killing/farming mobs and get full drop items/armor/weapons. Not to mention the vendors sell equipment as well as player vendors always stack the inventory up with tons of different setups. I think you will like the changes. (I too hate crafting, and voiced it heavily patches bacK) Wrain
  3. Interesting Dirt..which class(es) are you playing? I've only mainly used champ/myrm/sin/ranger...do explain because perhaps I should try a few "other"types. I should have probably been a bit more descriptive. For instance "kidney shot" with the sins kick animation actually feels like a "punch stun" now...the myrm's abilities have always felt pretty "hefty".. But I would love your examples and opinion. Wrain
  4. Alright! So i've been here for a couple years in-and-out and every 6+ months or so I will come back and give an update/review on what I think of the game and the progress made. If you are an "old school" player here, go ahead and pass thru this as its mainly for the "new incoming" players on whether or not they think its worth a "play". My last review(s) clipped in the thousands/views, so take this for what you will. Quick background for you incoming players. I've played MMO's since text-based mud days, graduated into Ultima Online, DAOC, SHADOWBANE, Everquest, Everquest 2,
  5. Night, in response to my previous post. They have just released the patch before this upcoming beta...and I will state this with joy; Its a great time to jump in I've been here for years and I can't even believe i'm posting this but the strides with the respawn rates being in full effect, the map changes and just all around "Feel" of the game..its actually fun! I'll be putting up another review (which I originally wasn't going to do for another 6 months) to help you newer players know what you're getting into. But ya..if you buy it now you will have a good time. Wrain
  6. Its not ready. As much as I want this to gain momentum its not there. Feel free to look over the reviews posted in general. Perhaps wait a few more patches and check back. It feels like an "alpha" still.
  7. @jtoddcoleman Wow, It actually made my day to see him respond. Good times, good guy. Exactly what you listed Todd. 1. Individual stat creations are ALWAYS a HUGE part of connection to our character. STR, CON, always great, was great in MUDS, Diablo II, Shadowbane, DAOC...WoW basically "broke" this by just mundane trees and eventually even pulled those to the point of no return. 2. BIG disciplines with BIG advantages/disadvantages...character creation to a fault...soo beautiful. I loved seeing HUGE Mino's run around with spiked STR..was just awesome and knowing what they w
  8. @Nikko My bad Nikko, totally misread your post. Wrain
  9. @Banky Honestly I wont or don't believe in pointing fingers as everyone has creative ideas and that's the beauty of being an artist or creator...But I will say one of my original reviews years back was on the "crafting". There was TOO much of a focus on this and its just reached a point of crazy. Banging on a tree and limited resources spamming out of it..and dont get me started on having to RE-ROLL for a new body...ugh...this is a game, NOT A JOB/SIMULATOR. POINTS: 1. Simplify the UI and trim all this fat on NON-PVP-COMBAT-GUILD-WORLD issues. Give us a clean system with powe
  10. Exactly @APE What alot of newer players here don't understand is this game was "heavily" sold on what once was. Were not asking for Shadowbane 2.0...were just asking for the "depth" we had...this 1v1 balancing is KILLING mmo's. If every class is balanced for 1v1, what do I need "YOU" for??? Bring back grouping, bring back fitted-roles. I don't need to be a "god", Perhaps I just want to run around with super speed and be able to just scout/harass with throwing weapons. Perhaps be able to have a 30 sec stam drain "fly" into an enemy keep and take out a guard or 2 and fly out. Or
  11. Thanks guys, I'm not trying to bash the game and tear it down...I REALLY care and want this game to succeed...I appreciate your commentary and feedback. I feel somehow/somewhere along the lines the "devs" wanted to REVAMP something that wasn't broken in the first place. The ENGINE is what failed SB...nothing else. And yes MadEmperor..the foundation IS there.. I'm hoping they read thru some of this stuff and realize that pulling a "Robert Garriott" from Ultima Online to Shrouded Isles...or the fiasco of "Camelot Unchained" from DAOC, (dont get me started)..WILL NOT WORK!!! (don't b
  12. Well its been roughly another year and decided to post another review on the games shortcomings and direction. This is of course my opinion and I want to thank the Dev's for ALLOWING feedback vs just erasing posts they disagree with. I'm gonna keep this one short and to the point. As usual, this game is a BUSINESS and its primary goal is to make INCOME. As I stated on my previous reviews in the past year(s), without money, you have NO game. Where to start. This game is still a mess. I'll say it again and again. This game should have NEVER left its Shadowbane roots. And befor
  13. McTan good points and always good to see someone with "common sense". Anyhow, game needs a TON of work or yea..this wont work. Wrain
  14. Been saying this since the start. You have a "CRAFT-SIMULATOR" that has absolutely ZERO fun involved. Stop and think about what brought MMO's to top tier AAA status... 1. LORE. It united you and your guild/faction of players to a common cause. It was interesting, unique, and you carried a sense of pride behind playing there. This game has a fragment of that. You walk around in places named some ridiculous name because someone "purchased" the right to do so. 2. The classes are dry, stale, cookie-cutter builds that basically let you "fail-safe" your character. What caused WoW
  15. Oh boy... Seeing that makes me "cringe". THAT is EXACTLY what I thought this game was going to be. Instead its getting turned into a WoW talent tree clone. Sigh....i'm losing more and more faith in this. Wrain
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