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  1. ...i'm in as an kickstarter AMBER package....trust me you could feel alot worse. ;( Wrain
  2. Unfortunately I do not see ANY of what was said in that youtube video back in 'dreamer state'. I see a game that focused on non-stop work/crafting. Classes that are SOOO close to cookie-cutter that NOTHING even remotely interests me. I'm still crossing my fingers and hoping but this game needs a major overhaul to reach "fun" status. So my question is. 1. When are we going to go BACK to what was posted in the video above? Remove REQUIRED eating, remove stat caps, mindless standing at nodes/capture points, 3 factions that really are just plain WORTHLESS, and give us a REA
  3. LOL, oh man you young 'kiddies' and your participation trophies. Owned a city, saw cities fall...even saw my best friends opposing guild lose their "ice island" city they spent 2 months on...but you're right, I wasn't there...SB.EXE errors, server wipes, Mourning server hotspot, class/race locked guilds, and whats this this "imaginary" SB strategy guide I still have tucked away in my drawer??? But hey, what would I know and this "new generations" idea of "pvp". I mean lets all just CRAFT, CRY, and MOAN if things aren't "faaaiiirrrr". Wrain
  4. If your friends quit over "losing" their city in shadowbane, i'm gonna call em straight care-bears. PvP means winning AND losing. Risk/Reward is the cost you pay for the CRUSH. Wrain
  5. Remove Necro??? Well lets see here, I think I like it about as much as getting the "acorns" in your bag. You know back when it was a -1 so you just half to drag off and delete? Or maybe as much as having "food" and the need to eat for God knows what reason. Or maybe the stat caps that essentially FORCE all builds to be static??? Perhaps the EK's that really bring nothing to my playing experience? How about 5 for 5??? Remove 1. Remove the necro option. (terrible grind/work/boring) 2. Remove stat caps. (once again, forced to play DEV's way, not OURS) 3. Remove
  6. I actually believe STICKING to the core design would have avoided ALL of this. Aka the amount of TIME/INVESTMENT in the "crafting" is so absolutely insane in a PvP promoted game. Imagine all the time and resources better spent in COMBAT/FUN. The crafting system is so damn "heavy/thick" and the combat is "light/simple". You realize if they would have just re-purchase the SB rights from whoever bought it in china, (which I heard years ago UBI let it go to some private person for roughly 1mil US) copied ALL the lore/class info, and just rebuilt the engine...This game would have 100's in be
  7. And my apologies Ilogos, i'm a little behind responding to you, hope the above link/post clears it up. Wrain
  8. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crowfall/crowfall-throne-war-pc-mmo Feel free to look at what we wanted. See that creation page? See the archtypes??? The character rune creation alone was absolutely perfect. Like I've stated over and over, this WAS what was being sold too us for money. Sorry, but I don't see ANYTHING Like this. Caps on stats, character archetype locks, bland world, eternal kingdoms are pointless, clunky migration of items/rewards... I dont have time nor the desire to even breakdown any of this. It just upsets me there are MORE people playing Shadowbane s
  9. Some of these posts really are uncalled for. Its VERY rare to have a company in gaming allow such "open" feedback on official forums. If non-sense posts become the 'norm', eventually the open table will be removed. This is a kickstarter program and its a "risk" to even opt in. While I dont really care for the game itself right now, putting up posts like this are the furthest thing from constructive. You have free speech like everyone else here, but still not sure what the point of this thread was. Seems childish. Wrain
  10. What are you talking about??? This game is where its at BECAUSE THEY DEVIATED FROM THE ORIGINAL PUSH/PITCH BACK IN 2016!!! I dont have a SINGLE friend logging into this game now. It was ORIGINALLY titled as "shadowbane/EQ" dev's with a PvP world control rinse/repeat MMO. (no different than when Shadowbane had a massive zerg/guild finally take over a whole server.) What we have is NOTHING like what the original sale was. So YES, they NEED to listen to the original backers, drop all this "time-waste crafting/necro/resets" and give us "FUN". I don't have time to dedicate my lif
  11. Well, respectfully I think that's what we ALL thought... Personally I feel Todd wasn't the sole person guiding the ship so to speak. (with crowfall) I still have this damn Shadowbane players guide...My gosh the lore alone with class selection is just INSANE. Those were good days. Wrain
  12. Absolutely NOT, do NOT let this thread die. By bringing this to attention this is HELPING the game. It may come off as "negative" but its putting things on the table. While some of them may be hard to swallow, its at least addressing a problem rather than ignoring it. The very fact that Crowfalls team ALLOWS all feedback is AMAZING and really shows they 'care' vs making a quick buck. Don't count them out, its "not" a finished product yet. Wrain
  13. I'll chime in. My last post I was really beginning to have some fun "briefly" as it was a good change/engine/pace wise from say a year ago. I'll state this very briefly as THESE are the issues with this game and I've not waivered from them from my first commentary YEARS ago. 1. This game was SOLD as a Shadowbane 2. The design team took liberties to "try" a crafting simulator which NONE of the original backers had ANY desire for. We LOST the pvp/shadowbane creation/aspect, and were given a poor mans WoW. 2. Work, Work, Work, Work. Its not fun, its WORK. I log in, level a B
  14. Awesome feedback guys, glad to see alot of players are really "noticing" the improvements and "Feel" of the game. One thing I LOVE about crowfall....The MASSIVE distance you can spec your characters to see the horizon and action going on. Last time I remember being able to sit sooo far back and plan/engage in fights was DAOC RvR. Its nice to build a character and have abilities you can actually keep "distance" with or just watch big fights afar. The lack of clip-plane is 2 BIG thumbs up. Great times in Crowfall, Glad these dev's are working so hard. Wrain
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