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  1. In all honesty, i've lost all interest at this point. I wish the remaining players a great time and hope its fun for them. For me, this is NOT what I read thru on the original kickstarter plan. Have a great spring/summer best wishes. Wrain
  2. You do NOT want this game out sooner...the player retention will be absolutely awful. Wrain
  3. Oh boy... I'll try to be positive, short, and constructive on this one. 1. Hunger dome why? Time, resources, population...all being wasted in something that will NOT, CANNOT, and will NEVER compete with a real MOBA/FPS that was DESIGNED from the ground up/start as that type of game. Why are you wanting to FURTHER split the population and character attachment in a MMORPG? 2. You mentioned bio's...Jungle and swamp? We already have trees everywhere and you have snow build up. Wouldn't it be 10x easier to just make a "snow" region and then have your artist sand/desert" for now?
  4. So tonight I was in a group out in turtles in Shadowbane. Crowfall came up and I began listening to the commentary. Its exactly as I predicted and said YEARS ago on this forum and people just screamed at me the whole time "This isn't shadowbane 2"!!! You know what some of their comments were??? 1. "Man i'm in that game $1200 bucks, early backer, Its nothing that was promoted when I purchased!" 2. "CRAFTERFALL???"... 3. "eks..what is that!!??" seriously I will stand behind my original theory, that this game WAS funded on the backs of nostalgia, and the promise of
  5. I critiqued this YEARS ago and the train just kept moving forward. I'll take the bait though and go ahead and relist my thoughts in a very short condensed version. 1. Shadowbane's main "draw" was from the START. You felt unique and an individual character ATTACHMENT to the toon you were creating. My friend I would study for HOURS designing new templates and ideas thru the tools available. fighter/rogue/rogue.. the classes WITHIN themselves were customizable. Starting runes, penalities, limited discipline slots, more classes/combos and chances to BREAK your character. 2. The LORE
  6. This is the point where you just stop defending something... (2 players online last night, I was one of them..neato) Wrain
  7. sigh. (shakes head) Not talking about programming and porting code over. Wrain
  8. Team, We WANT this game to succeed. You have an engine, you have updated graphics, you have the ground-work. Why cant you just port over the MAJORITY of the original and make it happen??? Shadowbane is now on steam with almost 500 people online tonight... Can you guys just go back to the "roots" of that game and try to just bring it over... I'm not asking for a "copy"...just maybe take the majority of the FOCUS it has/had. Maybe? Kinda? sorta...pretty plz??? Wrain
  9. Top 5 likes and why: 1. The disciplines (although they are extremely lacking compared to SB) 2. Condensing the stats so they actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE/FEEL IN THE CHARACTER/TOON. 3. I'm actually happy with alot of the artwork...albeit its extremely limited and almost feels "flat" (no choke-points, no funneling, no caves, no boss spawn camps) 4. The UI changes/screen log-in are definitely getting better and more polished/pro looking. 5. The fact you guys GIVE US THE OPPORTUNITY to even be open about our thoughts on the game. Other companies do NOT allow this. So t
  10. ...i'm in as an kickstarter AMBER package....trust me you could feel alot worse. ;( Wrain
  11. Unfortunately I do not see ANY of what was said in that youtube video back in 'dreamer state'. I see a game that focused on non-stop work/crafting. Classes that are SOOO close to cookie-cutter that NOTHING even remotely interests me. I'm still crossing my fingers and hoping but this game needs a major overhaul to reach "fun" status. So my question is. 1. When are we going to go BACK to what was posted in the video above? Remove REQUIRED eating, remove stat caps, mindless standing at nodes/capture points, 3 factions that really are just plain WORTHLESS, and give us a REA
  12. LOL, oh man you young 'kiddies' and your participation trophies. Owned a city, saw cities fall...even saw my best friends opposing guild lose their "ice island" city they spent 2 months on...but you're right, I wasn't there...SB.EXE errors, server wipes, Mourning server hotspot, class/race locked guilds, and whats this this "imaginary" SB strategy guide I still have tucked away in my drawer??? But hey, what would I know and this "new generations" idea of "pvp". I mean lets all just CRAFT, CRY, and MOAN if things aren't "faaaiiirrrr". Wrain
  13. If your friends quit over "losing" their city in shadowbane, i'm gonna call em straight care-bears. PvP means winning AND losing. Risk/Reward is the cost you pay for the CRUSH. Wrain
  14. Remove Necro??? Well lets see here, I think I like it about as much as getting the "acorns" in your bag. You know back when it was a -1 so you just half to drag off and delete? Or maybe as much as having "food" and the need to eat for God knows what reason. Or maybe the stat caps that essentially FORCE all builds to be static??? Perhaps the EK's that really bring nothing to my playing experience? How about 5 for 5??? Remove 1. Remove the necro option. (terrible grind/work/boring) 2. Remove stat caps. (once again, forced to play DEV's way, not OURS) 3. Remove
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