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  1. McTan good points and always good to see someone with "common sense". Anyhow, game needs a TON of work or yea..this wont work. Wrain
  2. Been saying this since the start. You have a "CRAFT-SIMULATOR" that has absolutely ZERO fun involved. Stop and think about what brought MMO's to top tier AAA status... 1. LORE. It united you and your guild/faction of players to a common cause. It was interesting, unique, and you carried a sense of pride behind playing there. This game has a fragment of that. You walk around in places named some ridiculous name because someone "purchased" the right to do so. 2. The classes are dry, stale, cookie-cutter builds that basically let you "fail-safe" your character. What caused WoW to lose its playerbase of die-hards??? Welcome to the pruning and dumb-downed removal of talent tree's. (aka character creation/personal design). UO had it, Shadowbane had it, DAOC had it..but nope, not this game. 3. GRIND!!! Grind grind grind grind grind for what? To hit your lvl cap, then rinse, repeat, and do it again on another body/vessel. Sorry, but I said this was dumb ages ago and it still sits the same. You want war and engaging players? FORCE IT! Put up mob camps with rare drops, runes, weapons/armor etc so people go there and fight over it. 4. No sense of character attachment whatsoever. I have no connection with my toons and can really care-less about them. In the end i know its a throw-away and i'll just have to build a new body thats a "prettier color, green, blue etc" so who cares. DAOC kept players because each RR mattered...this is just another wasted crafting simulator experience. Noted Improvements so far: 1. The music/atmosphere has gotten alot "darker". This is a good thing, noticed this right away after running around for 2 minutes. 2 big thumbs up for bringing this over...Hoping to hear more. (especially if you bring back the desert lands...that music was top-notch!) I'm sorry for being harsh, my friends and I had VERY high hopes for this; but its NOT nor is it even in the same tier of Shadowbane. I'll never understand how this even happened. The majority of pre-backers in this game wanted nostalgia back. I still have my old Shadowbane lore/strategy guide I flip thru time to time...was so deep in complexity with builds, races, stats etc... Feel free to browse my old posts. Either this. dev team DROPS all this ridiculous grinding/crafting or you have yourself a busted farm simulator. Wrain
  3. Oh boy... Seeing that makes me "cringe". THAT is EXACTLY what I thought this game was going to be. Instead its getting turned into a WoW talent tree clone. Sigh....i'm losing more and more faith in this. Wrain
  4. Whats the state of the game? Here, i'll give you a quick honest gritty break-down. 1. You will do more "survival" work than any other MMO in existence. The idea of "FUN" right now apparently is everything and anything that has to do OUTSIDE of combat. Whats that, you wish you would have been a lumberjack or maybe work at a rock quarry in real-life??? Well you are gonna LOVE this game. 2. Whats that, you wanted "character attachment" and a sense of an "MMO persona" like WoW, UO, DAOC, or even Shadowbane??? Nope, You get to do mindless leveling on your "body/vessel" just to eventually GRIND to do the whole thing over. 3. Want to actually go farm mobs and get gear drops like every other COMBAT mmo? Nope, not gonna happen, go back to smashing more trees/rocks and mouse clicking for hours on end. 4. Character customization/skills/stats your thing? Wrong game right now. The trees are becoming more and more simplified and eventually having a unique/broken character that you at LEAST DESIGNED ON YOUR OWN will never even be a possibility. A few Pro's: 1. Devs are actually beginning to implement "rewards" for testing/playing this game/work-simulator. 2. Devs are putting monthly questions/answers monthly on Twitch. There's hope PvP'ers/nostalgia players are making a "dent" in the direction of this current game plan. I admit it, i'm jaded but being honest. I don't feel this game was advertised as ANY of this at launch and its really unfortunate. I know this is alpha but notice I'm not complaining about BUGS, Graphics, lag, hitching..nope, just 100% core direction/dynamics. On the bright side the dev(s) are from Shadowbane..sooooooo well see. But right now I just cant "work", I mean play. Wrain
  5. Its boring. Been saying this since the patch released. The "game" is "work" right now. Non stop harvest and craft. No direction, no lore, no REASON to pvp. Just more and more crafting/farming. Shrink the map(s), give CONTINUING "rewards" that carry onto the NEXT campaign, and populate MORE mob camps (with marks on the map of locations/tier) AND HAVE THEM DROP RANDOM WEAPONS/ITEMS/MATS. YES, CHANCE TO DROP ACTUAL WEAPONS OR VESSELS!!! Right now this game is just a work simulator, and I cant even log in anymore. Wrain
  6. Ding ding ding ding!!! We have a winner!!! And this is why this game is not gaining traction fast enough. This isn't pvp, this is work/aka boring.
  7. Squarl you are absolutely correct. But you posting on here is just going to get you flamed by 90% of the left-overs. You see, these people still playing ARE crafters or fabois. You are right to be worried about the #'s as you should be. (I know the devs are, they are running a BUSINESS) When you have STEAM releasing ALPHA games that have MORE players than this game does....there's an issue. The game has non-stop potential, unfortunately the direction its been heading is WAAAAAYYY off mark from the nostalgia backers who originally purchased this game/dream. If you notice its the SAME few defenders on these forums trying everything they can to make you feel like "YOU" are the issue. Its not, its the game. In business you look at #'s. period. This game is already released all over youtube and its not looking promising to the vast majority of PvPers. IMO to fix this... 1. Run the test server as a giant tool-box and let players run around maxing their characters instantly, throw in a battle-royal 24/7 with a tight map with toys/weapons lying everywhere. Populate mobs and constantly just have exploits and break everything. Let players come up with insane character builds racially/stat/discipline wise. Balance from here. 2. STOP THE CRAFTING. It needs to be stopped and full swing needs to be pushed towards combat/sieges/maps/npc/mobs. This game already has the most insane farming/crafting simulation out of any MMO since MUDS. Enough is enough for now. 3. Constant wipes are killing the player-base. The vessels are just another hash-re-hash way of forcing more grinding/leveling. Complete a campaign..give the player a REASON to keep playing. This isn't working. Let us keep our characters with REWARDS on them so we keep going. I loved Shadowbane. I loved DAOC. I loved UO...but right now this is not what me, my friends, or the MAJORITY of backers thought they were buying into. my 2 cents, watch yourself on here...the fanbois will eat you alive. Lifting my glass to the devs/Todd in hoping he turns this game into the masterpiece it could be. Wrain
  8. Original poster is EXACTLY right. Without some form or realm differences or unique structures etc...Its absolutely pointless. Its a broken system to somehow try to 'control' random ganking. As it stands right now you just stare at the emblem, click one and hope its on the "balanced' side of things number wise. I'm gonna say it again and again and hope the devs are listening. Right now we have a crafting simulator that in no way shape or form gives reason to war. You have areas being named after "people" that completely remove any type of LORE which is desperately needed. Race/classes that have nothing unique. Pads we stand on to somehow 'capture' and thats supposed to be fun. NOTHING NEW SO FAR IS IN CROWFALL, -NOTHING. As for you being scared to post anything "negative" about the game, I cant blame you. I'm not scared of the devs as I feel they WANT open feedback. (heck its on the log-out screen everytime you log out of the game) But I do see your fear as 70% of these remaining testers are either fanboi's or CRAFTERS. I've got my fingers crossed and Todd is my favorite Dev/creator of all time. But this game needs to make some serious serious hard right turns if its truely going to capture us old PvPers.
  9. Crush what..more trees and rocks??? He's a new player and doing EXACTLY what the problem is with this game so far. FARM-SIMULATOR. Leaves new players with a completely different idea of what this game WAS supposed to be. Welcome to CRAFT-ALL.
  10. That doesn't answer the question. The game is FOCUSED SO HEAVILY on crafting its NOT FUN for people who WANT TO spend 24/7 Pving/PvPing. Crowfall in its current state is like wanting to go to a STEAK house for dinner and they bring out a giant main-course of vegetables (aka crafting/work). So you ask the waiter, "Where's the steak?". waiter responds..."ohhhhhh its that little side-dish there..enjoy!"
  11. PLEASE!!!j Ask them why this game is so heavily focused on CRAFTING! This was supposed to be CROWFALL, aka war throne simulator...its seriously CRAFT-ALL. There is zero reason for me to log-in, bash trees/rocks/stand and cap points...its not fun.
  12. Cougar, I definitely see where you're coming from BUT remember the game is pre-alpha. If you played a year ago before the shader(s) and stuff were implemented, it looked like a completely different game. Yes the graphics are a bit WoW-esque. They need to put some "dark spin" on certain areas, armor, weapons etc...and I think that will change the "mood" and hopefully offset the "kiddie" look. You are entirely correct though, the game has definitely taken some "strange" turns considering its origin/creators. I still believe though this game has the highest potential for success in a pvp environment. Lets keep our fingers crossed and give the devs a little extra time for "polish".
  13. Yes, having 200 people online in a MMO that has to be released soft-launch this year is a GREAT sign. Crafting is exactly what us pvper's were thinking 2-3 years ago when we PAID alot for a hope/dream aka, "Play to Crush". The game has a great crafting system; but then again, the MAJORITY of pre-backers were not sold this. Feel free to somehow consider yourself a hardcore PvPer...but my gut tells me you didn't play Ultima Online or even Shadowbane,. You're a newer sub and i'm glad you are enjoying Craft-All. But the majority of players were 30-55 old nostalgia players who wanted to once again remember our care-free youth. We do enough 'building and work' in real-life now, so keep telling yourself that 200+ players is the majority.
  14. Aye Krakken, in agreement with you 100%. Its unfortunate but "money" is what governs gaming now. The "artist/creator(s)" sign their lives away to hopefully at least get a portion of what their dream was. @mandalore is one of the few people I just don't even bother responding too. Found my old original post 6 months ago that caused a wave; got a good laugh at his old posts on that as well. Aka, his post-to-like ratio is enough evidence of long-winded spittle.
  15. Once again, wise words from Mythx. dead on bud, dead on.
  16. No, Shadowbane failed because it was FORCED out of pre-production due investors wanting their money. 800k subs, marketed as a full-fledged pvp game in 2003 (which was unheard of at the time). I still remember seeing it at the counter at EB-GAMES in the mall. BUGS and CRASHES killed the game, it was not the developers or their vision...it was greed from non-gamers behind a table wanting their $ and not letting a product be finished/completed before roll-out.
  17. Hamon hit the nail right on the head. While I still "embrace" a fuller more robust "mmo" setting...If the focus is NOT pvp...then this "crafting world" needs to have risk. Put the eternal kingdoms in LIVE environment and let sieges run amok. Because right now...this crafting is more fleshed out than the combat...and that's just.not.right.
  18. Mythx=gets it. Look, i'm not slamming this company, devs, or the dream here...I'm slamming the DIRECTION/COMPASS the time/assets/money is leaning towards. Mythx is EXACTLY right. And this is my cause for concern because in business, . This game needs a serious ENEMA and nostalgia is WHAT WAS CARRYING THIS FROM 2015. You take away the Nostalgia and you lose over 1/2 of your playerbase. Why? Because the majority of core playerbase is roughly 32-50 years old. My memories are from WAR, fighting, being trolled, Loss and gain. NOT FARMING/POUNDING MATS FOR HOURS/DAYS ON END!!! This game NEEDS to really shake things up or its dead weight. Coming in as the next CRAFTING/SURVIVAL simulator is the LAST thing that us nostalgic 35+ year olds want on our screens.
  19. Please....just stop with these type of posts/comments. ABOVE IS THE PROBLEM WITH GAMERS TODAY IN MMO'S. You're basically stating its "boring and dry" but hey, you gotta drink alot of it before actually "enjoying" it. No, there is a HUGE difference between farming mobs/npcs in a WELL CODED CHALLENGING combat game vs AN OBJECT THAT YOU JUST STAND THERE BEATING ON REPEATEDLY. Does a tree somehow threaten your character? Will it actually kill you? Or maybe those rocks you are pounding on and collecting pine-cones are going to attack as well? I appreciate your feedback but this acceptance of something even LESS thought engaging is just not acceptable. In ANY product even outside of gaming. Unless I want to farm watching a movie/tv/netflix OR possibly just load my brain up on drugs...POUNDING ON TREES/ROCKS IS NOT THE SAME NOR AS FUN AS RISK/DYING TO MOBS WHO ACTUALLY FIGHT BACK. And I OWNED a full city in Shadowbane Live as well as a guild. Having an NPC roll items while i'm out ACTUALLY DOING COMBAT is not the same as having me or my friends POUND ON TREES AND ROCKS FOR APPLES!!!!
  20. Tell me...WHAT farming are you even speaking of in Shadowbane? Ohhhh wait; you mean COMBAT FARMING. Thank you for proving my point.
  21. Several months back, I posted a quick review of my thoughts on the direction of Crowfall. I got ALOT of feedback both good and bad. Surprisingly, most people seemed to actually AGREE with me on my post(s)/topic and so I thought I would do a second update. As many of you know, alot of players/backers have either quit or have lost interest in this games direction. Not surprising as alot of players purchased this with HIGH HOPES OF THE NEXT SHADOWBANE. I fully respect and understand this is not shadowbane 2, (or it would be called that) but marketing a game with some very very similar catch phrases and ideas can get you into hot water with gamers as its misleading. (aka look at Shroud of the Avatar..(cough cough) UO fail anyone???) Changes NEEDING rework/revamp. 1. While you did take the time to "speed up" harvesting and make it more "mario-esque", The game and amount of work is still just WAY to farming/survival dependent. If you want you actual core playerbase (and yes I do mean the Shadowbane/pvp diehards), stop catering and turning this into the next "zombie (fill in the blanks here) survial game 2016/2017/2018. If I wanted to play RUST/Conan Exiles/and the whole rest of these fad games I would be. 2. The game is about COMBAT/THRONE RULE. Once again, less time in these janky simple-safe talent trees/skills. UO/Shadowbane/(ORIGINAL VANILLA WOW!!) all let us make massive screwed up toons that were just trash! But we had FUN doing it!!! It was about experimentation and LEARNING/individuality. This hand holding playing "safe" is boring and insulting. If I want to make a mino/dual-wield/busted-stealth/healer...then let me do it. Ya he sucks, but you know what??? I'm UNIQUE!!! 3. Some players...DO-NOT-WANT-TO-HARVEST-FARM. PERIOD. As in PERIOD. Give us starter weapons and give us mob camps and let us do what we do best. Again, WAY WAY to much time into this crafting/harvest scenario. You are FORCING us to an extent to do it. I have NO..NO desire along with my friends to smash trees and rocks. We want WEAPONS/KILLING. 4. The stances really really need to be looked into. 1 Key should cycle between ranged/melee. To be honest, even making it possible to just not leave your combat stance to go BANG ON MORE TREES AND ROCKS (as that's what seems once again to be the focal point of this game so far) should be possible. It's not smooth, its not fluid, and its unnecessary. There are 3 Major MMO's pouring out in 2019/2020 (besides this game). The truth is one or two of these games will take the market of core pvpers. I actually FEEL the devs are listening/correcting/responding to our concerns but i'm begging the team to really REALLY look into reddit posts/old forum comparison posts/etc and take a good long hard look at what "core" base you are aiming for. (My girl walked in and stared at this game while I was playing..her response??? "It looks like a kid's game...") I want this game to flourish, but when friends quit because the game feels like a "farm simulator" there's a MAJOR issue. Mark the maps on next update with "mob locations", prime harvest area's etc. If you want players to "stick" and actually STAY in testing...give us what we signed up for...WAR.
  22. Reading comprehension is something you may want to work on. Coming off as a "defensive fanboi" is beginning to suit your posts well. NOWHERE am I condemning "finished game problems". The CORE of this game is NOT going to change. The combat is the typical spin around and "click icon/skill" for attacking, passive skill training while offline, and of course the infamous decision to have very bland/safe decision made disciplines and skills. I have no clue to why you are even this upset about a factual post about the mechanics and direction of an engine, yet here you are coming off like a child. If you love the game, GREAT! Enjoy it, spend your hard earned money and enjoy. But don't come on here spewing gibberish about "finished game problems" when the core engine of the game is already completed. If you believe the "frame" of something being built on is going to somehow grow wings and turn into a COMPLETELY different animal than its framework..I got some magic beans for you to buy...then again, it sounds like you already dumped a ton into this game cash wise. (whistles)
  23. No its obviously NOT shadowbane. The numbers alone speak for themselves. 800k at release on a BROKEN game and this live pre-alpha is struggling to maintain 100 people interested and playing during testing releases. Look, i'm NOT slamming or wanting this game to fail. The main following at shadowbane forums/emulators etc were HOPING this was going to at least somewhat follow the ideas OF shadowbane. Unfortunately, at least for me and some folks it is a VERY different game. I did kickstart for Shroud of the Avatar for the VERY same reason I did this launch. I was HOPING Richard Garriott would follow his Ultima Online origins but alas, he tried something different. Not my cup of tea (or alot of other players as well as the numbers speak for themselves) So to everyone enjoying this game, I honestly wish it the best and hope it does an AMAZING job at what its aiming for. Its just not what I was expecting.
  24. Already got good; along with over 70% of the player-base no longer logging in. Even the MMO sites are barren for CF. Feel free to check forum activity. Playing a "single-player crafting game" sounds right up your alley.
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