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  1. I just want more fights. Siege time is about the only time real fights go down and its not even a guarantee then. Feelsbad. Circles are boring.
  2. Yes, if you have more time to play, you are generally a much greater asset to your faction. If someone could do what you do in 16 hours in 2 hours and net the same results, it better be because they are way better than you and not because they don't have much time to play. I cant think of a system thats actually rewarding and fair that would penalize someone who puts more time into the game than another person by virtue of equity. So yes, power gamers imo should be rewarded with greater rewards than casuals because they are by definition, better at the game than those people since time in game is a signifcant factor in determining how strong/efficient someone is. What is needed is a reward system that is satisfying enough to draw participation out of everyone on some level. But also incentivize people with time to do extraordinary things for their faction.
  3. I understand where all the rage is coming from but I cant help but feel this stuff is necessary. If people didnt do all the extreme stuff possible in the testing phase and the issues that could arise from whatever systems are in place werent actually experienced, then very little honest effort could be given to find solutions. Everyone getting a badge, regardless of its color, is a nice way of "paying" players for testing everything theyve implemented thus far imo. If everyone tried to artificially prop things up for "the health of the server", it would be a disservice to the integrity of the testing phases. Thats my opinion anyway. Im here early to learn the games systems so im not miles behind the knowledge curve at launch. Anything else (badges) is a bonus.
  4. What rare mats drop from Salt Motherloads? Im bouta be overloaded with em.
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