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  1. This game is ambitious enough that you'll probably be able to do all of that they said they are working on a specific mechanic involving human sacrifice.
  2. Dragons are now confirmed to be called Daemons in CoE, as of the latest q&a. =D
  3. Offline playable demo should be out around the time of PAX East. Combat video should be live about this time next month. They will be launching a kickstarter campaign soon to try to keep the game's funding in-house and with the players instead of using an investor or publisher. If the kickstarter fails they will be seeking an investor, however, and development will continue. Caspian owned quite a bit of valuable land and he personally sold off everything he owned to get the company an office building and to fund everything that we're seeing right now. I really give him credit, his life is in CoE. Background on Caspian is that he's been working on this game himself for 8 years, and in his 4 years at Microsoft developing operating systems as a senior engineer he gathered another 4 people to join him in the effort. They're also looking at hiring a "famous story writer" (caspian's words) to make the story better than what the founders have come up with already. I recommend watching this video if you're on the fence about CoE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlT1hytzeRg
  4. In the general open world any 'coup de grace' death after your first for two and a half hours doesn't count toward the soul loss. Also keep in mind that soul loss does not occur when your character hits 0 HP. Upon hitting 0 HP your go unconscious with a timer displaying how long until you wake up. A player or especially evil NPC then has the option to coup de grace you. All standard NPCs will not coup de grace you and PvPers will only do so if they're willing to take on the additional negatives from that action stacked on top of attacking someone. PvP will be widespread, but coup de grace will probably be rare unless someone is willing to be considered straight up evil and attacked on sight anywhere they go. As a hardcore RPG player I absolutely love the idea of Chronicles of Elyria. Let's see if they pull it off. It will certainly be the main competition to Crowfall for me as my go-to medieval/fantasy game.
  5. Woop Woop. History in the making, people.
  6. Look at this guy referencing Mechwarrior. I would give YOU all my cookies, but the dev from earlier earned them first. I lied. There are no cookies. GGclose
  7. Greetings and salutations! This has been nagging at me for some time and I haven't seen ANYONE ask about this just yet, so, "What Kind of MMO Are You?" The term MMO is extremely broad and can often be missused in today's gamer-lingo, and while the campaign and lack of knowledge so far is obviously to stir up interest and keep the game prevelent in people's minds, it's pretty wrong to lead people on about what type of game you are truly making. Everyone is assuming that we're talking about a standard third-person or even first-person combat MMO, but I'm not seeing anything at all that leads to validation of that assumption. The newly shown artstyle doesn't hit me as an action MMO/Sandbox type of game's artstyle but rather a top-down RPG-esque slasher or even RTS. (Both of which can be included inside of the term "MMO" with the correct prefix) It's awefully risky to potentially prop your community up and bolster it's ranks with people that aren't on the same page about what they've all breen brought together for. Looks like a lot of people are pro-action MMO, so imagine if Crowfall turns out to actually be an overview army manager RTS/RPG hybrid. Now imagine a large poertion of the community simply gone because the game wasn't what they thought it was. I'm absolutely sure that a hypothetical like this has happened before, so why is that being risked? Teasing a game is fine, but there are no clear lines as to what this game even is. The next thing we know we're going to get a Crowfall MOBA where you can RPG up your own character build using pre-set archetypes. I'd be sweating pretty hard if I was developing something that wasn't what the community thought the game was. Of course, this whole thread is hyperbole but I just wanted to get my thoughts out and see if it gets any cogs rolling in any minds. Also, if someone can point me to some more information given by the devs as to the subject of this thread, I would give you ALL my internet cookies I have hoarded away for safe keeping. - Omega
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