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  1. I didn't even make it 24 hours after posting in Looking For Guild haha. I've shacked up with Sugoi!
  2. Guild criteria: Region: EST Preferably. I'm in NJ myself. Atmosphere: Laid back, mature, drama free. Ideally an environment where people will be called out when they're doing something wrong so they can improve without said people freaking out. Constructive criticism is how we all get better right? Casual/Hardcore: I always liked the term casually hardcore. I can't commit to raiding 4 nights a week (or the Crowfall equivalent of raiding) but when we *do* take action we take action to kick as and win. People know their role, use consumables, etc. Size: Doesn't really matter to me as I've played in all sizes. I've found 50-100 to be the sweet spot. Play-Style: I tend to do it all, especially trade skills. I love farming and crafting. I also like damaging things. I played a Necro in EQ, Warlock/Druid/Paladin in WoW, Esper in Wildstar, etc. Also max all the trade skills. Always. Commitment: My free time. My work schedule can vary and I'm a married man with a step-son so real life comes up. I'll probably log in, in some capacity, nearly every day of the week. ‚ÄčSchedule: I work M-F 8-5 EST. Then dinner so I'll probably log in around 6-7 and play till 10-11. Weekends are sporadic. I'll also play a lot during the week randomly when I "work from home." Miscellaneous: Very outgoing and dedicated. Loyal. I tend to research things to find optimal ways of getting things done. I always give people the benefit of the doubt and I love helping others and teaching. Oh I've also been known to collect a massive amount of wealth in almost every game I play. It's a thing I have. I very much look forward to building out my EK as well. Experience: Everquest Everquest II City of Heroes Eve Online World of Warcraft Wildstar Voice-Chat services: Any and every. Mumble, Vent, Skype, TS, etc. I'm also a beekeeper which is sort of unique I guess. I also collect old coins and like to go metal detecting. I'm a filthy otaku as well. Ummm. I have three dogs? I guess that's it. I've been guilded.
  3. Looks very cool! I wonder if I'll have found a guild by then.
  4. I feel for you. I bought into Wildstar myself. Bought a full year subscription up front. Whoops.
  5. Boy BDO was one I was really pumped for but I saw the direction it was going and gave it a pass. Wasted potential there. Welcome Nivhawk!
  6. If one person wants to buy and play 5 accounts, without using macros, scripts, or automation then more power to them. I won't be, personally.
  7. I think having farm animals that need to be fed and maintained would be a great addition to the crafting community. We totally need honey bees. Not just because I'm a beekeeper but because honey is awesome. But honestly if we could add something super simple like the farming from Stardew Valley I think that could be really cool. Pigs, Cows, Chickens, Rabbits, Bees, etc. The ability to refine the base farm materials into artisinal goods and materials for other crafted items.
  8. Boy part of me really wants to apply to this because it's a corp from Eve and part of me really doesn't want to apply because it's a corp from Eve haha. Mittens isn't running it is he?
  9. This is true. Having it hosted somewhere that can't be DCMA'ed is a good thing though.
  10. It's going to hemorrhage users if they don't get their tracking system figured out in a hurry. Wandering aimlessly isn't as fun as actively hunting.
  11. I disagree. Long Dogs are superior
  12. A friend of mine, Ben, got me into Eve. We played World of Warcraf together and told me I had to try it. I got pretty damn into it too for awhile there. I lived in WH Space, ran my own High Sec indy POS, it was great. Then Ben had a stroke and passed away and it wasn't the same anymore. I still miss it, sometimes. I'll keep and eye on the Eve Reddit to see how things evolve. Eve changes but the Goon hate seems to always stay the same haha.
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