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  1. TBW, good stuff. Rolled with you guys when Pain for Hire folded. :}
  2. Good morning! In accordance with our introduction goals, Vigil has reached the stage of development in which we are starting active open recruitment. We are always looking for new faces to join us, and would be happy to have you along! If structure and a mature atmosphere appeal to you, we would love it if you would take a moment to swing on by and give us a look. Vigil Application Process
  3. Greetings! Thank you for taking the time to give our corner of the guild forum a look over. As one half of the Vigil's founding leadership, I wanted to take the time to introduce myself to the community and lay down the foundation as to what potential members can expect from me. To start with, a bit about my credentials. In the world of gaming, I started my adventures back in early Ultima Online as a bit of a solo wanderer. Eventually, a great group of guys by the name of Fallen Lords swept me up and demonstrated the power of coordinated destruction. From there, I rode the Ultima wave until it fizzled and dabbled in the equally awesome world of Shadowbane with the guild Pain for Hire. Alas, that wonderful game eventually bit the dust as well. Star Wars: Galaxies got its share of love from me. Of course, World of Warcraft got a little too. Most recently, ArcheAge held my interest for a long period whilst sailing the high seas with the Brethren pirates. My guild leadership experience began in earnest in 2006 with the organization the Ordo Imperialis. The group spent its first six years deeply invested in the Second Life Military Community, before transitioning to a full spectrum group with branches in a number of MMO genres. By 2013, I passed the reigns to focus on my professional life. Career wise, I am a proud member of the United States Army and have had the privilege of serving as an Field Artillery officer. Blowing things up for a living is pretty awesome. Prior to this, I was a fraud analyst for a major bank who spent his days catching credit card and identity thieves. To me, guild leadership is an opportunity to do great things with great people. I have a passion for meeting interesting individuals, developing great schemes, and overcoming obstacles. While the Vigil draws a lot of influence from my military habits (and any veteran or current service member will find comfortable familiarity in our structure), I do not take myself anywhere near as seriously as one might assume. The Vigil intends to succeed and to play hard, but there is a large emphasis on that all important word: play. You and I are all here to have a good time, and my leadership philosophy will reflect that. There's nothing saying structure and organizing the chaos has to translate into unwarranted rigidness. I believe a great deal in the pillars of leadership, and will strive to shape the decision making process of the group around them: Myself and the other Vigil leaders exist to facilitate and empower the membership. At the end of the day, our goal is to create a living framework in which a large body of motivated individuals may work together to accomplish major tasks. At my core, I promise all current and future members of the guild to exhibit conviction, commitment, and credibility. Conviction will be found in the directives I emplace, and the leaders I entrust with the guild's various facets. Every member will be held to the same standard, afforded the same opportunities, and treated with the same respect. Commitment will be exhibited in the time investment and financial contributions made by the guild's leadership. We will place the group as primary concern in our available free time, and ensure that the organization is never troubled by uncertainty. Credibility will be the cornerstone of our operation. Promotions, awards, and all manners of guild function will be as transparent as practical to the group membership. I look forward to building a great powerhouse with those who decide to join us, as much as I look forward to interacting with those who opt not to. I have no doubt Crowfall has a rich and exciting future ahead of it. See you all around!
  4. Imperious


    Good evening folks, Long time PVPer and general lover of the old school. Started my adventure back with Fallen Lords in Ultima Online as Kovirr. Spent a decade or so putzing around on various games as Aryte with the Ordo. Most recently, sailed the high seas with Brethren on Archeage as Imperious. Currently, pining over this fantastic looking game while deployed to the Middle East. Looking forward to a many good times with you all! Best wishes, Imp
  5. Dude, I totally remember you. I played back with the Fallen Lords in the early 2000's as Kovirr. I used to camp the dogcrap out of Britannia gate with Ooji and Viskov. Really awesome to see another FL member here.
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