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  1. RIP Frostweaver

    We've heard zilcherino on FW from devs since. It'd be nice to have an update on the plans for the class, especially where the class will be fitting in the next few milestones (5.5?, Beta, etc.).
  2. RIP Frostweaver

    o7 FW
  3. You Get NOTHING!

    Glad to see that critical failures/item loss will be removed from possible outcomes on assembly (edit: Based on Blair's post earlier in thread). That being said, and like other testers, I think making an unexperimentable template is a step in the right direction but something I hope continues to evolve as we move closer to launch. I also would stand behind the brilliant idea posted earlier that making experimenting actual experimenting, and not gambling, with eccentric results would be fantastic.
  4. Frostweaver - What we know & our ideal concepts

    So would you guys prefer a pure ranged class? I'm honestly not sure/decided if I'd prefer a full ranged, mid ranged, or melee-ranged skillset.. Though I'd have to say I'd want melee-range the least. Although, I'd have to add I'm not sure I want an entirely ranged class either.
  5. Frostweaver - What we know & our ideal concepts

    Yeah, that could be possible. A talisman would be cool, or an idol or something. That'd be neat The clock is running down though so we'll find out sooner or later!... (pls sooner)
  6. Frostweaver - What we know & our ideal concepts

    I'm not entirely sure, but if since they've moved away from the kusarigama instead to a more default weapon choice in that new art, I'm preparing myself for a mace or dagger build. Kusarigama would be so amazing though.
  7. Simple questions...complex answers

    Hey Thergood! And welcome to the forums! As some other posters have pointed out, there's a few options. One would be to roll an additional account to take care of any personal crafting needs, another would be to pillage caravans, hunt harvesters, or control a POI. Harvesters and caravans will likely be guarded and needing defenders, so there's an option there as well, to perhaps be paid in materials. We'll see this dynamic soon in playtesting (hopefully)! And nice to play with you last night.
  8. Aaaaand I'm back from Iceland.
  9. Frostweaver - What we know & our ideal concepts

    Pls Riku, no! I also don't feel particularly excited at the thought of a mace or scepter and am also hoping the kusarigama will work out
  10. Frostweaver - What we know & our ideal concepts

    Garden of Frozen Enemies? FW will be my main.
  11. Share your favorite memory-

    Oh dear... It'll get better!
  12. Total War: Warhammer 2

    I don't know anything about this title, but that was a bad ass trailer!