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  1. I think i will follow Izkimars lead and sorta stick to the same layout General The compass works when you add someone to your party but doesn't really give a good indication of how far they are and without a map this can turn into ... an ordeal to meet up. I also agree the leash on the mobs was far too long and their aggro range was FAR bigger than I remember it being in any testing I have done. I was actively testing combat on my Ranger and without a way to heal other than making potions it was very tough to stay alive.. how ever this was partially due to a bug with the rangers Sustain no
  2. They are working on it, i was told try back in 1 hour so thats my advice to everyone as well ^.^
  3. understandable, thank you for letting us know sorry for being so excited / impatient
  4. That is what i thought thank you very much, wasn't sure if they ever ended up offering any other packages that had it. Thank you for confirming!
  5. Just out of curiosity are the testing groups the same as were listed on the kick starter or did they ever add more to the pre alpha 1 groups ? is it just diamond and bloodstone?
  6. I'm hoping they are just fixing a few last minute bugs, would be great to see something about it though even on their twitter but i'm just being impatient i know they will extend the test for how ever long its delayed as always.. doesnt make me any less excited to fill out the Big world testing checklist ^.^
  7. While i do not totally disagree with what your saying ( meaning that with certain archetypes i believe there wasn't much testing left with HD) I also think its important to realize that with every single new archetype that came out there were new bugs with the map, each archetype interacted with the map differently so i wouldn't say that there is nothing left to test with HD but rather its time mesh everything together. I personally made an effort to break the map / archetypes/moves as much as possible and i haven't been around anywhere near as long as many people here, but was still able
  8. You might like this Song then (by boyinaband and minx ) its how i originally found out about Town of Salem hope you enjoy
  9. PLGC shares many of the same values your community does im glad to see ya here ( we were also in BDO) lookforward to gaming with ya!
  10. I believe this would be for testing for when you have a chance to drop gear on death thought i could be totally wrong this is just my thought
  11. Absolutely love this idea and the picture to give an example, The way todd explained it would be most likely with water was an idea that had me go meh sounds alright. This idea however made me instantly go oh that would be awesome!
  12. Both of you are terrible and should feel terrible too.
  13. I can confirm what niv said here my EK will be community based and will be home to at least 2 imperial palaces and 2 mountain citadels these were purchased by me alone I am waiting till more information comes out about EKs before i make promises Things i know for sure - No buy in cost - We already have a community base of over 60 people in crowfall - Anyone who wants to be apart of our EK community is welcome to (guilds groups individuals) I will be making my own post about our EK in the future when more information is released about them. I understand what FLA is trying to accomp
  14. Totally have no idea what your talking about *cough* fixed it *cough*
  15. Hmm I think i'm gunna buy another mountain citadel but i'm curious how cramped the EK could be anyone got a reference for size of the EK ? i've looked but have come up with outdated info? Anyone able to shed some light on that or point me in the right direction?
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