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    waiting intently
  1. saw it started at 2pm cnt, realized it was 2:18 and got excited, then realized wait a second I'm on eastern time...
  2. @Dogget Make sure Dave and Eric see this so it can be a character option for the bull lol.
  3. And now we're all going to be trying to figure out which grunts go to which dev.
  4. So far the Specialists we have currently in the Ranger and the Duelist seem to fit an almost stopgap role filling in wherever the team needs it. Knight getting a little low on health the duelist and ranger can move in and soak a little damage for him. Once they get a little low on health they can move back to a second line support role and continue dishing out damage. I'm not sure how the Fae's glide and stealth or the Stoneborn's Hammer (whatever that means) will affect their specialist roles, but will be interesting to see what happens.
  5. Gear will eventually be visible on the character. They probably just don't have the art yet for the more basic and intermediate levels of gear. Eight that or its simply not linked to correctly yet. In HD and SP the the gear appeared on characters, but these were very limited in the available options and types. So eventually.
  6. So are the Fury, Paladin, and Judicator still on the books as her promotions or have they change since the character customization reveal way back whenever that was last year?
  7. Cannot wait to play the Templar it's been one of my favorite archetypes and because of that I figured she'd be the last one released.
  8. I hope one character customization and guilds come around it will be easier to distinguish friend from foe. In SP I didn't notice it helping that much but players had the color of their god. This could have been due to bad fps general lag though
  9. I haven't played confessor since big world started but at the end of Pre Alpha 2 I'm fairly certain she could move slowly while casting her L attack
  10. After the Assassin it should be pretty easy for them to push the rest through since all the big tech will be in by then for the remaining 4 archetypes. Flight is the only big thing left for them at this point and it shouldn't be incredibly difficult to alter the jump coding to allow her to glide a little further and faster than other archetypes, but what do I know.
  11. Great compilation of the videos though you probably could've left out the discipline part at the end of each one. Gets very repetitive. Hope the Assassin is next. I just want to see how the team tackles gliding. Guess that's the last major combat obsticle to cover apart from determining what the Forgemaster actually does.
  12. blackspar


    The election of Hitler vs Stalin, we were screwed either way.
  13. Launcher has updated and i'm ready for Big World madness tomorrow! Thanks ACE!
  14. So no grinding but the time sink is real. Have we heard anything recently about how many levels of progression skills have?
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