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  1. Gotcha. I'd actually assumed that "God's Reach new player 2" was actually a continuation of the quest chain from before, so that makes sense.
  2. I had already completed the NPE up to the point where it was cut off on the previous God's Reach. I figured I could test it again with that same character, is that not the case?
  3. Logged into God's Reach New Player 2 and immediately progress locked; can't speak with Guiseppe to advance the quest plot at all (pressing or holding F to talk to him does nothing).
  4. I just now realized that disciplines are destroyed when you swap them out; it makes a little bit more sense now that I know that. I was worried that a combat character could just swap in some disciplines and suddenly be as good at crafting as a dedicated crafter. Still, I can't help but wish that recipes were doled out a slower pace so it wasn't all or nothing. (But also I'm a complete noob, so keep that in mind! XD) I think I'm a lot more concerned about the player-facing elements like the crafting & inventory UIs than I am about the internal systems which probably have a lot of thought put into them. Crafting is a core piece of this game so ideally it needs to be fun and easy to use. If an MMO from 2008 has better inventory management and a more useful crafting UI, that's a bad look for CF. Anyway, those are my thoughts after about 10 hours or so of playing. Thanks for reading 😃
  5. As a Ranger, whenever I quit the game and restart, my Ranged tray is empty of skills and I have to reassign all of them. Edit: Apparently, this also includes every time I switch maps. >=(
  6. Wait, really? I never would have guessed that. I feel that's weird. All you have to do is sub out your Discipline to be a better crafter? I wish it was tied more into the long-term skill trees than being a discipline, but oh well. At least now I know 😃 Thanks!
  7. Greetings, I've only been playing for a week or two. Enjoying it so far but there are definitely a few UI/systems, especially related to crafting and inventory management, that need a lot of QoL love. A lot of this feedback is coming from a place of me being a total newb, so forgive me if these are dead horses I'm beating. Inventory desperately needs a sort function. I can't stress this enough. With all the harvesting and all the various components and loot and crafting this game has, managing my inventory takes longer than actually playing the game. A sort feature would go a long way to helping with this. A "wallet" for basic currencies like gold, essence, etc. This is something that was added in GW2 and it helps tremendously with inventory management. (Essentially, this moves items with a high stack limit to its own row that doesn't take up space in your inventory). Above suggestions apply to bank as well. Due to the variety of different types of materials it's kind of a nightmare to keep my inventory from becoming clogged up if I'm just exploring and harvesting. In 10 minutes I was already practically full of mats (like 4 different kinds of common logs, 2 different kinds of uncommon logs, multiply that by 4-5 for stone, ore, hide, etc, plus all the various foods and food ingredients and..... yeah, yikes). I like that the crafting system is robust enough to handle this sort of thing, but it's just too much for what little inventory we have. Some ideas that could help with this: Separate bags or crafting pouches that can contain specific types of goods. Note: I'm not interested in the "bags within bags within bags" method of inventory sorting that WoW and GW2 use; I'm thinking more something like: maybe if I'm a woodcutter by trade, I have a big "lumber backpack" that can carry lots of wood. That sort of thing. (Perhaps this is even a discipline buff. IDK.) Some way to transmute low-rank materials into higher rank ones, or vice-versa. A way to send items directly to the bank without having to be at the bank. (Unless this is already the case, and I'm just dumb.) This might be too strong in PvP worlds though, idk. As for crafting, I am a bit overwhelmed. I love crafting in GW2 and I was hoping this would scratch that itch. My biggest issue is that I have no clue what unlocks what. How do I get more recipes? Do I find them? Do I unlock them via skill points? If so, where are they unlocked? (None of the nodes seem to say "here's what new recipes you get?") More visibility as far as how to unlock new recipes would be nice. (i.e. Right now if I fancy myself a "leatherworker" I load up the game, start killing & skinning animals, and then... I don't know what else to do. I can make "intermediate armor" right off the bat, but that's it. I have no idea where to go from there.) Crafting UI desperately needs a "craft again" or a "craft X many times" feature. While we're at it, crafting UI needs to just be quicker in general. To craft a bandage I have to click basic survival, click bandage, go into my inventory, click on a log of wood a few times, click a button, then click another redundant "yeah make this dumb item" button, then click *another* button to claim it. It really needs to just be one button and done. On that same note, some kind of "autofill" option for just making a recipe pull stuff from your inventory would be great. A lot of times I have no idea if I even have the required items, which makes crafting really frustrating. (Compare to GW2 where it tells you how much of whatever you need you currently have.) For the crafting nodes where a variety of different things could fill that spot (like "herb/seasoning") it would be neat if clicking that gave you all of the options currently in your inventory for that spot.
  8. As a Fae Druid, whenever I swapped between life and death trays, my wings seemed to randomly swap colors (between black and white). ...it was kinda cool, actually. But clearly not intended.
  9. Great to hear. I've just ordered another 8gb from newegg. 😃
  10. I really really hope so! It sucks that I can't help playtest, though. Maybe I'll pick up another 8GM stick of RAM and hope that does the trick.
  11. I messaged support and they told me I don't have enough RAM to play the game. I have 8GM of RAM which is the minimum required RAM according to https://crowfall.com/en-US/faq, so I should at least be able to play the game, but nope, I can't even load into the game world. If 8GM of RAM is not enough they should think about updating the minimum system requirements... I'm frustrated and upset because I really wanted to try this game out, I love the ideas behind it, and it's everything I want in an MMO. But it feels really poorly optimized? My computer can run every other MMO on the market just fine on medium to high specs, but it can't even run Crowfall, which frankly isn't all that good-looking compared to FFXIV or GW2 (both of which I can run on high with no stuttering). I know it's only in alpha so I hope they continue to optimize it, but...yikes.
  12. Now I'm unable to play on TEST server for the same reason. LIVE was working just fine for me the other day; leveled all the way from 1 to 10 without any issues. All of a sudden it's not working at all on either server. Whyyyy?
  13. I'm completely unable to log into God's Reach since patch. I can boot up the game just fine and load into Eternal Kingdoms but as soon as I try to load into God's Reach, the loading screen takes 10-15 minutes (it pauses for a long time on "Preparing Terrain") and from there one of three things happens: most of the time it just skips to "Leaving World" and then boots me right back to the title screen with no error message. sometimes, it just skips that entirely and crashes to desktop, again with no error message. once in a blue moon, it will load me into the game world, but the game is extremely slow (~3-10 FPS), and the moment I try to do anything, it then freezes and either boots to title screen or crashes to desktop with no error message. 5.110 was working fine on TEST for me. Help!
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