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  1. I wonder why they did not stick to this. That was already developed to some extend and could be easily adjusted
  2. you have to use the live-server, not the test server
  3. Kraahk, (just) High-Elf, or High-Elf frostweaver?
  4. Don't worry Tumnus, there are others, me included (50), that have started feeling more doddery by each passing day. But as we all know: A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be (Wayne Gretzky). Experience helps "knowing where the puck is going to be" and therefore veterans can still outsmart younger folks and get their fair share - even in the fiercest pvp-environment.
  5. Hail to thee, Thom-Blair-crafter, that shalt be king with 5.3 hereafter Fair is foul, and foul is fair; finding bloodworms in the air.
  6. Ob noch wer da ist? Ja, ich, hier. Nicht immer, aber regelmäßig immer wieder - und wie wohl alle auf einen guten patch 5.3 wartend und hoffend
  7. Thinking of EKs I think of this: 1. EKs should be made of many, many players that have their share of land within a vast space 2. Trade should only be allowed at certain market spots to make those areas populated. 3. Players therefore need to bring their stuff with pack animals, Caravans, guards, etc. to those spots in order to find customers or buy stuff from others. 4. The required transportation is not risk free for there might be bandit-NPCs around roads etc. (think of Black desert) 5. Stealing/anti-stealing in certain areas, e.g. cities, should be possible, allowi
  8. I am looking forward to the upcoming and very popular extra-spicy guineapig-sticks, Peru style.
  9. That is the crux with idealism. Life and rutheless realists take it all: Santa Claus, fairy tales, monsters under the bed, the only foreverlasting one true love ... sniff. And now true "knights in shining armour" are also under attack. Fine. Maybe Knights were not always that shining. But "tunneling"? C'mon, give me a break.
  10. A Knight should be a model for bravery on the battlefield, not a cowardish hamster that hopes that there will be enough Stamina left for his tunnel-escape mode in the heat of the battle. Have brave hamsters, but take the tunnel-Option away. I does not fit and it feels not to be in line with any idea of knighthood.
  11. "Hand of the gods"? Rather "let me check you balls"
  12. I just imagine a situation when all hope seems to be lost for Team A and Team B already feels like the sure winner - but only up to the point when suddenly a Team A-hamster-cleric breaks out of his tunnel ....
  13. Lightning for a healer? Are you kidding me? Healer is about sunrays and blue skies ... consider everything else nasty witchcraft and dark magic. And hammer with shield is classic (a good hammering, but not blood-spilling), but 2h-hammer is pagan!
  14. Advantage or not depends on the role you are going to play and the overall team-Setup(s) of the guild you are in. You have to have the right mix for a given situation. There is not simply "the" build, "the" class or "the" race out there.
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