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  1. When do you think the tipping point will be for when a mass amount of people will begin testing and creating communities?
  2. Excited to hear this! Need a game to actually utilize my PC. A lot of those changes sound great. I plan to get some game time in this week finally as work may allow it. I do like that you have to fight to get decent ore/stones as that brings in needing the combat focused players to work with the gatherers.
  3. So did anyone get to test during the weekend and see what the biggest changes are?
  4. Welp, the email today from Crowfall answers that haha. As of now, the vendor stalls will be in EKs. However, I don't know how easy it will be to fill the coffers at the current moment in testing to actually keep a stall up. I also don't like that they are basically forcing you to go into Stonemasonry to even build the stalls. We need to figure out if we are going to put up stalls in one EK, like a collective market or individual EKs for the time being.
  5. I am curious as to how the vendors will be interacted with in the actual game. Like can the enemy come find a vendor/thrall that we create and kill them? Or can they see them, but can't do anything to them? Can anyone use any vendor/thrall they like? So many questions.
  6. So I got to mess around with the EK a bit...they have fixed some placement issues, but still very limited on how you can connect pieces which is irritating. I was not however, able to see any Campaign worlds live...I may have to re-download the entire client again maybe. Any advice on how I get the campaign worlds to appear correctly would be appreciated.
  7. I did originally have some issues with the new testing version, but believe I finally figured out what was causing the issue, which was a minor folder fluke. I plan to get on this Friday evening (as long as work permits) and try out a few of the EK stuff again and see if I can place things more easily now that they have had some time to fix things up.
  8. Thanks for the heads up Kendogg. Everything is downloaded and ready. Just have to wait till Friday evening to enjoy it. Hope to see fellow LG members around.
  9. Appreciate that Frawlyne. I will be updating my Crowfall client to the new 5.2.1 today so that I can be ready to play some Friday evening a bit to get familiarized with everything again. May spend a good amount of time on Saturday as well.
  10. The mobile app for the game will be interesting. Being able to change our skills on the go and not "time waste" potential gains will be huge. Haha. I also can't wait to see Guild Chat on the mobile app as it wouldn't be a good app without it.
  11. I do think that winning on either side would show a lot of strength in being able to play the game and form a strong efficient alliance in order to win a 1v2. Also having a 1v2 would mean a more eventful game as we would have to work hard to keep our advantage.
  12. I am sure it is lower on CF's list of things to do, but I hope the process of EK's and such gets cleaned up a bit. Would be nice if we could get a guild EK going soon. Right now it is almost impossible to place anything due to "too steep of slopes" except for small cottages or houses. The forts are a pain at this point and you are very limited on how walls turn.
  13. I look forward to this weekend event with the guild! Will be good to get some in game time with each other and just chat. Hopefully we can meet some other cool players while we test this weekend.
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