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  1. The game desperately needs engaging, fun PVE content. Right now I can't make it past a couple hours every time I try Crowfall. It's awesome that Crowfall is focusing on PVP but I would rather spend time understanding the game by leveling up and killing monsters that are progressively more difficult. Once I get to a point where I'm very comfortable with the game, I would focus all of my time on PVP. I just think you need a more traditional quest based or grind based leveling experience to get you started. As of now you start the game with no direction from the game at all. I start the game, figure out I need to craft items so I do that. I find some very basic easy mobs that basically just stand there. I level up and get a talent that feels like it has no purpose. From there I have no idea where I should go or what I should do, so I quit and wait a couple months and then try again. I have been a supporter from Crowfall since close to the kickstarter and I loved Shadowbane. If I'm having this much trouble with the game then I would imagine that completely new players would be turned off after about an hour and they most likely will not give it another shot.
  2. I would like to see the option to be a Half-Giant Templar just because that was my favorite combo in Shadowbane.
  3. I understand what you're saying, Verot but also where the dev's are coming from. From what we've heard so far it sounds like they are working on a lot of features they can't really show us right now but these features will lead into being able to test bigger parts of the game. If they haven't finished abc and we keep asking, "When does d-z come out?" there is no way they could realistically answer us. Problems and delays seem to happen all the time in software development and it's probably a smarter choice to give us dates when they are concrete. From the player side though it is frustrating anticipating a game that some of us have been waiting years for. I know for me, I have been waiting since Shadowbane closed. I check crowfall.com and the forums daily just to see if there are any updates, always hoping for an idea of when to expect what's coming next. Even a vague answer would be nice. We plan on fully testing the game anywhere between "x" months and "y" years.
  4. I was looking at the 2015 strongholds. I guess the only difference between 2015 and 2016 is cosmetic?
  5. I noticed that if you buy a citadel or palace it states that they come with a starting title of either archduke/archduchess or king/queen. It is not stated for castles though but they are however mentioned in pledge packages. My question is do the castles also come with their respective starting titles? (Baron/Baroness, Count/Countess, Duke/Duchess)
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