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  1. Yes I see what you mean... "Você pode vencer." 😆
  2. They should just use a professional translator. Crowdsourcing translations will get you junk like that.
  3. Thanks for the explanation, but nobody has questioned the need for a wipe before 5.8.1.
  4. "Overly temperamental and reactionary"? As in, "insulting other people when you don't agree", like you just did?
  5. Proper heads-up such as "after this campaign", not just over 45 minutes. If it doesn't matter to you, why are you even commenting?
  6. Speak for yourself. I had planned on crafting a whole lot of stuff tomorrow from my and my guildies' gathered materials to see what we could make and possibly try it out, been looking forward to it the whole week!
  7. New campaign just started. Random resets happen on TEST, that's what it's for. Obviously there was a reset coming at some point but why do you think it's a good idea not giving a proper heads-up? And stop talking about "rankles your feathers", that's not even an argument but childish know-it-all speak.
  8. No it was posted on the official discord just a moment ago + there was an in-game System Message.
  9. Seriously!? You reset everything (except skills) with less than an hour's warning? What part of "we just wasted days gathering stuff for nothing" did you not contemplate? Could you at least give a few day's warning before wiping?
  10. And mine got first spot, I'm very flattered (ok need to get current EK in order now haha) *ahem*
  11. Oh, I didn't know that, thanks! Yes this is the Balance beachhead. I hope it's still usefull!
  12. Yes probably! Let's hope they'll find them now
  13. So, I made a little map to help newcomers:
  14. I was just finishing getting skilled up to start crafting properly again after the latest skill wipe, and now this. This "time based training" is good for one clear reason: you don't have to actually be on and play to make progress. It is bad for the exact same reason: you can't make progress by playing the game. What is the point, then? OK call me when soft launch is coming, I'm giving up on this for now. See you around. Maybe.
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