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  1. That is a very valid concern. I really hope they don't anytime soon, for precisely this reason. The Chinese "zerg" in Shadowbane was a pain in the ***, mainly for their complete inability to communicate with "us".
  2. Of course there is a way to determine whether he knows what he's talking about: he's not a shareholder, so he doesn't.
  3. Top 5 Crowfall dislikes 1. The eternally broken kingdoms. There has been a lot of improvement (been there, seen that), but building is still buggy. Few people even see the point of the EKs. Add real resources and everything will change, even if they are low level. 2. The promised (a very long time ago) UI for adding vassals etc. instead of these eternal (ahem) / commands is still nowhere to be found. Please implement this. 3. Zero mount awesomeness for us centaurs. Just speed. Boring, especially when having all those other people around showing off their fabulous steeds. 4. It would be very nice to have a better overview of recipies. Right now (well, since forever) it takes a lot of clicking around to see what resources you need to gather for item X. This seems pointless. 5. No minimap. It's insane having to go to M mode out in enemy territory. Also, where are my horseshoes? Are they even implemented yet?
  4. "Devs already ran out of money" is what you said, and you have no idea what you are talking about.
  5. Well...I'd say beta state, they used to be far worse 😅 What ACE constantly seems to lack is developers/management/etc. with a passion for the EKs. There are so many use cases that are completely overlooked, yet obvious to us EK aficionados. Like this one... I have griped about lack of QA on the EK stuff for years. They are honestly making progress, but it's supposed to be released now, not still in basic development.
  6. It always surprises me how playing for so many people seems secondary to leveling up.
  7. And you have experience from developing and marketing how many MMORPG games...? Since you are obviously an expert 🤔
  8. You have no idea what you are talking about.
  9. Oh never mind, it fixed itself when I logged out and back in from the forums! Might want to add a hint about that though.
  10. I'm trying to change my forum badge from: to: but even though it's now marked, it's still showing the "hat" here. I have tried several others too and it remains the same.
  11. Sometimes mobs, when they die, remain standing. Probably a known bug. Point here though is that this has somewhat hilarious results for some races in combination with slopes:
  12. What actually are these totem thingies?
  13. What on earth did you do to the account vault?! It used to be this nice grid where you could arrange your stuff neatly, now it's just a big pile that you can't even sort by type!? And with a bunch of "purchased" items, there isn't even a view where you can see stuff that isn't either "purchased", armour or weapons, i.e. resources, so it takes forever to locate that mineral you are searching for at the moment. No, please change this horrid vault thing to something useful.
  14. Digging for body parts in the tutorial, I happened to be standing where there had been a grave while digging up the next one, and then the previous respawned. Result: it ended up in the air (I have moved a little bit in the image).
  15. The highlighting is misplaced when dragging an item to a chest:
  16. Gate sockets aren't a whole or half unit apart, it's more like 0.75. If you build like this (it goes straight corners around on the right side) there will be a 0.25 unit gap at the end (see far edge!) which is impossible to close. One solution would be to move the gate socket 0.25 units "forward" (per the red marking) so the gap vanishes (per the green marking), and adjusting the "wedge" piece correspondingly: An other solution would of course be to add a "quarter" piece variant. In any case, this needs to be fixed because it will frustrate users and has no obvious workaround. Also, I have to say it is a bit surprising that the castle on the capital parcel is almost impossible to surround properly with a wall!
  17. I wonder how to equip this "weapon" 🤔
  18. I just made an "Immortal's Ring" (per the quest) and after equipping it it says I can't...equip it 🤔 And it's red too.
  19. Castle Ramparts There seems to be an issue with the castle ramparts, the sockets are in the wrong place for the corner variation: The straight variation is fine though (as is the possibly obsolete diagonal one):
  20. They should just use a professional translator. Crowdsourcing translations will get you junk like that.
  21. Thanks for the explanation, but nobody has questioned the need for a wipe before 5.8.1.
  22. "Overly temperamental and reactionary"? As in, "insulting other people when you don't agree", like you just did?
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