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  1. My preference would be classless, but we would still need to be able to perform viable Trinity roles if PvE is to be of import in the game (i.e. dungeon / raids require Trinity to allow for decent design generally). However I would like to see additional layers on top of the idea of classes. Such as: We play spirits that can possess NPCs. Once we posses an NPC we can control its body and use any of its abilities - and can augment the NPC using our power... more naturally powerful forms cost more power to possess (leaving less for enhancement). All of our skills come from us however and we can use them in the different forms we have access to. There are no classes, but there are elemental affinities (part of our skill set) that combine in different ways with different forms. However the trick here would be balance (isn't it always) - so we do not end up with a FOTM unkillable, best-dps TankMage
  2. Actually I would love for us to be spirits that could possess NPCs - and hence rather than being a gear based game (it would help, but not hugely) - it would be a possession game - i.e. what have you possessed... what are its abilities, etc. In essence your spirit would have a set amount of power that would allow you to possess a host body and then augment it, and it's abilities. This means that you could either possess the biggest, nastiest thing you can find, or concentrate your power into making a less naturally powerful creature more powerful. Every creature would have an affinity (which would be related to your skills / skill trees) and its own abilities. So you could build a Wolfen warrior with earth affinity (spending lots of power to possess the Wolfen and not much in warrior or augmenting the Wolfen form); or a Goblin priest with darkness affinity (spending little power on possession and lots on making the Goblin form or priest elements strong). The affinity would define the nature of your spirit and what magic its is good at. Anyway some food for thought
  3. Loot anything is fine as long as some items can be soul bound to your character - and hence cannot be looted. This would have to have a significant cost so that you cannot just soul bind everything. Alternatively, the crafting system is good enough that you (or a friend/guildie) can craft gear that is at least competitive. If neither of these is not true, then PvP will become a joke as only a few will have decent gear (probably only a few dominant guilds essentially). Or people will have to grind PvE (in a non-consentual PvP environment) to regear - leading to them dieing again (thats PvP for ya) and having no gear.
  4. No problem with higher levels killing low levels, but there should be consequences. And something should be done to ensure that spawn camping will not make newbie give up and never come back.
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