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  1. Some nice changes and new content coming. Can't wait!
  2. I participated in group PvP the first night I played, It wasn't a blur and I was pretty much aware of what was going around me the entire time. The one thing that I think you're missing is that crowfall currently has a resources system and when the seasons change resources are going to get harder to find. I think the most powerful guilds are going to be around 50-75 people. Which if you played other mmo's is a 40man raid group with rotational replacements. So with that I just don't think your idea would fit crowfall, it would make this game kind of be like Albion and not it's own game.
  3. Can't wait! This is the class I been wanting since I first started following Crowfall.
  4. Pledged after watching some Twitch of the big world last week. Plan on getting a bronze package shortly so I can get in on all the fun. Until then I have been binge watching youtube videos and reading all I can getting on the hype train!
  5. Guild criteria: Region: North America (Live in Est) Atmosphere: Organized with goals set to benefit the guild. Looking for fun and not uptight people that can crack a joke. 18+ Casual/Hardcore?: Semi Hardcore or Hardcore Size: Medium to Large Play-Style: Leaning towards a Templar or Druid. Have experience with Tanking,DPS and healing. Commitment: Can play several hours a night. Miscellaneous: Big believer in teamwork and being competitive. Very willing to work for the greater good of the guild and try to be a core member. I like to be a self sustained player being able to craft,gather or kill for what I need. Experience: WOW,ArchAge, Darkfall, Star Wars,ESO,GW, Eve, Warhammer, Albion, DOTA, Smite and a ton of other games. I have a lot of gaming experience and a quick leaner. I have done mythic raiding in wow but mainly a PvPer in all other games. Voice-Chat services: Prefer Discord or Teamspeak Any question feel free to PM me. Looking to hear from someone soon. Found a guild.
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