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  1. Aren't new players coming to already established MMOs all the time? How many new players does Eve get every month? Or are MMOs indeed starving out on players and have to live basically with what they got as player base in the beginning and those very few players that don't mind being late?
  2. I don't see any problems with them just renting some servers in EU and hosting the game here themselves. Other small developers already did that. HiRez with Global Agenda, Adhesive Games with Hawken. No external publisher needed to get EU servers running.
  3. I am curious: Was there ever a game that was released in America, and was a totally different version in EU that sucked? Besides games that were censored because of violence, because that certainly won't apply to Crowfall.
  4. There is certainly no law that restricts you from selling games in Germany with no translation. Happens all the time, look at Steam. Most games don't have a German translation, yet we can buy them. This would suck big time if there was such a law.
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