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  1. I want to pay $30 to buy the game. And I want to pay $15 a month to play it. Because, as is quite evident in the gaming/MMO world, and the real world too, you ALWAYS get what you pay for. I think I speak for all mature, knowledgeable gamers here when I say this: TAKE MY MONEY AND MAKE A GOOD GAME. DONT WASTE TIME THINKING ABOUT WHAT TO PUT IN A CASH SHOP TO MAKE THE GAME PROFITABLE. FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU NEED TO CHARGE TO MAKE THIS GAME A SUCCESS AND CHARGE ME THAT. PUT ALL OF Y OUR EFFORT INTO GAMEPLAY. Amen.
  2. Not much to say here, other than I thought having different religions for a character to follow, and to have it mean something, would be really neat. Could take the place of an alignment system. Has any MMO really done religions well? I mean, having your choice stick with you more or less, and be meaningful? Buffs and perks and such?
  3. Im not sure if this is what you meant, but the idea that large alliance could do something to lengthen the life of a server...that sounds kinda neat!
  4. Its worked in multiple games since then too. Your opinion is invalidated by reality. You say it won't work, we can point to several games where it worked...just....fine. So, you can keep saying that we are wrong, but the evidence that exists makes you look foolish. You can say you were trolling, but that post was full of conjecture and poo. You were trying to use sensationalism to win points in your argument, but reality shows you to be falling on your face.
  5. Best Straw-Man argument of '15 Now, if you wanted to debate instead of make s*** up, let us know.
  6. Its happened before? In games that either the developers worked on (UO) or inspired (Darkfall).
  7. You just pulled this directly out of your ass. I've played in UO and Darkfall, both with intensive reagent systems. With cooldowns, mana and such what you are thinking here just....did...not...happen. Put that opinion back in your ass and let it form a little more into something more substantial.
  8. Gear bags. You just make some pre-made gear bags with the stuff you need in them. Had to do it in darkfall and no one really complained about it. Making 5-10 usually only took about 5 minutes. When you died, you just grabbed another bag, put the equiptment on and you already had your potions, food, reagents, arrows, etc etc in it. Really, people are making a mountain out of a molehill here.
  9. I think reagents, like UO's or Darkfall, are a necessity. Now, there should be basic spells that do not need any reagents, like mana missle from darkfall. Where Darkfall had it wrong was selling infinite amount of regs from vendors cheaply, at 4gold per. I always thought it would have been better if reagents were somewhat easily farmed, and then cold be a viable source of income for newer players. That's worked before in other games, like someone mentioned EQ. As to some of the concerns, I always found it fun and challenging in Darkfall while planning sieges to have to coordinate reagent stash's for a 100 man siege force.
  10. Is the name supposed to reference NAMBLA?
  11. Why would I get defensive about my half-assed comment? Also, it sure did seem like you started to flame and get a little bitter when it became obvious that very few people agreed with you. Just sayin...
  12. Not saying it was. Just that with aiming and friendly fire, the skill ceiling goes way up.
  13. So, in both tab target and aiming games, you won some fights as an underdog and lost some fights as the better player. ..............What the hell is your point? I think you just shot down you original point...which was...something.
  14. So, your going to design a game based on the least likely scenarios? How often do you think this would happen? I refuse to go to work today because I could get hit by a meteor. (and its Saturday)
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