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  1. soft caps are kind of cool. Like +1health, on a character who has hundreds or thousands of health, for each new lvl. Gives more value to mains, without a need to grind to higher lvls.
  2. Isn't Manshoon from Australia or something? I think they have different dates for time changes. Give him some slack... but still funny.
  3. Random events, like procs or crits, is more like a real fight than straight up dps. The fact is, the most skilled fighter doesn't always win. The fighter who accounts for random occurrences has a much better shot at getting more kills while taking fewer dirt naps. They have crits, so they may not want procs, but procs look cool. @freeze I personally don't like powers being triggered by combo moves. It totally takes me out of a pvp game. If I know how to use a power, I want to use it.
  4. A proc in PvP actually is an effective tool. That burst of damage, while unreliable, is just as hard to anticipate by a defender. That means it's harder to heal through, makes the defender less certain about whether to run or stay in the pocket, and it adds an additional tactical element to an otherwise straight up melee fight. They're generally less dps, but they do have uses.
  5. Will there be procs in Crowfall; item based or spell based?
  6. BOOOOOOOOO!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Even if you have formulas, builds still need to be tested. In fact looking at the raw numbers can make people overlook some builds that may seem sub optimal. I hear some arguments for race locking being about balance. If the numbers are transparent that becomes less of an issue. Nothing better than PKing an "uber build" on a "gimp build." That was half the fun of solo farming on melee mages in shadowbane. Congrats on the mod post Doc G.... and BOOOOO on your formula opinion.
  7. I'm really not interested in playing a cookie cutter class for PvP. I think you can get balance with variety. In fact it makes it more interesting because then you don't know exactly what your opponent is bring to the party. Even an underpowered build that is unidentified can do some damage, just because of the element of surprise
  8. longblade


    Since the light dps is a freaken gerbil, I'm hoping there is some interesting debuffage here. Debuffs for the win.
  9. There is no way I'm playing hamster. I just can't do cute and cuddly while stabbing things in the face. It would suck if I couldn't play one of my favorite kind of characters because of a race lock. I also like figuring out how to build my character. I don't want my character to just look unique, I want a build to be customized to me.
  10. Will game formulas be made public? Things like how stats and skills affect weapon damage, spell damage, movement speed and damage mitigation.
  11. Would ArtCraft consider developing additional games after Crowfall launches?
  12. With the right CC and debuffs you don't need to hit hardest or fastest. You just need to use powers well. I see potential.
  13. This class is the main reason I don't like race locks. It is one of my favorite types of builds, but I'm playing a hamster in a MMO.
  14. Love my caster melee types. It looks like they will have a short ranged melee weapon.
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