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  1. I would cry with joy and laugh my ass off at the same time if they actually released it on a Thursday at noon at this point. It would seem to sort of fit their personalities..
  2. I so want the build to go to test, But Jtodd's last update concerning the bug effecting performance under load, would be basically game breaking if lots of people jump on, and we would all be annoyed. It is also not an easy bug/bugs to be left with, considering they probably have no idea where a bug like that is coming from, its not as simple as having a certain value, or render not coming out right, you would know where to start with those. With my limited coding knowledge, I think they will have to start isolating certain sections of the code and testing that under some load to see where the issue is. It literally would be a complete crap shoot . They might get lucky and find it right away, they might not. Either way they probably really have no idea when it will get sorted, it could always be "stumbled upon" by someone and they will all smack their foreheads and say man am I stupid.... I think if they could give us an accurate time to when it would be done they would..
  3. Bones are the answer, the potion gives you a 20% chance for the minerals, without anything last time I checked. You still need 6 bones of the same quality for the potion, and that takes a while, but it is possible and fairly easy, the thing is, it is a main mechanic in the game, it should be fairly easy in my opinion.. I dont know what you would call end game in Crowfall at the moment, but Vessels are not it, Vessels are part of the leveling/progression aspect of the game, you dont want to make it super hard to level... or you are going to push all the casual players away..
  4. I was looking at mino builds and was considering an ranger, I will have to try it now
  5. All of this, especially since it is a key mechanic to the game, Not to mention have you tried leveling a gold vessel? It takes forever, compared to a blue vessel, compared to a white, that amount of game time and effort also needs to be taken into account also. I would say the system is decent also at the moment, unique, interesting, decent amount of customization, and available to all players, hardcore/casual I would not mess with it much at all in my opinion
  6. Is there a way to delete a thread you wish you never started?
  7. Twice a day works for me, once when I wake up, and once when I figure they are done for the day. I dont log all the way in though, if its not done its going to patch again before it is... so no patch I just log back off. I was jumping up and down last friday though as test patched... until I read the forums lol
  8. Vermont Ski areas are also all closing in the next week. Still plenty of snow, usually they close Mid- late April, skiing with temps in the 50's and 60's is one of my favorite things, It is a tad slower so this old man can handle it and it is warm as hell. Will not happen this year though, stay safe
  9. If you have the time watch the first 10 minutes of the live stream they did yesterday, they spell out It could litterally be any day now. They are trying to get the major bugs, I have enough coding experience to know you cant set a time frame on this, sometimes nasty bugs are just fixed by mistake, other times fixing a bug will create others, I would say they are within a week or two at this point from the language they used yesterday.. With that said it could be today, once the major bugs are fixed it will get released on test, there is no reason to give us a 24-48 hour window to put it on test, I check to see if the test server patches twice a day, Morning and Night. Very easy to check it and someday that little bar on the bottom will say updating.
  10. I am also a no. If the mob's (monster on binds) are not even attacking you at the moment, give them a bit longer let them get rid of the blockers, or "Game Killer" bugs as people from the gamer not the developer side call them, and then release the patch. No one is going to want to go through a whole lot of progression on the test server, if they release too early on test, in 3 weeks time everyone will want it to go live, so they can feel like they are accomplishing something that will not be irrelevant in 30 days..and if they are still trying to squash huge bugs, that will just annoy people more down the road. I see if Test patches everyday now, I want the patch as much as anyone, but I would rather let the developers make the call at this point, not the gamers
  11. This.... I really actually get annoyed with a whole bunch of dialog boxes to click through while leveling. I have never really read a story in all my years of gaming.. I know some people really enjoy it though, so having it in the background for those who want to read it would be awesome
  12. Lmao one of the first things I do with my morning routine, get coffee, eat, check news and sports, launch the test server recently, I thought it was patching lmao, oh well soon I guess good luck this week.
  13. Right now we are in a bit of a hold period. If you have the game Log in, Create a Toon, go to God's Reach, and mess around. You can level the toon, and check out the game fairly well, pvp will be lacking though. We are expecting a full wipe in the next couple of weeks, so you will lose any progress. Once the wipe happens I expect alot of activity. I have been here 5 years now, I really have not played since last November, I am waiting on the patch/wipe, alot of people I know are doing the same, and we expect a large influx of new players when this happens. If you buy the game, download the "Test Server" also, the patch will hit there first, and you will have some sort of idea when this will "all happen" The game is great well worth the 100 bucks I spent years ago, a bit dead at the moment do to the above topics, but if you are new, I think it would be easier to check it out now, before the onslaught of players fighting for the same resource nodes..
  14. You definetly should keep moving forward, if underneath you like the game but certain things are bugging the crap out of you, the amount this game has changed in the 4 or 5 months I have been back is insane, JTodd the lead developer talks about knobs to turn, and well I can see how they are set up to adjust things fairly easily to make things better for players. If you have been around for a while, and you step back and breathe a bit, you realize that the game is still very much in Pre-Alpha, the AI with the monsters on bind was completely changed just recently, and yes its a bit too much at the moment, especially when you add in the random lag that you are talking about, but a month or so ago the mob's never even hit you if you just strafed around them... not much of a gameplay experience either. So you can see with just this one thing they went from one extreme to the other in 30-45 days, add in the lag of pre-alpha still and its brutal. They will keep changing things though, they love this game and want it to succeed to as much as anyone, how quickly they can do that, I have no idea, but I would be a long way from just giving up on the game if I was you, possibly check back between campaigns to see changes if its annoying you really bad
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