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  1. You definetly should keep moving forward, if underneath you like the game but certain things are bugging the crap out of you, the amount this game has changed in the 4 or 5 months I have been back is insane, JTodd the lead developer talks about knobs to turn, and well I can see how they are set up to adjust things fairly easily to make things better for players. If you have been around for a while, and you step back and breathe a bit, you realize that the game is still very much in Pre-Alpha, the AI with the monsters on bind was completely changed just recently, and yes its a bit too much at the moment, especially when you add in the random lag that you are talking about, but a month or so ago the mob's never even hit you if you just strafed around them... not much of a gameplay experience either. So you can see with just this one thing they went from one extreme to the other in 30-45 days, add in the lag of pre-alpha still and its brutal. They will keep changing things though, they love this game and want it to succeed to as much as anyone, how quickly they can do that, I have no idea, but I would be a long way from just giving up on the game if I was you, possibly check back between campaigns to see changes if its annoying you really bad
  2. I have mentioned this before, but this seems like an easy fix to implement that would drastically improve your game right now. Currently on a Gold Vessel Blue Stuff is not even worth a single point of XP when sacrificing, with all the other changes in the game to increase the grind, this just seems crazy to me. I have mentioned many times that it does not even have to be a whole point of experience per white resource. Say at level 20 a purple vessel it could be worth a fifth or a quarter of a point. So a stack of 200 white ore or gold would be worth 40-50 xp, this would not be a game changer at all and it would make white stuff at least worth something. I can see why you nerfed gold, especially off animals, it used to be silly how much gold you would acquire, right now I think the gold drops are ok, but by nerfing the xp value, you have destroyed the economy in the game, there used to be a real reason to run merchants and acquire gold, you could use it to level, now there is not any reason really. You could make green resources worth a third of an experience point per resource, and blues possibly a half at some point in the leveling curve. Seems to me like you would just need to change some numbers in the current mechanics to do this and it would greatly improve your game for players right now... even if you decide to change it back at a later date But please just think about this, at 1/5 of a point 2,000 gold or ore (10 stacks) that would be worth 400XP, you would still need 8 or 9 times that to actually level the purples and gold, but as I said it would at least be worth something
  3. This will be their rebuff argument to a T, but the fact of the matter is the game is not much fun to play right now, and well thats an issue. Multiple people have said this and if they try to ignore it they will have problems.
  4. I agree I find a ton of the patch fantastic.. the visuals and such and I am still playing, but they need to switch their direction, Seriously leveling the gold vessel with all the changes is next to impossible, You have about 4k less health than you used to have, because of the armor change, you have no skills, and you need to kill an r5 at level 1 for the 50xp. I think you need to kill about 40 of them just to go from 1 to 2 on a gold vessel, when you are forced to bandage and wait between every kill its just stupid, gets old in about 10 minutes. All they need to do is make white stuff (including gold) worth something for purple level 25's, I have already suggested a fifth of an experience point. So a stack of white ore or 200 gold would be worth about 40 xp.. Now you could go deck yourself out in some nice purple or gold gear to make it a little easier, but have fun with that cause your gear will all break around level 15... from just straight being in combat mode all that time, even if you dont die
  5. I spent at least an hour last night running through zones looking for anyone to fight...and I found no one, there literally is zero load at the moment so they accomplished that, if I want to pvp right now in a PVP based game I can either look forever for a fight or just wait to get rolled by balance with double numbers, or just go join balance and roll the few people we find with double numbers, it flat out sucks at the moment
  6. I am trying really hard to roll with the changes that the developers are making, realizing its still pre-alpha, but well your game just flat out sucks to play at the moment, and your playerbase is letting you know, 7 people on the NA server on a Sunday morning... that is just sad. I actually dont mind alot of the changes that you have decided to make but when you decided to roll them out all together and make the game at least twice as hard to accomplish anything, that was your mistake. You now have the insane durability loss, double if not triple death shroud, deciding if you want to actually run to a fort keep or not, NPC's that are completley stupid with no cooldowns, Its great fighting wartribes um no its not. I thought they were supposed to be similar to your average player? Could someone please show me the spec where Assasins can stun every 3 seconds, or champions that can knock down every 2 to 3 seconds, I would love to build that. Zombies that hit for 1500-2000 no matter where you are in respect to them, I have been behind them by the end of that attack and I still get hit, I have stunned them before the attack goes off and still been hit, have any of you tried to even level a gold vessel in this system? Good luck having to kill rank 7's at level 10 with still no skills really or health, go ahead developers one of you go try to level a gold vessel in this system, and let me know how much fun you just had.. You need some drastic changes or I hate to say it this game might die before it ever gets out of the gate, I am watching more and more people leaving at this point, and man you need the player base for success, hopefully you will right the ship Thank god you guys increased those server limits though huh? 2500 per server in our dreams I guess
  7. In no way should one brand new to the game be on equal footing with someone who has been playing it for months.... I mean if I want equal footing I will just go play Overwatch.... any game like this of course is going to have more developed players, to just think they are going to change it so the new guy can be just as good as the guy who has been playing for a year is just silly and well rather poor game design for an ongoing mmorpg like this one
  8. Thats what I was hoping killing r10 spiders now we will see I guess
  9. Hi just a question on the new soul gem drops, do they only drop off only the ancient mobs? or are they on any r6 and up npc?
  10. I dont think I have ever seen any software that has handled large battles well. World of Warcraft quickly went pve when they saw the performance of 50v50 battles outside stormwind, Warhammer Online... fail, and than the list of games that have come out recently that do anything they can to either flat out avoid them or instance them. Have you ever played Conan Exiles, they went the route of allowing only 40 people per server to try and deal with this same issue and well I think they were a fail also. Love this game love their concepts, can only shove so much data through a cable at once though, internet speeds are real, I spend more on my isp than food at the moment and well I still have times where stuff is not running right.
  11. Alot of the crafting system has to do with the rerolls at the moment, I would say a fully rerolled green weapon, where every bar you made had the stats re rolled, would give you better stats than a purple weapon with just the final roll rerolled. Now the problem with heaps of epics is you need heaps of chaos embers and dust for those re-rolls or you are just wasting the ore anyways... so although the drop was huge people are still going to have to mine Than take into account your experimentation skill and assembly skills on your crafters, and you still need that epic weapon grip or whatever that is not ore if you dont have crafters with the assembly and experimentation over 80 again you are just wasting the ore you mine as well make green stuff you will get comparable stats with many less flawed assembly's. In my case I think my blacksmith has like 80 assembly and 80 experimentation at the moment, and blue weapons seem to still come out as good as anything purple I make. I have actually sacrificed a bit of purple ore in my quest for blues cause that is what I still tend to use at the moment As far as the gold is concerned I disagree, I have only killed one r6 group boss solo atm and I think I got what 150-200 gold.. it took forever to kill him with my cleric(minutes), I am sure I could have produced as much if not more gold just killing r10 zombies in the same amount of time, especially if you take into account the respawn time/time to move to the next boss vs the zombie respawn time... much more gold with the zombies at the moment And just to be a bit of a devils advocate about your post... if you are only interested in selling rune tools than sell white ones cheap for new players and green ones for the rich players, this game requires us to create and work systems into their design to fit our play style needs. White Tools for 25-50 gold greens for 100-200 your problem is solved in my eyes without trying to force the developers into a game change for really no reason. Not to mention the fact that new players really dont need green tools too start so not being able to afford them would be a good thing, and rich veteran players probably are not going to want white tools from a merchant much so those should be left for the new players.. To end my essay I want to make sure the developers know this last patch was a massive improvement for me, My eternal kingdom never broke, and although I did run into the dreaded loading zone hang up once or twice, I used to get dropped from the game prior to 5.9 in various ways anyways, that unity error that would pop up and shut the whole client down all of a sudden was an example... so I dont understand what people are freaking out about so much
  12. I actually got goggles off my first r6 boss I dropped, along with a scroll case and another recipe... the goggles were an awesome find till I started to try and level my first gold vessel... ouch
  13. I have not gotten the loading bug once since the patch yesterday... before that all I had to do was load the charactor that was stuck into my Eternal Kingdom to get them unstuck, or like Jah said just wait a certain period of time and try again eventually it always worked. I also have 2 machines one is running a 2gb gpu I have noticed that one can litterally take minutes to get in.... but eventually it does also load with the new build
  14. Well its only been an hour or so, and I am not sure about player numbers but a huge leap forward for me, been to multiple zones on different characters with no loading zone error, and the EK seems to be functioning much better than it has in days, mine never broke :)
  15. Transcendence an Order Faction guild might be a good fit for you, we would fill alot of your criteria, I am preety sure you can apply on the home page of the crowfall website under the community tab, guilds. Search for Transcenence and look for the one where the guild Leader is called Neuby. That is the active one, good luck!
  16. I agree but I was also just trying to level purple vessels, I have to be able to kill a r5 at level 1 for any xp, with no skills, no hit points and white gear to top it off.. it just makes it worse and worse that route imo the blue gear at least let me kill a couple of mobs before standing there waiting for health or bandages after every mob
  17. Whenever I have had a character get stuck on loading zone, thanks to the no embargo rule I have just restarted the client and logged that character into my EK, this gets them unstuck, its a pain yes but it does get you access to your toon again
  18. Ok I play too much, but even with the wipe 4 weeks ago I have a capital parcel, a villa and a manor, and around 30 stacks of white ore sitting on a merchant.. we need something to do with this surplus, that is why I suggested like 1/5 of an experience point per white resource for high level high end vessels so a stack of 200 white ore would only be worth 40 or 50 xp, by no means a game changer, but it gives us some use for these extra whites, you could even make gold, grubs whaever worth the same 5th of a point, I either just flat out throw out, or wait till I get ganked to clear alot of the crap out of my inventories I have no use for Also most of this farming was off r7 nodes, so I was not farming just to gain whites... I have used most of the blues for armor and weapons over this period, so if I want to stay in blues, with the crazy durability loss I am just going to continue to pile up more and more white resources
  19. do to my insane boredom and lack of patience at times I have noticed that they usually read the forums (the developers) when they first come in every morning. Your best bet for visibility would be to post on weekday mornings, that is what I tend to do
  20. My game runs fine, 40-80 fps until I hit a nice 30 v 30 fight than I have framerate issues at times. Original poster mentioned battles over 15 people
  21. Yes I agree it might not have to do with strict numbers but it has to do with server load... for some reason completely unknown to me that server is being overloaded and dropping people because of it. it could be something as simple as an infinitely repeateable loop bug that is being triggered somehow, that is what I was trying to imply. I am not a software engineer but the EK behavior seems the same way.. when something is working fine and than you just lose all communication between server and client, I would be willing to bet its because the server cant deal with all the requests its receiving, but with that said one account hitting the right bug could be causing all those requests
  22. Good Morning. The EK bug still persists, it almost seems like a time thing to me now, usually I can launch the ek do some crafting than it breaks, one character I logged in went to the bathroom and when I came back it was already broken, without ever trying to interact with anything, the more I have broken it the more it seems like after a certain period of time I am just losing communication with the server no matter what I happen to do in the EK When killing zombies it seems like you need to hit them 2 or 3 times to make them go down even when they have like 40 hps left. I have been hit by the zombies multiple times after they were dead and f was showing, granted its less than a second that this is happening in but when they are hitting you for 2k its hella annoying its like they are cheating. This seems to me to have something to do with targeting when you have dead mobs on the ground, whether they have been looted or not, you are constantly reverting to targeting those dead mobs, stringing the zombies out so they are not dropping in the same place really seems to help this bug Healing numbers on Duelist endure pain are not visible, the healing is working but no numbers are visible. Its the same thing with the bleed on a champion, the mechanics are doing the damage to the mobs but I am not seeing any flytext damage numbers. I have also noticed that duelist impale at least has double flytext at times, I am not certain if it hits for double damage when this happens, because it only happens every so often, but I think its hitting for double damage also. Have a good day and good luck
  23. As much as I dont want it to be so, this is the cold hard reality of the situation, They had to push 5.90 imo cause they needed bigger numbers to um test it properly, I would be willing to bet the loading zone error everyone is getting is due to something going on with server load( number of players on)... and people are getting dropped in the zone loading process cause for some reason the server just does not feel it can deal with all the requests it is getting. This would only happen on Live imo, I never experienced that on test on any of the builds leading up to 5.90 being pushed to live
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