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  1. For me? having an item get crafted using RNG that allows my item to be unique. Everyone wants to be a unique snowflake ... so allow for items to be "one-of-a-kind"
  2. This is whats wrong with the world. We find a beautiful, but smaller, creature and someone AUTOMATICALLY wants to KICK it. #gnomelivesmatter
  3. People arent going to play a gimped class strictly because its fun to play. Whatever the 'top dps' class ends up being will have a slew of people playing it. I hope to see a better offering than druid for a more pure healing class/specialization.
  4. I suspect they'll have people log back in exactly where they logged off. If a player harvester logs off, and their pack animal is under attack AND has materials on it -- it shouldn't log off with the player, it should be left abandoned to prevent people logging off when attacked.
  5. Until day 3 of the live game is released and every fansite / the official forums have every recipe for every item / enchant listed for public consumption. Then experimentation is pointless and everyone just refers back to the master list. Want to make experimentation actually a thing? When a new character is created, give them the same potential to create items as everyone else ... but their own unique set of recipes to make those items. Player A can make a bronze sword using 3 bronze ingots and 2 iron ingots. Player B can make that same sword using 4 bronze ingots and 1 iron ingot.
  6. I thunk it's going to be a lot of fun. .....And what will likely mean a load of independent crafters never looking at playing CF for fear of getting ganked.
  7. There a LOADS of people in every popular MMO that play support/healers. It's certainly not a boring duty if it's done correctly. I enjoy being the guy on my team that helps keep his team mates healed and 'buffed' at the expense of not doing a lot of damage. I recognize that a firehose healer isn't something that the devs want to see -- but I also recognize that if you get the same effect by having 3 of the same class in your 6 player party -- then you allowed for this anyhow. I like this suggestion. I think non-stop healing is lame. I like the debuff idea ... but please allow people wh
  8. I always find people who get upset about multiboxing pretty funny. If thats how they want to play... And the devs dont care .... Leave it be. Ps .. I myself do not multibox.
  9. People complain about multiboxing in every mmo. Fact is, people with more tech, money, and skill will always fare better than those without. Nothing devs can ever do.
  10. Nevermind Scree... the home must have run out of prune juice again. I would love to continue seeing ideas for armor sets and cosmetic changes to weaponry.
  11. and 7. headlight isn't planning on playing Crowfall, hates the game and only stays here to provoke unnecessary banter in the community. Carry on my wayward son.
  12. If players have to build roads, does that mean that 3 people will be building the road while 12 others will be supervising road construction? Cuz if that's the case, I'm starting the United Roadbuilders of Crowfall Post 135
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