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  1. This a quote from an internet source below: From this, I would suggest a skill for Alchemist to "transform" grade of materials as well as one material to another. I would suggest only '1" step can be achieved preforming this skill. For example, 1 step up in Quality (epic gold to legendary gold) within the same mat type change mat type within the same grade class (epic copper to epic gold). I would suggest that it should apply to all mats, not just ore, even though it is not consistent within the historical context of Alchemy. I believe having this skill gi
  2. there was a delay, lucky for you Ace posted in global chat, patch is coming in a few minutes probably, 3pm ET.
  3. Hi, I am looking for a "serious" main guild. I prefer to be part as a "sub" with a previous group of friends that may join as a group (6-12 additional members) when Crowfall is closer to "soft" launch. I am a former SB player when Shadowbane launched many years back on the Dread Server with TBW. If I do not reply right away, it does not mean I am not interested, but researching to find a best fit. Preferences: 1. Hardcore Crafting and Constantly Testing Vessel Builds to be the "best" unit possible in a particular situation and know there is no 'silver' bullet bui
  4. I was browsing and found this site with SB Music from an internet relations manager we all know.. Just in case you miss the music, here is a link below: Shadowbane Music Listening to it, brings back a lot of memories... Enjoy!
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