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  1. This a quote from an internet source below: From this, I would suggest a skill for Alchemist to "transform" grade of materials as well as one material to another. I would suggest only '1" step can be achieved preforming this skill. For example, 1 step up in Quality (epic gold to legendary gold) within the same mat type change mat type within the same grade class (epic copper to epic gold). I would suggest that it should apply to all mats, not just ore, even though it is not consistent within the historical context of Alchemy. I believe having this skill gives alchemy more options and versatility and be more cooperative with other crafts. Let me know your thoughts...
  2. there was a delay, lucky for you Ace posted in global chat, patch is coming in a few minutes probably, 3pm ET.
  3. Hi, I am looking for a "serious" main guild. I prefer to be part as a "sub" with a previous group of friends that may join as a group (6-12 additional members) when Crowfall is closer to "soft" launch. I am a former SB player when Shadowbane launched many years back on the Dread Server with TBW. If I do not reply right away, it does not mean I am not interested, but researching to find a best fit. Preferences: 1. Hardcore Crafting and Constantly Testing Vessel Builds to be the "best" unit possible in a particular situation and know there is no 'silver' bullet build 2. Guilds who like to build Special Unit groups using disciplines and runes for maximum effectiveness and want like minded friends to help in that regard 3. Guilds that do not advertise and are very secretive and loyal to one another no matter how bad it gets politically, economically or militarily. Thanks and look forward to seeing you all in game!
  4. I was browsing and found this site with SB Music from an internet relations manager we all know.. Just in case you miss the music, here is a link below: Shadowbane Music Listening to it, brings back a lot of memories... Enjoy!
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