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  1. We're preparing for the playtest this weekend. Join us!
  2. Come join us and get ready for the next play test!
  3. Come join the guild! We're always recruiting!
  4. We're currently on the playtest! Come join us!
  5. We've had an influx of new applicants. Apply today!
  6. We're still recruiting. Come join us from the start!
  7. We've been recruiting! Come join us and be a part of a guild specially tailored to Crowfall from the start!
  8. Our representatives are currently busy helping other costumers. Please wait on the line and we will respond to your call in the order it was received. Thank you for your understanding. We here at Heaven and Earth take your applications seriously;therefore, it may take us some time to review your application.
  9. We're pretty chill. We have air conditioning. You can come too if you want.
  10. We have updated our about section and forum post to better explain our guilds design and focus. This will better answer the questions that had been asked.
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