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  1. I mean, all of this is valid. It states quality testing, through certain things which I dont have access to ( e.g the badge ) so I used the closest thing I could find. But the damage increase would match better if it was both bleed and damage bonus being applied in both instances. In hindsight I should have made a Plate armor piece instead of a mail armor, to make sure of this. The rest of the topic regarding SB, I cant really say much about. You've got several good points in here. The Dispel changes would definitely be interesting. Nearly completely unrelated: I'd also like to see using
  2. Here's me showing the base damage, then increasing damage bonus, showing the increase in damage, then equipping a bleed damage bonus chest piece and showing the damage increase.
  3. This isnt true though. Gear with Bleed damage bonus and your Damage bonus value from Strength affects the output. Just as two examples., you are correct that AP and weapon damage doesnt matter for this skill though.
  4. Considering the Issues Wreckoning caused with the way the Old Ultimates used to give you Barrier. I'm still not convinced Barrier stacking should be a thing when there are skills like this in the game, even if they're capped at only doing 4k damage per person. Run a frontline group of 5 secutors and a cleric adding barriers on top of them and you'll blow up any group you're running into, considering that you'd be doing around 20k bleed damage in an instant, which is the HP cap anyone can have. Even if this is end game theory, you could just add one more secutor to that group and drop the
  5. I dont recommend playing this as I believe it to be a bug. As @veeshan @UnderGrowth and @Thon spoke about in this thread. I'd just like to showcase a bad Secutor Knight build using the disciplines needed to break into much Higher numbers for the Wreckoning skill. Here is the Video For the purpose of Feedback, I dont believe any skill that isnt specifically designed as a DoT, should use Bleed Damage to begin with. (( Sidenote: I dont like Holy damage either, pure damage skills/abilities that cant be mitigated eventually just trumps any MMO. )) Since its not the easiest thing ( Subje
  6. I'm conflicted about some of the statements you've made, generally I agree with your main post. Mobile banking does not improve gameplay, it removes risk for the people with a keep. I get that some people might find that to be an improvement since its quality of life. But removing risk has rarely been something ACE has been pushing in the past. Even as someone who rarely has a keep, I dont find it particularly difficult to secure loot, because banks are common enough around the world map. Then there's runegates to temples too which gives certain campaign layouts even more accessibility to t
  7. So, is there something that I am missing about the Vindicator? It seems like its a fire based class with its promotion talents, yet it doesnt have a fire domain. Its very possible I'm blind and/or stupid. Anyone able to explain to me why they get wind instead of fire? Thanks
  8. DISCLAIMER: Author has no professional experience in setting up testing enviroments, running beta testing from a developers standpoint or running a PC gaming community. Hi, So this is a post I've been mulling over on how to present since the "Hunters Tankard Testing Weekend", I find the initiative to be well intentioned from the developers side and people love getting "free swag", but thats where the problem comes in. We have passionate souls in the community thats fighting to keep the game up, trying their best to assist developers and make the game better. We've all experienced the prob
  9. For all of the new people interested in looking for a new guild, EITC is creating material, such as this to ensure an easier time for our members adapting to the vast informational overflow that Crowfall can present you with. If you've ever wanted a guild thats interested in your personal experience in crowfall and willing to help you grow and you in turn helping your guild grow. East India Trading Company is the guild for you.
  10. Hi everyone! I was sitting down and doing some more planning for new [EITC] East India Trading Company members, so they can make more informed choices and decisions about their Passive Training. So I decided to try and make it into a graphic view for everyones enjoyment. I decided to make it a graphic one because Crowfall can easily overwhelm any new player already as is. So I hope this helps for anyone trying to mentor new players to the game and help our community grow! I'll Update this post as I get more materials for more Skill trees, but with the recent wipe, its months befo
  11. Is there a bug or UI error with Passive training points? I've just come back from a long break from Crowfall, Started on Live and people told me to move over to Test. I had 4k and tried to learn a skill in combat basic (the very first one ) and it said 2,6k to rank up, I clicked and my 4k points disappeared and my bar got like a 70-ish % progression but no ranks. I had started the two trees the night before and I didnt quite understand where the points went, I was freshly awake so at first I thought I misread the numbers but when I stepped out to the overview, I indeed was 4k "shorter" in m
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