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  1. The "Marked For Death" Ability is a great idea and would be a great co-ordination skill/tool to use, but I'd like to suggest/recommend that due to the nature of the way the game is played that this icon would be placed above peoples heads instead of to the side of their chest. So that you can use it for co-ordination in your guild. Additionally I'd like to suggest changing the color scheme(Perhaps something reddish, or making the purple colors stronger) and size of it, I believe its too small right now in its current state.
  2. The "Fly-Text" for when picking up items while harvesting needs its speed updated or be a scrolling text. Just something that makes things reading it and the speed of which it displays pickups faster. We're 15 minutes post-harvest right now and its still telling us what we've picked up while Motherloding.
  3. Going With SUN from D'hathos to Tiggs Town works using the Northern Runegate. Going with MOON from Neoshi to Myrkadin(a24 runegate) and from Myrkadin to Tiggs Town(U31 runegate) works. Swapping from MOON to EARTH in Infected Moon Temple, causes you to remain in the Moon Temple, you still swap factions from Moon to Earth. But since you are no longer Moon Faction, the runegates stop working. So you could only recall out of there I'd assume ( my recall is on cooldown, cant test just yet ). Tested just now.
  4. (Tested 5 minutes ago) Test Infected Sun Faction is able to go from D'hathos into Tiggs town. Moon faction is not. Moon Faction is also not able to go from Neoshi to Myrkadin.
  5. Loading into TEST infected when choosing a Faction for the first time gives an Error message saying "This cant be done with a character locked into a world" and then it loads me into the Temple
  6. Hovering over skills on Test with a Chain/Combo to it no longer displays the additional skills in the combo or their effects on TEST, only the first skill in the chain.
  7. Using Meteor Purge and then using Call flames as a Nethari Confessor seems to break Call flames, AoE burn is not being applied to dummies. Using Call Flames separately still applies Burn to targets
  8. I'm conflicted about some of the statements you've made, generally I agree with your main post. Mobile banking does not improve gameplay, it removes risk for the people with a keep. I get that some people might find that to be an improvement since its quality of life. But removing risk has rarely been something ACE has been pushing in the past. Even as someone who rarely has a keep, I dont find it particularly difficult to secure loot, because banks are common enough around the world map. Then there's runegates to temples too which gives certain campaign layouts even more accessibility to t
  9. As a Sun faction member going into Moon temple, then being inside of the Moon Temple, I'm not allowed to go into the Free City. It claims I'm the wrong faction for that. I've understood the change to not be able to go *from* Free City to the other Factions temple that you dont belong to. But if you should be allowed to visit neutral zones regardless of faction. Sounds like a bug, I might be wrong.
  10. Duelist Slayer Promotion causes Flash Shot to give 1 more pip when used, however this does not stack with Humiliations Galore from Inconcievable. Causing you to only get 3 pips when you should get 4 pips from Flash shot with Humiliations Galore up. When I'm using the Villein Buff to increase Mineral Chance, my 48% only goes up to 50% mineral chance while the cap claims to be 75% for individual resource types, the main category is 50% which caps the others. I'm assuming this is a bug because with the resources in the game and passive training that buffs these things you'd go above 50%.
  11. I've gone through further playtesting the Guinecean Duelist stealth abilities and talents I wasnt sure if they belong in the Bug Reports thread so I'm writing a bit more about in in here instead as feedback. Cheap Shots and Go For Broke are two from stealth attacks that return you to stealth if you dont take any damage while executing them. We tested the ways these two were affected by the Blood Rose changes and a few other things, as we're seeing blood rose be brought up a lot as of late and how it interacts with healing and DoT's in general. The effect was pretty simple: If you have th
  12. Looks like the Left hand of the Nethari Mail gloves are broken, or are they intentionally not having a glove convering their left hand?
  13. Fire bolt skill applies normal sin when used in conjunction with the Convictor Major Discipline, even though the Convictor discipline should make all of your Sin into Mortal Sin. If you fire bolt and LMB it resets your Mortal sin counter to 1, instead of 3 ( 2 bolt + 1 lmb ). If you LMB and fire bolt it stays at 1 sin because Mortal sin is superior to normal sin and thus wont increase the stacks of sin. Fire Bolt Damage seems lower than tooltip too, but that might just be my imagination though. Thank you for reading this.
  14. So, there might be something I'm missing here but the Finish Him minor Disciplines But currently, Knights, Frostweavers as classes goes, gets it for "free", as part of their class. Then the domains Protection and Frost gets them for free. I dont see why its part of the Protection, but thats besides the point. First of I dont get why its a Knight-Trait discipline, when only one of the Knight promotion classes gets access to a Execution skill( Unless I've missed a Execution Discipline in Frost or Protection ). I can understand why its a Frostweaver Trait, because even if you dont want to, y
  15. I dont think the skill: Mighty Shield Slam, is working as intended when it comes to its targeting system/mechanic. I've been testing its targeting out to test some of the Knight passives, heres a video of me smacking dummies and I dont think that the CONE targeting of the skill works as intended. AS it seems to both be reticle targeting and also not having proper melee range post-lunge. Thank you for your time. //CptTryhard
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