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  1. Update to the Oxford Dictionary: Worldwide - "synonymous to the eastern region of United States, colloquially referred to as US East". Thank you for clarifying what worldwide servers would actually mean for us. Looking forward to those 4 and 5 AM sieges.
  2. Campaign Feedback regarding the 6.520 patch: Disclaimer: Overall Competition feedback is from the perspective as an EU player, playing on the European Dregs(Guild vs Guild) campaigns the last few months and I’m sure that an American perspective exists. I’ll just lay the foundation for a discussion in this thread. Divine Favor: Glory: Making the glory category be primarily about wartribe items makes there be some reason for the PvE content of the game and a reason to do one wartribe over another. I believe the cards revolving Wartribe sacrifice items should be adjusted to be specific Lore/Sacrifice items that only drop during the time the cards are up. Like with Sands of Time or Amber Spiders with harvesting. Additionally, I think there should be a card for glory that ties to killing Heralds, so that guilds that decide to stay landless can get a use out of the statue heads during the dregs. I dont believe such a card should be tied to per member as heralds are limited as they are already. Wealth: Wealth cards are still incredibly mundane and are either competitive in terms of building a specific building, having buildings of a certain rank, having X god statues, or a level of keep/castle, destroy enemy buildings, Cards like these are incredibly limiting or not perhaps even possible to compete in, in short campaigns. Because you’re not always able to have a siege window up that someone owns or the amount of grind that's needed for some of them are not possible to complete in the given window of time. So a review of what type of cards are selected depending on the length of the campaign would be appreciated for future campaigns. Power: Power cards are fine the way that they are and their cards are nicely designed and in a way that pushes you towards competing versus other players. Which always makes those cards and seasons become more active than others as more people want the divine favor. But as I’ve stated in the previous threads, the Campaign rewards for winning power is almost pointless, the majority of the things you win in a Power card aren't things you can import to the next campaign. And they are items that you use in Dregs/GvG, I don't see it being a thing for guilds that are competing in dregs to take their cool siege weaponry to Infected to siege down the Castle in sky point. So the campaign rewards need to be adjusted, or the rewards/siege weaponry will need to get an import tag to a campaign, so that you can put them to use in the next dregs you wish to compete in. Conquest: So, I’m taking this as an example of the most recent dregs and discussing burnout. I am aware of this possibly not in itself being a problem with an increased population, but I view this as a flaw in the Conquest ruleset in how your activity is rewarded in terms of playing the objectives. None of this is intended to call someone out, it's just clever use of the mechanics that the Conquest system is built on. I’m going to start with commending the Pirate Gaming community for their activity and strong showing this last campaign and they showed a flaw with how we do both Outposts and Keeps in terms of being rewarded for actively playing the game that the conquest system is supposed to be based around, which is taking and holding outposts, holding outposts and taking Forts and Keeps/Castle(s). I’m taking outposts as an example here but mathematically the numbers are the same for Keeps and Forts, they’re just bigger. Outposts just makes this mathematically easier to show the problem. Capturing Outposts in Spring->Summer->Autumn->Winter is worth 1 pt -> 2 pts -> 3 pts -> 4 pts respectively. This means that coming into a campaign in Autumn means that as long as you remain as competitive and outperforming other guilds then will make any progress and activity that a guild spent in Spring and Summer nearly irrelevant, because by just playing the Conquest game from Autumn and forward, meaning you basically only need to play half of the campaign, is more rewarding and less straining on your guild that dedicating yourself to trying to be as competitive as possible throughout an entire dregs. In terms of playing the conquest game, there is little reason to try to do it for the conquest score in spring or summer right now. You’re more likely to want to do objectives for Building material or divine favor than you are for the purpose of winning conquest and holding down the zone(s) your guild wishes to control. My suggestion to this would be to increase the amount of points across the board ( I’m aware this makes numbers bigger but as long as it's done proportionally across the board for conquest objectives, it should be fine ). To make a more concrete example of this, I would like to suggest increasing the base value of an outpost by 1 point, meaning the progression goes from 2 pts -> 3 pts -> 4 pts -> 5 pts. This way if you decide to join the campaign late, you’re not nullifying the progress a guild decided to make in previous seasons because you’re simply making more points than previous seasons put together. The fact that Winter is worth as much as Spring and Summer I view as being fine, because it's when the last season of the campaign it should be high value to maintain the regional control as nodes and mobs are also worth more then, but it doesn’t take away as much from the effort people put into the earlier portions of a campaign. Campaign Rewards: I’ve gone into this a little bit in earlier points that I’ve mentioned under Divine Favor, but there is a decent amount of disciplines in the game, which is a large frustration to some people in the community as it makes some of the difficult to get, while I personally like this aspect of the game. I do believe that the disciplines in the various campaign rewards should be shuffled for each new dregs that is rewarded. Because you can only get so many cloisterers before you’ll need to force legendary discs down someone's throat to clear up bank space in your EK. Heralds and Kings loot: I don't know if this is intentional, but in recent patches the loot drop from heralds have been dropped down into the dirt, their level is 40 which makes them feel like they should be rather rewarding as they are very difficult to kill. The only guaranteed drops from a herald is a statue head, but the rest is almost nothing, a few sacrifice items. Compared to a King which still has had the probability of dropping heads too and drops decent loot and some decent wartribe gear. Unless you specifically want the head that head tied to the name of the herald. You’re not really rewarded for killing the only real end game boss that dregs has. Thank you for taking your time readings this, Best Regards CptTryhard
  3. Anyone want to start taking bets on what the nobs for the EU campaign will be set at? My guess is that it'll be set to "SAME" or "REUSED" this time around.
  4. Being a Dirge Duelist with a rapier and pistol in hand. Using caltrops from stealth and then trying to LMB your opponent bugs you into the stealth tray, letting you continue LMBing while having the stealth tray up., but you cant break out of it without popping, for example, cheap shots to get stunned.
  5. This feedback is in regards to equipment only import campaigns and campaign rewards. The intention is for the divine favour categories to be equally interesting and an avenue for guilds of various sizes to compete. But with the changes to campaigns to only allow for equipment to be imported. This has turned the Power category, which gives you siege weapons and accessories for upgrading siege weapons, to no longer be an attractive category to compete for. Since you can't put them to use outside of campaign and you're no longer able to import them to the campaign(s). So besides the bragging rights of winning a category with a cool name. There's no real reason for competing for power cards in the current state. My suggestion would be to reconsider the rewards for power cards to be appealing to compete for again. Thanks for reading and best regards, CptTryhard
  6. I mean, all of this is valid. It states quality testing, through certain things which I dont have access to ( e.g the badge ) so I used the closest thing I could find. But the damage increase would match better if it was both bleed and damage bonus being applied in both instances. In hindsight I should have made a Plate armor piece instead of a mail armor, to make sure of this. The rest of the topic regarding SB, I cant really say much about. You've got several good points in here. The Dispel changes would definitely be interesting. Nearly completely unrelated: I'd also like to see using Bandage mid combat to apply the Exposed Status effect, to allow more players to have an opportunity to capitalize on someone bandaging in front of them. Thank you for reading. Best Regards, CptTryhard
  7. Here's me showing the base damage, then increasing damage bonus, showing the increase in damage, then equipping a bleed damage bonus chest piece and showing the damage increase.
  8. This isnt true though. Gear with Bleed damage bonus and your Damage bonus value from Strength affects the output. Just as two examples., you are correct that AP and weapon damage doesnt matter for this skill though.
  9. Considering the Issues Wreckoning caused with the way the Old Ultimates used to give you Barrier. I'm still not convinced Barrier stacking should be a thing when there are skills like this in the game, even if they're capped at only doing 4k damage per person. Run a frontline group of 5 secutors and a cleric adding barriers on top of them and you'll blow up any group you're running into, considering that you'd be doing around 20k bleed damage in an instant, which is the HP cap anyone can have. Even if this is end game theory, you could just add one more secutor to that group and drop the cleric. And am I understanding you correctly that its not a problem because you have 2 skills(Dispels) in the game behind disciplines that would need to be used within 1 second of a double barrier being applied to people before they blow up your comp? Sound fairly unreasonable to me. And even if its not Dispel* then a Secutor could just pop 90% PDM before popping these barriers to reduce the risk of failing this 3 button combo. But then again I'd be fine if it just did any other damage type than Holy or Bleed too. Thank you for reading. Best Regards, CptTryhard.
  10. I dont recommend playing this as I believe it to be a bug. As @veeshan @UnderGrowth and @Thon spoke about in this thread. I'd just like to showcase a bad Secutor Knight build using the disciplines needed to break into much Higher numbers for the Wreckoning skill. Here is the Video For the purpose of Feedback, I dont believe any skill that isnt specifically designed as a DoT, should use Bleed Damage to begin with. (( Sidenote: I dont like Holy damage either, pure damage skills/abilities that cant be mitigated eventually just trumps any MMO. )) Since its not the easiest thing ( Subjective opinion, I know ) to mitigate bleed damage to begin with. Because if it was then Bleeds would be worse than they are right now, but they can be played around and countered with skills expected to be on Healers/Frontline characters. Which with the way Wreckoning works makes that much more difficult to counterplay it. Should you desire, you could easily hit 4k damage with Wreckoning using Blade Turning and any other Barrier, as long as you have enough Barrier bonus going around in the group. Thank you for reading and I hope this helps ACE work on whatever balancing they need to for this patch. Best Regards, CptTryhard
  11. I'm conflicted about some of the statements you've made, generally I agree with your main post. Mobile banking does not improve gameplay, it removes risk for the people with a keep. I get that some people might find that to be an improvement since its quality of life. But removing risk has rarely been something ACE has been pushing in the past. Even as someone who rarely has a keep, I dont find it particularly difficult to secure loot, because banks are common enough around the world map. Then there's runegates to temples too which gives certain campaign layouts even more accessibility to the banks. The one thing that I dont fully agree with is the removal of recalling from campaign. I get that it also removes risk because you can "simply recall". Having done plenty of harvesting its penalizing enough to have a cooldown on it while being out farming resources and doing any extended period of farming and consistenly using the Recall still leaves you exposed. I also find the recall to provide mobility and organizational uses for guilds, especially smaller guilds that dont have the benefit of "owning" certain maps due to their alliance/guild size. So that they can easily group up within faction temple before heading out and attempting to contest PoI's. As the downside would be an organizational mess of having to wait for 5-10+ people to run to your spot so that you can start and event on time. Real life is a thing for everyone, despite being in lockdown for most locations. So I wouldnt want to remove a tool that simplifies grouping up. So for recalling, I'd either like to suggesting drastically increasing the Cooldown, Would still let people get away with whatever things they have, but if you're outnumbered and manage to skillfully sneak in a recall before whatever Zerg is roaming your parcel gets to you. I dont see a major issue with it, but it shouldnt be a thing you can easily rely on while farming. Double its cooldown or double its casting time would change the way its being used quite a bit I'd imagine. Because half an hour without a recall would make harvesters have to run to banks more frequently or they'd not be able to spend as much time harvesting due to fear of losing their stuff. Another suggestion if you're still that strongly opposed to letting Recall be in the game, would you find it more acceptable if recalling spawned a cairn where you recalled with your stuff on it? Im worried this would cause potentially more problems when/if it gets implemented. But it's another way of dealing with risk/reward inside of dregs without just removing mechanics. Thank you for reading, //CptTryhard
  12. So, is there something that I am missing about the Vindicator? It seems like its a fire based class with its promotion talents, yet it doesnt have a fire domain. Its very possible I'm blind and/or stupid. Anyone able to explain to me why they get wind instead of fire? Thanks
  13. DISCLAIMER: Author has no professional experience in setting up testing enviroments, running beta testing from a developers standpoint or running a PC gaming community. Hi, So this is a post I've been mulling over on how to present since the "Hunters Tankard Testing Weekend", I find the initiative to be well intentioned from the developers side and people love getting "free swag", but thats where the problem comes in. We have passionate souls in the community thats fighting to keep the game up, trying their best to assist developers and make the game better. We've all experienced the problems with the 6.100 patch and the things we've had to try and solve with assistance from the testers, dilligently reporting of bugs to the forums and emails to the Support team at Crowfall. We're all hyped for the 6.200 Patch thats been teased the last few weeks, everyones been hopefully waiting a rebalance, rework, fixes, you name it to a lot of classes and disciplines to make all various options feel like they're not wasteful. With the community being so hyped for it, I think the intentions for the Testing phase before 6.200 hits live, will be talked about soon during either a community post or during the Q&A Today. But I'd like to suggest the following for the next testing weekend: The incentivisation was a good idea but the way rewarding people who participated was done, all you had to do was sit on Character selection screen for four hours and you'd get the Tankard. Others sat in Test Temple and jumped every X minutes to not get DC'd and didnt contribute anything, I dont blame them, I was one of them. But I think for the purpose of helping the game grow, develop and improve. A "Bug Hunt Weekend" would be better, where rewards would be implemented depending on how many issues that the Devs confirmed was issues and the community found during said weekend. Using the Tankard as an example: - To be elegible to recieve the tankard you need to log onto the Test Servers during the Bug hunt Weekend and either report a new bug to the developers or reproduce an already known bug(found either on the Forums or elsewhere throughout the community) and report the reproduced bug to the developers to provide them with additional logs of the problem. If The community manages to find 5 Bugs: The Hunters Tankard will be rewarded to everyone who participated during the testing period and filled the elegibility. If the community manages to find 10 bugs: A green VFX will be added to the tankard. If the community manages to find 15 bugs: Anyone who has the tankard equipped gets the /Toast emote unlocked. If the community manages to find 20 bugs: A Voiceline for each race gets added when toasting. Keep in mind this is just an example I could come up with for said hunters tankard off the top of my head. It would incentivise people reporting bugs, have more player retention on the Test server trying to find problems. Hopefully it will also mean the community would come together to help theorize whats required to reproduce said bugs and flaws with the next upcoming patch, possibly it would mean people will still just hog information that they can abuse for their own gain. But with incentivisation to report all of the problems you're able to find when we move over the 6.200 patch to Live, we might have a smoother transition than we've been able to have with the 6.100 patch. I'm hoping for a constructive discussion down below and I'm interested to hear the rest of the communitys take on this. @jtoddcoleman @ACE-Tiggs @ace-tyrant Best Regards and See you In Dregs, CptTryhard
  14. For all of the new people interested in looking for a new guild, EITC is creating material, such as this to ensure an easier time for our members adapting to the vast informational overflow that Crowfall can present you with. If you've ever wanted a guild thats interested in your personal experience in crowfall and willing to help you grow and you in turn helping your guild grow. East India Trading Company is the guild for you.
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