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  1. What is you role in Crowfall Development? What have you already done for the game?
  2. Exactly. Unless they develop and let us test new features
  3. Hoping the best. I live in Italy and when EU Server is up (1 time weekly) I can't play... Sometimes I didn't sleep till 3:30 AM, trying to test on US Servers with 400 ping: it's like impossble! Please let us test and give feedback more than this!
  4. I had the same feeling you had while testing on different Servers (EU-US). I feel the movement being clunky + combat skills too slow even compared to old games. This will get fixed hopefully. PS: I also got some troubles aiming some skills (for example: Knight's Chain).
  5. It seems exactly the ideas I was figuring in my mind, but I couldn't express. Hope to see and read more replies/ideas in here.
  6. I agree about the different speed between BDO and CF. Considering CF being slower, I have the feeling that positioning+strategy is much more important... I like the "Hold the Line!" idea you said, something AoE like that can be more meaningful than Guard (In fact I said "Guard-like"). What effect/cooldown/range do you propose ?
  7. I kinda understand what you're saying... Honestly, I've already played a game like the one you described (no-target,no guard and body block) it's been BDO. It was really a bad PvP experience... encouraging mindless blobs of hundreds people. In that game flanking was working perfectly... In BDO Warriors (=Crowfall Knight) was totallly USELESS (other parties simply ignoreD it, since it's just a punching ball getting around with no purpose) and Guilds used to pick Berseker (=Crowfall Myrmidon) because they were simply better at anything (very good resistance+ high CC capabilities). Besides,it's easy to talk about this having tested small scales battle (< 10 people ?)... huge scales balance are different and they can make the whole PvP experience fail (see TESO). Just to point out: I wrote "Guard-like"= I mean some damage reduction, not the Guard intended in old time games.
  8. Totally love it. :D "allies behind you benefit from increased damage reduction" I can agree that this statement may sound like "Guard" but it's not. In fact it gives no freedom for healer or dps to get around without taking any risks; as it's stated in order to really work it needs the Knight to predict and put himself between shots. What would it happen if your ally is focused from 2 opposite sides?
  9. I loved the way it works in both SWTOR and Warhammer! You got a point: I mean it's not easy to code it with no target. In order to compensate, there could be something for firehose healing (in Druid Specialization). As for Guarding maybe you can just click on character name with the mouse (Party List maybe ?) or something positional like you said. These are all suggestions, but I'm sure that you agree with me if I say that a game is "funny" when there is actually some Party Strategy and you have to think about what you're doing and react consequently.
  10. I think this is my first thread on this forum and well, I'm writing it since I coulnd't find an answer to my "question". Is any Guard-like skill planned for the Knight archetype (maybe as specialization) ? And would you like it to be in game to give Knight some usefulness on the battlefield?
  11. Thanks Sir I just enjoyed ESO PvE, no regret about it. PvP was totally disappointing me. I hope Crowfall won't do the same
  12. I have been playing for 1 year and 3 months on EU with Hodor, then I switched to Black Desert... after such a bad PvP experience my eyes are still bleeding.
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