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  1. Well, maybe not a 'good' reason, but one could be that the extra development cost to create all the recipe costs and balance them out across the professions. I mean, theres a bunch of them.
  2. I dont actually see a issue with this. I mean, do you truly expect to have the same playing field as someone who puts alot more effort than yourself? As for the numbers question, it may be a real issue. But it also depends on alot of factors, including multiple different campaigns and load balancing. The larger 400 person guild could elect to all go on one campaign and dominate it completely. So other guilds would choose to not try and contest that campaign. Or they could split their numbers across 4 campaign with 100 each which is much easier for another, much smaller guild to contest. Also they can adjust a "max" return from a campaign so its simply not worth putting all of a guilds eggs in one basket, forcing them to split resources anyway. I think theres alot of different and clever options they can do to at the very least, limit the advantage of numbers. But i dont think they should limit the advantage that playing more gives you. Obviously theres a quality vs quantity factor you can, and should manipulate. But if two people with the same quality of play are measured against each other, the person who dedicated more time should have an advantage.
  3. 'When a god loses his car keys and thinks his pet lizard ate them'
  4. Looks boring with out your star player.
  5. I gave a effort in trying to find it. Its in the Dev forums under one of the DOZENS of skill training/VIP threads. Essentially it was a comment that VIP wont ever be P2W because it can be earned in-game and the rewards cannot be stacked on a single account. Obviously you can take the earned part in alot of different directions. It might of been purposely vague because they hadent visited that in terms of brainstorming.
  6. Im not referencing the tickets you buy from the store. Todd references earning it in game. As if you could craft it or get it in another way via a in-game mechanic.
  7. Tennis did a decent job but he missed one of the most important things that makes VIP not P2W. They plan to have it earned or created in game. So a person can still have VIP with out actually buying it. So any advantage that can be gained by VIP, a normal person playing the game should be able to get the same benefits.
  8. I dont play a druid, nor have i ever played one and i can honestly say the orbs are not, or have ever been a issue. (Except that one time they were not despawning) Coolwaters(on a druid) and I use to try and make the orbs useful for doing damage in a situation that isint "spend 45 seconds mining a small location then luring someone there" and we really couldn't find anything viable. From mino pull that sorta works(if you dont pick them up yourself on accident), to keeping someone CCed in a location with chain CC from a confessor, literally nothing works even NEAR as well as another players carelessness. And its not a one shot mechanic, nor is it two shot, its more like 15 shot mechanic. And again, the tells are there and there is enough time that you can evade in one direction or another if you see those nasty blue orbs spawn. Honestly, for all the work, blood, sweat, tears of trying to get this to kill a person instantly, they deserve for it to work sometimes. And again, its more about the other players carelessness then how good the druid is. The Orb death is more a MEME then actual viable gameplay.
  9. My opinion on RNG is that developers use it in place of depth. A easy out, or if you hate it that much, call it a cop out. I have made a post about the deck type style of RNG awhile back. If you refuse to add depth at least you can force your RNG toward a smaller sample size of a truth table. For the record: I would rather have something take 40 pieces of material and be 100% success rate then something take 10 pieces of material and be 25%. Obviously thats a oversimplification but still, id take it 10/10 of the time.
  10. Theres actually already a large amount of private 'illegal' vanilla WoW servers out there. The only difference is that it will be a blizzard supported, paid version. I for one will play it again. I stopped at burning crusade, thats when they decided to go down the simplistic dumbed down route to appeal to more and more people. that ruined it for me. Eventually the nostalgia ride will be over, obviously there will be only so much content, but it will attract alot of people.
  11. I am actually very impressed with the graphical format and how it looks. It is alot better then previous iterations. Everything looks like it belongs now. And most importantly, it looks legit and updated. Great job guys.
  12. Another column in a spread sheet indicating the local storage location.
  13. I guess you miss the entire point of class dynamics. Squishy classes -generally- have higher mobility then tanky meat shields. Its one of the oldest trade offs in every game i have ever played. And like you said, the knight has one of the few abilities that can stop the dodge movements....his one weakness. Making it easier and dummy proof to use may not be the direction to go. Although, to be fair, the chain DOES need to be fixed. Its been broken for months. And i think people will be swarming to the race/class combos that have the blinks and fire-scoots by a large degree so it may have to be addressed in another way.
  14. Exactly. People try and see what 'could be' based on nothing the devs have said or anything. Its like "you fail to see this completely made up use of what it could actually do!". The reality is, i have to stop what i am doing (or just kill myself) to go hit on some stupids trees to keep playing the game. I could train in a entire passive systems for days to make this less of a deduction from my game-play. Basically reduce my game-play tax. Hence, why i always say, in the current implementation, hunger takes away from game-play instead of adds to it. My entire argument is that they completely missed the mark on the current implementation, they either need to greatly enhance it, or remove it as an annoyance. The only reason its even in the game is to make it seem like a 'survival game'. A marked check box. Unfortunately, with out actually tying it in to other mechanics in a positive way and made it something you need to play the game, its all negative.
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