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  1. Sorry to see you guys go but totally understand your decision. Thanks for all the good fights had a lot of good times playing with you guys.
  2. Diffusion is only spammable if you can stick to your target long enough or even make it to your target.Take it out in PvP and try to kill some stuff with it, you wont last long enough to get much of anything applied. Assassin has some huge gaps right now that need to get looked at before its even remotely viable.
  3. They really should just bring back the nice disease pot black mantle that blocks healing up to around 1,000 - 2,000 healing before expiring.
  4. I really like this idea as well, some of the attributes on the war tribe gear are nice and would add some variance to weapons stats.
  5. I agree with your recommendations and the current state of inventories. However, where I disagree is that this is not something the player base should need to fund more money to get addressed. We have been told for a long time that guild banks are coming yet we still do not have them and with the current iteration of the game it puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on guild management. Either we need much larger banks or we need to see a reduction of the variety of items and larger stacks. Right now I have a lot of spare inventory taken up by a variety of different artifacts as well as multiple gear sets given how fast it decays while fighting.
  6. Thanks Pann, looking forward to testing 5.11
  7. I think most people have already hit on the biggest pain points I have seen on the Templar having played it off and on for quite a while. Mobility remains my biggest gripe and Censure does a really poor job with any sort of change in elevation on terrain because of its forward movement and even getting it to hit a target is difficult at the best of times even with no latency or hitching. Unfortunately not a great gap closer, I'd like to see it become a combo with some other movement ability to address any shortfalls while also addressing the mobility issues. With the introduction of 5.8 the damage of blazing light damage on the DPS (Vindicator) spec was amazing because it added depth the game by providing area denial. People had to actually coordinate fights and pay close attention to positioning. The devotion cap kind of sucks as it was nice to see some bigger off heals if you played it right, regardless of what spec you went into. Paladin has other heals so limiting this on Paladin would be fine IMO. In small scale or open field fights its more difficult to play the Templar correctly as pips can be an issue on anything other than Paladin. When you see a Paladin drop DL you can just move outside of it and starve the other two specs of pips while kiting their LMBs.
  8. Looking forward to it, don't keep us waiting too long
  9. Yeah you've been on the receiving end of some our groups out standing in circles. One of the major reasons I cannot wait for a better system. Either way I hope 5.9 is not far off looking forward to all the changes including armor and war tribes.
  10. Not sure how that even corresponds, I know a lot of the Balance folks have done a massive amount of mind numbing circle standing to get where they are on the leader boards. The leader boards have very little to do with gear and have to do more with class, guild, group, and spec. I have run into Staff circle standing I don't know how many times in the last couple days. Starting to feel bad every time I see him because we usually have a group of 5.
  11. Whether they item wipe or not is not a huge deal to me. Either way we as a guild can get new gear and get everyone geared again in short order. If people are using the exploit to get higher damage weapons then shame on them. I expect to see a wipe for 5.9, is it worth doing a wipe for 5.8.5 or waiting for 5.9? That all depends on where ACE is on getting us the 5.9 update, it honestly may not be worth it to wipe before then.
  12. If you are seeing what you believe is good damage I would like to see some screenshots or some numbers. Pappy is right, getting damage off on poison diffusion is difficult and its easy to dodge. We have looked at the numbers on various classes and I'm just not seeing the alpha strike potential on Sin since the changes to the scaling damage. I can get some screenshots from other classes that put anything the assassin is doing to shame. We are seeing large hits from classes such as Myrm and Champ. These classes are capping both AP and CHD and getting 900+ basic attacks.
  13. I agree, that's the point I have been trying to get across in the feedback threads. Right now the Assassin damage is pretty low compared to other classes. Like you mentioned most of those classes do not have the setup before they are able to deal any reasonable damage. To top it all off our "Q" ability needs some serious work considering the fact that any sort of perception (MoleHunter, Alertness) see's right through it making it almost entirely useless.
  14. Nothing quite like getting to the final stage of putting together something like a chest piece and getting a flawed. Definitely makes you want to throw your coffee at the screen. Hopefully they can adjust this in the future so its not so punishing and leaving you with an item that is almost worthless.
  15. I've played a lot of assassin and I have to agree seems pretty mediocre at best unless you are running Cut Throat. Of course can't see real numbers on it because of the bug not showing the damage numbers from behind but considering the only way you get any damage out of it is behind the target it should be hitting a lot harder.
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