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  1. 5.6 Active players - Order side

    Winterblades is playing order as well. We will see you out there!
  2. We had several folks on tonight and we are definitely seeing problems when players are around each other Templar left click primary attack does not go through to the 2nd or 3rd animation, its works randomly.
  3. Have seen a marked improvement in the FPS Largest concern is that combat is still off where the damage comes too long after the animation. I have also seen certain combos disappear for the last combo skill. If a Templar has the parry buff active and returns to survival tray they walk as if they are still in combat tray. You have to wait before parry buff to wear off before returning to normal speed. Templar 3rd attack that generates pips is not working on every 3 consecutive left click attacks. Agent discipline Lay Low skill pops the player out of stealth when they hit max HP.
  4. Definitely a great video, makes me want to log in and play. Well done ACE team.
  5. How does one know if they have a small head or not? Haha
  6. Combat still feels really slow and no longer has the smooth transitions that we are used to in previous LIVE builds. Appears as though the animations activate but the damage follow too long afterwards. If a Templar has the parry buff and goes back to survival tray they move at combat speed until the parry buff wears off. Juggernaut and Runecaster health buffs are actually apply additional HP, it does not heal but applies a raw increase to HP. Heal Orbs are spawning in random locations away from the character generating them.
  7. best class for sneaking around?

    The stealth on the ranger is severely limited and only applies when using a specific race. For this discussion only the assassin and the duelist should be considered as they can remain in stealth and not be seen in without the use of perception or skill. On the Wood Elf ranger, when you are moving around you are entirely visible and only become invisible when you stop moving.
  8. Leather vs Plate

    You're talking about the uniform discs, unfortunately the boost you get isn't all that great. That isn't to say that some classes shouldn't use it but in my mind a 100 AP isn't that big of a jump if I can get additional damage and healing bonus from using a mix of armor types.
  9. Leather vs Plate

    I would not take into account skills affecting your armor directly, even with the disciplines wearing the plate chest and either mail or leather for the remaining pieces is the best way to maximize your character.
  10. Learning useless skills?

    It is also helpful to know that you will want to finish the basic crafting tree if you plan on crafting because those stats do add some value when you move into advanced crafting trees. Making crafting gear will also help in crafting usable gear. One note of caution though if you plan on gathering out in the campaign the difference between a trained combat character and non-trained combat character is massive and you will not stand much of a chance against a trained combat person.

    Glad you got it figured out. The 2 Factor Authentication is definitely nice as it makes it much harder for hackers to get into your accounts.
  12. Nice work ACE really like this direction. Keep up the good work and can't wait to start testing this in game.
  13. If you don't hear back you might try a full re-install and make sure you have the latest C++ libraries installed.
  14. Reasons to stick with daggers?

    Honestly the weapon usage on the assassin comes down to what role you want to play. I think assassin have a variety of good choices to choose from daggers, maces, axes. The life steal from the daggers honestly isn't bad as is the heal debuff that come with the master of daggers can useful depending on your play style. If they do implement weapon speed that could be a game changer in terms of what weapons we choose to equip.
  15. I think adding the Sheen option back would provide a win-win scenario where you can push the stats and/or you can add points into Sheen however you want to build it depending on what works best for the intended role of that vessel. Since we had it before should be a straight forward option to add it back in. Having the ability to modify stats outside the base character attributes would be nice.