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  1. Logged into an EK this afternoon and all equipped gear was lost except disciplines, once logged in loaded in and was dead. Templar Devotion is still animating over and over again even though the skill only applies once. This makes parrying extremely difficult. Templar Divine Light is going on cool down even though the skill was not triggered. Templar Holy Warrior received a substantial reduction of how long it lasts. This was way too far and should be re-adjusted closer to where it was before. If this was a result of the Paladin line its should be changed via that line while leaving the other talent lines viable as it does not come up as often. Templar Divine Light damage needs to go back to where it was before, we are seeing really low numbers even with good quality crafted gear and vessels.
  2. Server is still down for maintenance while the new patch is applied. Give it some time they will bring it back up.
  3. After the latest patch templar devotion is animating a number of times in succession. During that time its nearly impossible to generate pips by LMB or complete other abilities. Had a guildie test and they are seeing the same behavior on their Templar. https://youtu.be/UVzqv4pcRSc
  4. Given the size of the world in 5.8 we really need to be able to craft mounts. I understand they are uncompleted and still WIP but having those is almost a necessity given the size of the world and the time it takes to get to different areas. World has too many Outposts available for capture, maybe limit the number of OP and increase the impact they have on scoreboard. Current map has over 200 OP to manage which provide little benefit as they are too numerous to generate any consistent PvP encounters. Assassin Q ability needs reworked. Right now they do not even have access to stealth until level 20 making their Q worthless until they reach that level. Right now in TEST this isn't a problem with the free/easy leveling. Stealth should be given at base at level 5 or below. The stealth tree skills that were previously available should be available to most lines Vandal, Cutthroat, etc. Only having one ability on the stealth defeats much of the purpose of the assassin. Amush and stealth dart should be a default. Compared to other DPS spec's Rangers have extremely low AP. They damage is reflected for this as a result their DPS talent tree's should add a bonus to AP to bring it more in line with other classes. Compass needs to go back to the original location, move the scoreboard to the campaign map. UI is getting too busy and often has too much information.
  5. Not sure if its intended or not but with the patch tonight Stormcaller druid can no longer use a Staff.
  6. 1. Unable to get invited to groups, receiving error "Target not found" when getting invited by a number of other players in the CW. Happens regardless of what character I am currently on. Created a new character and still received this error. 2. Seeing a number of FPS drops/crashes on AOE abilities, Templar's Blazing Light, Cleric's Holy Symbol, and druid abilities are causing massive FPS drops to the point where the Crowfall client goes not responding. 3. No grouping available in EK's. 4. Talents are resetting when zoning or at death, relog does not always fix this and often times you can re-spend all of your points. I died on my Fae assassin and received several confessor abilities.

    Lots of fun guys, look forward to doing some more Friday Night Fights.
  8. First would like to say well done on this patch. A lot of improvements across the board, like to see some of the older bugs getting fixed. The day night cycle and the new abilities the creatures have made a huge difference to game play. FPS seems to much better across the board. The new abilities on the creatures are awesome and adds a layer of game play and more interesting NPC fights. Still seeing some occasional hitching but overall improvement. @thomasblair 1. Still seeing combo failures while playing Elken Templar on a variety of skills Reproach, Blade Master, and LMB. LMB animations seem to have a little too long of a pause between attacks on the Templar. Obviously this is huge issue on this class as it affects our slow pip generation. Combo issues primarily seems to happen when there is a lot of activity on the screen with either players and/or NPCS. Had a group of 5 fighting two groups of hunger cats and we all started noticing combo failures. 2. Elken charge (Headbutt) is now on rails instead of previously allowing players to control the direction 3. Holy Warrior is no longer showing when fully charged on Templar 4. Not a huge fan of the current in combat durability hits. Farmed the Spider Queen yesterday trying to get surging spirit and after running around on test we found 100+ durability loss on blue/green items. This may need tuned down a bit as it discourages people from going out to farm/fight. 5. One thing to note when you do die getting back to your body is becoming an increasingly longer and longer flight to get your body back and not take a huge durability hit. With the addition of the gate this increases the time to get back. 6. I did notice while fighting the combat dummies were we seeing knockdown effects showing up couple seconds after the knockdown effect had been used.
  9. 5.6 Active players - Order side

    Winterblades is playing order as well. We will see you out there!
  10. We had several folks on tonight and we are definitely seeing problems when players are around each other Templar left click primary attack does not go through to the 2nd or 3rd animation, its works randomly.
  11. Have seen a marked improvement in the FPS Largest concern is that combat is still off where the damage comes too long after the animation. I have also seen certain combos disappear for the last combo skill. If a Templar has the parry buff active and returns to survival tray they walk as if they are still in combat tray. You have to wait before parry buff to wear off before returning to normal speed. Templar 3rd attack that generates pips is not working on every 3 consecutive left click attacks. Agent discipline Lay Low skill pops the player out of stealth when they hit max HP.
  12. Definitely a great video, makes me want to log in and play. Well done ACE team.
  13. *Give Away Is Over! Congrats!

    How does one know if they have a small head or not? Haha
  14. Combat still feels really slow and no longer has the smooth transitions that we are used to in previous LIVE builds. Appears as though the animations activate but the damage follow too long afterwards. If a Templar has the parry buff and goes back to survival tray they move at combat speed until the parry buff wears off. Juggernaut and Runecaster health buffs are actually apply additional HP, it does not heal but applies a raw increase to HP. Heal Orbs are spawning in random locations away from the character generating them.
  15. best class for sneaking around?

    The stealth on the ranger is severely limited and only applies when using a specific race. For this discussion only the assassin and the duelist should be considered as they can remain in stealth and not be seen in without the use of perception or skill. On the Wood Elf ranger, when you are moving around you are entirely visible and only become invisible when you stop moving.