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  1. I think most people have already hit on the biggest pain points I have seen on the Templar having played it off and on for quite a while. Mobility remains my biggest gripe and Censure does a really poor job with any sort of change in elevation on terrain because of its forward movement and even getting it to hit a target is difficult at the best of times even with no latency or hitching. Unfortunately not a great gap closer, I'd like to see it become a combo with some other movement ability to address any shortfalls while also addressing the mobility issues. With the introduction of 5.8 the damage of blazing light damage on the DPS (Vindicator) spec was amazing because it added depth the game by providing area denial. People had to actually coordinate fights and pay close attention to positioning. The devotion cap kind of sucks as it was nice to see some bigger off heals if you played it right, regardless of what spec you went into. Paladin has other heals so limiting this on Paladin would be fine IMO. In small scale or open field fights its more difficult to play the Templar correctly as pips can be an issue on anything other than Paladin. When you see a Paladin drop DL you can just move outside of it and starve the other two specs of pips while kiting their LMBs.
  2. Looking forward to it, don't keep us waiting too long
  3. ZeFx

    Item Wipe

    Yeah you've been on the receiving end of some our groups out standing in circles. One of the major reasons I cannot wait for a better system. Either way I hope 5.9 is not far off looking forward to all the changes including armor and war tribes.
  4. ZeFx

    Item Wipe

    Not sure how that even corresponds, I know a lot of the Balance folks have done a massive amount of mind numbing circle standing to get where they are on the leader boards. The leader boards have very little to do with gear and have to do more with class, guild, group, and spec. I have run into Staff circle standing I don't know how many times in the last couple days. Starting to feel bad every time I see him because we usually have a group of 5.
  5. ZeFx

    Item Wipe

    Whether they item wipe or not is not a huge deal to me. Either way we as a guild can get new gear and get everyone geared again in short order. If people are using the exploit to get higher damage weapons then shame on them. I expect to see a wipe for 5.9, is it worth doing a wipe for 5.8.5 or waiting for 5.9? That all depends on where ACE is on getting us the 5.9 update, it honestly may not be worth it to wipe before then.
  6. ZeFx


    If you are seeing what you believe is good damage I would like to see some screenshots or some numbers. Pappy is right, getting damage off on poison diffusion is difficult and its easy to dodge. We have looked at the numbers on various classes and I'm just not seeing the alpha strike potential on Sin since the changes to the scaling damage. I can get some screenshots from other classes that put anything the assassin is doing to shame. We are seeing large hits from classes such as Myrm and Champ. These classes are capping both AP and CHD and getting 900+ basic attacks.
  7. ZeFx


    I agree, that's the point I have been trying to get across in the feedback threads. Right now the Assassin damage is pretty low compared to other classes. Like you mentioned most of those classes do not have the setup before they are able to deal any reasonable damage. To top it all off our "Q" ability needs some serious work considering the fact that any sort of perception (MoleHunter, Alertness) see's right through it making it almost entirely useless.
  8. Nothing quite like getting to the final stage of putting together something like a chest piece and getting a flawed. Definitely makes you want to throw your coffee at the screen. Hopefully they can adjust this in the future so its not so punishing and leaving you with an item that is almost worthless.
  9. Definitely the longest Siege fight I can remember, I was unfortunate enough to fall bait to trap early into one of the rushes. Still had lots of fun! Got pretty worried a number of times because of the sheer number of enemies and the health of the tree. Looking forward to more fights like this in the future.
  10. ZeFx


    I've played a lot of assassin and I have to agree seems pretty mediocre at best unless you are running Cut Throat. Of course can't see real numbers on it because of the bug not showing the damage numbers from behind but considering the only way you get any damage out of it is behind the target it should be hitting a lot harder.
  11. Honestly we should have a better gap closer baked into the class. Censure has gotten better but its still crap overall compared to other gap closer skills.
  12. Templar CC line is definitely worse off than Paladin or Vindicator but I still believe that Templar as a whole is in need of a serious re-work. We do not have the mobility necessary to stick to our targets, the more mobile the target the worse off Templar does. In smaller scale fights, it can be downright frustrating. Fury talent line just shows how much of a problem we have with the number of CC effects and immunity to those effects that are currently implemented in CF. Its hard to have a CC spec work when you have retaliate which is almost always on cool down along with a number of discs that provide immunity or provide a number of buffs when someone gets CC'd. Personally I would like to see Templar's generate a pip every LMB attack and have some sort of slow applied to their target every 3rd LMB. While this may not fix all the problems it would go a long way towards allowing us to stick to a target.
  13. Whether or not they go with Damebix's idea I think the vast majority of people do not find circle standing very fun and instead most of us would rather find some sort of PvP battle. The important take away from this thread is that ACE see's the need and the request of the community for some tweaking to the current scoring mechanics so that people that want to find that PvP have a way to do so. Additionally, people who cannot be at Sieges or do not have a full group still have a way to contribute to their faction.
  14. +1 My main goal is go to out and fight people, the circle standing to win becomes a boring game.
  15. This still need to do a lot of balancing on the racial abilities. Right now Fae is a pretty obvious choice for most assassins as it adds a lot of mobility and the ability to glide into adventure zones and gank people. You can definitely get away with some of the other races but it honestly depends on how you are playing the character. The argument could be made that high elf is better for group game play since you will have two necks which would increase basic attack damage even further.
  16. I would like to see general chat return for this, it was a great place for new people to ask questions and get some help. There were also a number of guilds that were actively recruiting, which as we all know is an important part of being competitive.
  17. Really like this kind of attitude Zombie and look forward to some more fights with you guys. I'm always willing to share any experience and thoughts. I have had a number of great conversations with Order lately regarding build ideas and theory crafting. I want to work with people so that we can all continue to get those PvP fights that we enjoy.
  18. ZeFx


    With the changes in 5.8.3 I wish the poison paradise was a bit higher since 8% does not really give you a lot of healing back. Now we have lost weapon discs this makes assassin pretty low on valid skills. I think that both Blackguard and Cut Throat are still viable. The biggest issue I have with Vandal is the large amount of CC that is around in general. What's worse is that you don't get the severe bleed if the target is stun immune.
  19. Lots of fun guys, look forward to doing some more Friday Night Fights.
  20. Winterblades is playing order as well. We will see you out there!
  21. Definitely a great video, makes me want to log in and play. Well done ACE team.
  22. How does one know if they have a small head or not? Haha
  23. The stealth on the ranger is severely limited and only applies when using a specific race. For this discussion only the assassin and the duelist should be considered as they can remain in stealth and not be seen in without the use of perception or skill. On the Wood Elf ranger, when you are moving around you are entirely visible and only become invisible when you stop moving.
  24. You're talking about the uniform discs, unfortunately the boost you get isn't all that great. That isn't to say that some classes shouldn't use it but in my mind a 100 AP isn't that big of a jump if I can get additional damage and healing bonus from using a mix of armor types.
  25. I would not take into account skills affecting your armor directly, even with the disciplines wearing the plate chest and either mail or leather for the remaining pieces is the best way to maximize your character.
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