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  1. It is also helpful to know that you will want to finish the basic crafting tree if you plan on crafting because those stats do add some value when you move into advanced crafting trees. Making crafting gear will also help in crafting usable gear. One note of caution though if you plan on gathering out in the campaign the difference between a trained combat character and non-trained combat character is massive and you will not stand much of a chance against a trained combat person.
  2. Glad you got it figured out. The 2 Factor Authentication is definitely nice as it makes it much harder for hackers to get into your accounts.
  3. Nice work ACE really like this direction. Keep up the good work and can't wait to start testing this in game.
  4. Honestly the weapon usage on the assassin comes down to what role you want to play. I think assassin have a variety of good choices to choose from daggers, maces, axes. The life steal from the daggers honestly isn't bad as is the heal debuff that come with the master of daggers can useful depending on your play style. If they do implement weapon speed that could be a game changer in terms of what weapons we choose to equip.
  5. I think adding the Sheen option back would provide a win-win scenario where you can push the stats and/or you can add points into Sheen however you want to build it depending on what works best for the intended role of that vessel. Since we had it before should be a straight forward option to add it back in. Having the ability to modify stats outside the base character attributes would be nice.
  6. It is something they have talked about adding. They have been working on some good video introductions that help get you started in the game. Although if you still have questions you can ask in chat. People are generally pretty helpful in answering questions.
  7. I heard back from support this should now be working. You will have to close and restart your client.
  8. I sent an email to support to let them in case they were not already aware of the issue.
  9. Thanks Todd! This is a great explanation of the game plan and how you plan to approach launch as well as dispeling a lot of the negative rumors going around on Youtube.
  10. I am having the same issue now. I can't login to the game servers.
  11. If you have a chance I would recommend you take a look at the recent crowfall videos they will give you a good overview to get you started. Hope to see you in game.
  12. Agreed, the 10% and the 25% are really big hits to durability seems way too high based on the time required to get the gear in terms of resource gathering and crafting time.
  13. I am not sure adding more guards is the answer here, the only safe spot should be the beach heads and if you are outside you are at risk. Unfortunately some of the teleport mechanics are broken and we are waiting for fixes. It is my understanding that the duelist was intended from the start to have the ability to tunnel into keeps and forts under walls. However, I can say that infiltrating a keep is not exactly easy or without risks not to mention extremely noisy. That said there is definitely some room in how the mechanics are currently working.
  14. Game is still in alpha and of course as to be expected still has a lot of bugs. CF team is working to address as many bugs while also adding new systems. However, that said game is definitely playable and a lot of fun.
  15. I definitely like this idea and seems much more reasonable than the current crow system. You would often see new players asking what to do next, at least this way it creates a more guided experience. As many have pointed out this definitely raises some important questions on how the entire system meshes with the rest of game. Overall though great news!
  16. That is the same feeling I had, I really like playing stealth classes but just did not feel the damage was there to justify it. Unfortunately the assassin has no gap closers on either bar. I have had a couple encounters and I have been able to kite assassins to death. I was running Major: Agent & Knife Grinder Weapons: Daggers Minor: Careless Whispers, Found Resources, and Stealth Regen
  17. I definitely agree that the people that have spent the time and have played since launch should have an advantage as they have already put forth the time and effort to get to that spot. My point was that someone who has spent the time will have better overall stats from some one is who has little to no training.
  18. Welcome ShuyinVardiz, 1 & 5 You can still purchase some of the older packages through the Crowfall trusted traders programs. You will have to look at a detailed drill down to get an idea of what exactly is included. Unfortunately some of the items in those packs are still a work in progress and we do not know exactly how they will fit into the game long term. Crowns are Crowfalls currency to allow for micro transactions. You can find more information here https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/founders-update-more-on-crowns-and-guilds/. Eternal Kingdom is where the land parcels, castles, and cottages will come into play. Be sure to read the articles the dev's have written they give you a good understanding of the game mechanics and how those packages will fit into the game. This should give you a good start https://crowfall.com/en/how-to-play/ I would also check out the Crowfall Youtube channel as well as other community members that have added a lot of great video content. 2. Now is a great time as all beta groups should have access to the LIVE server that is currently open and allowing players to start exploring the world of Crowfall. Update 5.4 should be arriving on LIVE here pretty soon and is a huge update and great step forward. The devs are making really good strides at getting the game closer to a polished state. Not sure on the end date but the LIVE server generally remains open most of the time. 3. VIP is pretty much what you would expect and provides some additional benefits in terms of skill training. You can get more detail on how this works here: https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/ace-qa-for-september-live-skill-trees-and-vips/. 4. Small group play will definitely have a place in Crowfall and I expect this will be a lot of what I spend my time doing. I generally find this game play the most interesting personally and tend to avoid large group battles. The map will have multiple contention points where factions are fighting over resources. Strategy will play a huge part in how successful your group is. The biggest problem you may run into is if they play casually you may be limited in the amount of gear and crafting you and your team will have access to. Hope this helps!
  19. By the time you start getting higher into the trees the advantages are much larger, especially as they start to accumulate. The route you decide to take will have a huge impact on how you play your character, which will more than likely depend on your play style and approach to the game. When you start adding points in multiple trees the impact is massive. That can become a problem when we get to 6 months plus after launch, a new player would be at a serious disadvantage compared to someone who has been playing since day 1. To close that gap the new player can use tomes to accelerate that process. Regardless of your play style and approach to the game you can always find something to work on.
  20. I have been playing on TEST and I am not seeing how it is OP, in fact I am seeing some pretty big holes in the current state.
  21. That would definitely go a long ways towards testing the results. Yet, it would need to still take long enough that each new skill section higher in the trees is tested to ensure it is working as intended.
  22. I have been in the same boat many times but would definitely recommend you at least hop in and get a feel for a game. I have done this off and on and have seen amazing progression and movement by the team at Crowfall. 5.4 is a great time to jump in and start learning the basics of the game.
  23. I definitely think we need some clarification on how the toxins are applied and how they interact with each other. The video was a great start but left me with a lot of questions.
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