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  1. A possible wipe don't change they should consider the managing of the imports/exports in a different way. Btw: As far I know, they were talking about wipe vessels, no items. Am I wrong?
  2. Only 75 exports for 1 month campaign? IMHO,it has no sense, the exports should be higher.
  3. Please, clarify new vessel system and disciplines... Q&A was really unclear.
  4. In EKs with PVP ON, you can see stealthy enemy people.
  5. Kidney shot doesn't apply additional damage to Stunned targets... but the way, it has no sense to spend one stun in a stunned enemy unless the additional damage will be significant or applies the equiped venom or something similar
  6. Same issue, ghost rewards. The only difference I have seen was 61 exports instead of 50.
  7. Enter in campaign, look for a guy farming a wartribe, kill him, take his loot, press alt+p
  8. I understood a global respec for all players in the last patch, maybe it was a misunderstanding
  9. Hi guys, if I'm not wrong, you told us you'll reset the talent trees. Futhermore, you did some changes of majors and domains so some builds are useless atm. Could you talk about that? Currently, destroy a vessel is not a way because you invest a lot of time and gold to equip de exploration disciplines.
  10. The live server is working bad, ek don`t running up, people cant log in, vault appears empty... could you check?
  11. I didnt test in infected yet, but in infected was 15 dust = 50 refined materials.
  12. In dregs, refining boulders requires 25 dust and produces 50 refined materials. Is it correct or bug?
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