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  1. I tried to start crowfall 5.2.10 on my uhd tv in several resolutions from 1024 to max and every one the crowfall opened in a very small box with tiny fonts that are well very small. other games opened and played ok. are they ever going to update this so the skills work.
  2. Who the heck is going to want to go to a siege war and lose all your gear. Then have to spend hours crafting new gear so you can make it back before the siege ends. This game is dead just dig a plot and place the tomb stone I regret the money I wasted on this. They seem to be focusing on making a free to play game that requires horrible hardships to play or pay a bunch to play easier. Rather than focusing on making a game that is fun with lots of activities for guild and nation to keep the fans entertained. Were do we stand in line to get a refund ?
  3. Please get ride of who ever is making decisions on how this game interacts with players and put in a new team. So far you are creating a game that was around 20 years ago. The gaming world has evolved. People do not want to spend and hour to make a pair of shoes just to loose them to some pker because you cannot look around while crafting or farming you cannot out run anyone, you cannot get away.. everyone has better gear as they keep killing others and taking all their stuff so no new people can get geared up. The crafting system is just so primitive the gui gets an award for being hideous. Why do we have to press alt why cannot we just run up to a tree and press right mouse to attack it. What is the reason for and the list goes on.... is this just another pretend game to suck millions from people. I really wish i could get the money back i paid I do not see this game as being successful.
  4. you should check out some of the new dx-12 games coming out and rethink how you are doing your video engine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlNxG9Nr0jo games with directx12 2016
  5. Crafting is same o same on many games. As a crafting person on many games one thing that would be nice is the custom touch. Its so easy for there to be 20 people crafting 1 item type. they all go on auction and all look same and then price undercutting starts. If each crafperson could add a brand name and also depending on there crafting skills they could add bonus stats or some extra color or sparkle or shape to the item to give it a little uniqueness. There could be drops from pvp that could add effects like kick blind shock or random effect. Craftpersons do not all need be the same crafting the same their skills should evolve so no 2 craftpersons craft identical elite items, the basic items can be the same between crafpersons though. Shared crafting such as in a castle would be nice but come with small penalty of lesser durability chance and lesser stats. This is nice for new players learning to craft. Crafting furniture placed inside players homes could produce higher quality gear but this craft furniture cost a premium. there may also be rents to pay. As a craftsman you naturally need more storage it would be nice if the crafting tables also come with extra storage spaces in them. Instead of having to place several of the same craft table to increase quality with can cause lag in the house there might be upgrade options for the tables that allow for faster crafting speed and accuracy. Crafting materials could be gathered from resources around the map like ore plants liquids or from mobs and siege drops. Recipes might also be crafted as skill increases you have to hunt for items to add new twists to old recipes or increase the recipes strength. this would be more addictive and challenging as players have to hunt for upgrades to there trades. Rather than the run to vendor and buy stack of recipes.
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