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  1. Start on a large map with several rune gates leading outward. Many temples spread out to sacrifice to. Each temple points to a different biome type map. Sacrifice at highest opens the gates into that island permanently during the fall season. Seasons rapidly change on each map and then are destroyed, leaving no way back to start. Repeats until campaign ends at set number of map jumps or at a final map. Maybe some maps only point to certain other biomes, or certain biomes lead to a specific final map. Factions would try to open to maps with certain resources or better terrain for figh
  2. instead of a total loss of mats, how about returned them with reduced quality?
  3. I'm not pushing anything. This is a suggestion box, and I was just posting ideas. There's no need to get worked up trying to defend ideas that aren't being attacked. No pushing, no nazis, no misleading vividness. I agree that the devs are smart people, which is why putting forth ideas that are radical to the norm can only help to inspire them in their designs. Having a nice conversation about it only expands thought on the subject, which is my real goal in posting. To just throw some thoughts around. Thanks for the help, at any rate. The best way to keep a topic on top is to have
  4. Based on the ideas of ACE posts in the past, it is my understanding that they want to promote a diverse and rewarding game experience for many paths. Since there's no way to truly balance such game play choices, it comes down to risk vs. reward. The risk of guarding a caravan in your back lines vs front lines determines pay for guard duty and it balances itself. But what about defending a front line castle? The risk is huge. You will be attacked, you will die, you will have gear and vessel degradation. Attackers don't carry sacks of gold to hand you and, unless they believe they will
  5. I'm not so sure that it is counter to the intent... Having a hard time envisioning an economy based on a crafted currency obtained from harvesting when half the population is going to be focusing on pvp combat which doesn't generate money. How is the guild scout making money? The guard on the wall? Everyone just devolves into a farmer... Also having a hard time with the practicalities of global trade in a pvp game. The hardest raids are going to be the dregs to get the best crafting mats where it's every guild for itself. All crafting mats are useful. Why would a guild trade a
  6. I haven't seen anything official about money or how that would work, so here's my suggestion on how to implement a currency into the game while keeping with the aesthetics of a throne simulator. Create a non-transferable currency that is entirely contained within each eternal kingdom called honor. It is attached to each EK for each player that is formally a part of the EK. i.e. every king, duke, baron, and vassal but specifically not for visitors or independent merchants. Primarily earned through completion of campaigns, as incentive for staying the course. The king of the EK s
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