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  1. When I cut down trees, the last logs that fall stay underground. Sometimes they are hardly seen and cannot be caught.
  2. Yes, it usually happens if you press M (map) while summoning the mount. Another bug: when you change Faction, a little squeaky music plays. The problem is that when you have changed, the music is not removed, it continues even if you leave the character and enter with another, you have to close the game.
  3. Thorns are not an attack? I don't see the damage in Combat Log. Also, the SKILL Nature's Grace (Druid) does not activate when the attack is provoked by the thorns, however in its description it says that any attack activates it.
  4. Suddenly, the sound of the effects turns off. I keep hearing the ambient sound, but I don't hear the sound of my footsteps, or skills, nothing. It has happened to me twice: 1. At level 5, skinning (quest) 2. At level 28 (2 hours later), picking up objects from a furniture inside a house in a village 26-27 in Yerog. I have disconnected the character and re-loging but it does not solve it. I have to shut down the game and restart it.
  5. Wood-elf Druid Heartkeeper: Healing Rain skill only heals 4 times instead of 10. https://ibb.co/Z1M5yww
  6. Error crafting Legendary Belt: Crafting: https://ibb.co/SfKx8PL Error: https://ibb.co/hRgtZsP
  7. This is one of the fears for which I have not activated the Two-Step verification yet. The Two-Step verification, couldn't it be to send an SMS to the mobile? without authenticator application.
  8. Chronicles of an anounced death Most of us have come here drawn by a PvP game. But this has changed, now you need to play a lot of PVE time to be able to play some PVP time. If we were here for being PVE lovers, I would understand, but the call you've made over the years is for PVP lovers. Also, the PVE you created is boring. Yesterday I was talking about it with a friend: don't you realize that they are kicking us out of the game? they are destroying their own game. I said: it's so obvious that they will surely be studying it. And she told me that they may not have figured it
  9. EKs are only useful for a guild. Individually it is useless, they only serve to have a larger chest (if you build it) to store more things, nothing more. But if EKs was prepared for the guilds, they would need to have more things: - Individual permission to SEE the content of noble chests. - Individual permission to PUT things into noble chests. - Another different individual permission to be able to EXTRACT things from noble chests. - Yes / No permission to enter EK to any member of the guild. - Another permission to allow especific persons outside the guild can enter. - Yes
  10. You're talking all the time about the first month of play. But, what will happen when we have played 6 months? When all guilds have legendary crafters and almost all of their members with legendary sets? What content will the game have so that players do not leave? Because if it is the current content, the game is sentenced.
  11. A game sold as a PVP game, increasingly focusing on PVE. What we see today: instead of looking for ideas that promote PVP, you are looking for ideas to promote PVE. On the other hand, the game is boring. There's nothing to do. Harvest, harvest, harvest, ... You have been developing the game for more than 5 years. What is the final idea of this project? Tell us! Or are you changing on the fly? What is the plan?. To play PVP will we have to dedicate 80% of our time to PVE? is that the final idea of the game?
  12. - Man, do you remember when this game was PVP??? > Shut up and keep harvesting!! * Hey!!!!!, how long do you need to bring more skins ??? > I'm goinggggg... "Black chronicles"
  13. Currently, an Assassin is a corpse with legs. Sorry guys
  14. Where is the Holy Scroll near Hurnn the Archivist? at the base of statue. it has disappeared. We need to the Quest https://ibb.co/BZtvV1F
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