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  1. This is one of the fears for which I have not activated the Two-Step verification yet. The Two-Step verification, couldn't it be to send an SMS to the mobile? without authenticator application.
  2. Chronicles of an anounced death Most of us have come here drawn by a PvP game. But this has changed, now you need to play a lot of PVE time to be able to play some PVP time. If we were here for being PVE lovers, I would understand, but the call you've made over the years is for PVP lovers. Also, the PVE you created is boring. Yesterday I was talking about it with a friend: don't you realize that they are kicking us out of the game? they are destroying their own game. I said: it's so obvious that they will surely be studying it. And she told me that they may not have figured it
  3. EKs are only useful for a guild. Individually it is useless, they only serve to have a larger chest (if you build it) to store more things, nothing more. But if EKs was prepared for the guilds, they would need to have more things: - Individual permission to SEE the content of noble chests. - Individual permission to PUT things into noble chests. - Another different individual permission to be able to EXTRACT things from noble chests. - Yes / No permission to enter EK to any member of the guild. - Another permission to allow especific persons outside the guild can enter. - Yes
  4. You're talking all the time about the first month of play. But, what will happen when we have played 6 months? When all guilds have legendary crafters and almost all of their members with legendary sets? What content will the game have so that players do not leave? Because if it is the current content, the game is sentenced.
  5. A game sold as a PVP game, increasingly focusing on PVE. What we see today: instead of looking for ideas that promote PVP, you are looking for ideas to promote PVE. On the other hand, the game is boring. There's nothing to do. Harvest, harvest, harvest, ... You have been developing the game for more than 5 years. What is the final idea of this project? Tell us! Or are you changing on the fly? What is the plan?. To play PVP will we have to dedicate 80% of our time to PVE? is that the final idea of the game?
  6. - Man, do you remember when this game was PVP??? > Shut up and keep harvesting!! * Hey!!!!!, how long do you need to bring more skins ??? > I'm goinggggg... "Black chronicles"
  7. Currently, an Assassin is a corpse with legs. Sorry guys
  8. Where is the Holy Scroll near Hurnn the Archivist? at the base of statue. it has disappeared. We need to the Quest https://ibb.co/BZtvV1F
  9. The Sun Temple: XYZ: 2314, -1, 2485 error when walking on the ground
  10. Major Rune of the Troubadour: Could the animation of the songs be more discreet? the one that is currently destroys my eyes
  11. Today I bought an Alexa Echo Dot. Every time the mobs kill me I have to wait, ok perfect, I see it well. But if they kill me more times, the waiting time is longer, I don't know why. While I wait I get bored. The fourth time I was killed I had to wait too long and ended up looking at things on Amazon. Too boring time.
  12. Hi, I have leveled up a Druid with Healer's talent and the Healing Orbs skill does not appear in the Life Bar, for the left mouse button. In the Alpha version it did appear. Look capture, please. https://ibb.co/gyTW4yX Regards
  13. FROSTWEAVER - Promotion Class Icecaller WOOD ELF: when i use the ICE WEAVER skill, it often doesn't work. Look Video. It just happens with this Frostweaver Icecaller, it doesn't happen with my other Frostweaver Archmages.
  14. Hi, suggestion for clan management: A clan bank where members can download their loot and automatically record how many each person contributes. Some counter or similar. This is one of the problems to manage a clan where the collaboration of all the members is necessary to be well equipped. Have you thought about incorporating some type of clan management tool like this into the game?
  15. No pasa nada por esperar unos días mas. Animo!!!! It's okay to wait some more days. Cheer up!
  16. I like plan in Crowfall more, I hadn't thought about it that way. ;)
  17. One feature that would be interesting is to have a button in the character's inventory that allows "send craft materials from our inventary to the chest". That makes fieldwork much easier. I met this feature in Guildwars2 and we found it great.
  18. Hi, How can I teleport to the Temple from the middle of the field? Is there a scroll or something similar?
  19. I hate to die. Every time I die I have to wait 1 minute without playing. After I die 4 times I get up from the chair and leave it for a while. grrrrr
  20. Edito el post y elimino mi pregunta ya que traté de hablarlo por el Discord del juego y casi me comen, incluido moderadores. Que tensión macho!!! cuando alguien pone un tema sobre la mesa que no gusta. Aleee, seguimos a la expectativa...
  21. Pedazo vicio PVP que estoy pegando actualmente al PUBG , desde el iPad. LLevo viciao a este juego desde Semana Santa y hoy ya casi es septiembre. PVP, PVP, PVP, y mas PVP Aun recuerdo cuando jugaba al GuildWars2 Hace unos años y sabia que mi enemigo tenia como mucho un equipo y arma igual que el mio. Y si me mataba era porque él había jugado mejor que yo, no porque su equipo fuera superior al mio. Cuando jugaba al Lineage2 (juego impresionante, pedazo momentazos XD) nunca podías parar de levear porque en cuanto lo hacías un par de días te quedabas atrás y todo el mundo te
  22. En mi opinión a un juego de PVP hay que darle vidilla. Es decir, por el hecho de morir no nos podéis dejar parados sin jugar n segundos (parados = dando vueltas por el campo). Si mueres debes poder resucitar con tu equipo lejos de la batalla, pero al 100%, de tal forma que solo te toque volver, a correr toca!!. Y ese tiempo de volver es el tiempo que realmente estas penalizándote.
  23. Estoy de acuerdo en no traducir los nombres propios. Muchas veces la traducción estropea en vez de arreglar. En el ejemplo del ranger, un Ranger es un ranger, todos los aficionados a los juegos entendemos que es. Lo mismo con el resto de nombres. Mi sugerencia es no tocar esos nombres y dejarlos en inglés. saludos
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