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  1. Confessor ult(Immolation) is teleporting the Confessor before applying the barrier. This means that if you ult into tornados, frigid mines or whatever, you can get blown up by it teleporting you into them without the barrier up. This is fairly easy to reproduce by ulting into oncoming confessor tornados. Immolation also has another bug where you can get stuck with there being a backwards input. This one I'm not sure what is causing it but it may be as simple as holding your backwards input and ulting. I've noticed it tends to happen when some sort of CC gets involved related to the first
  2. I know that long ago there was an extra combo piece to it that would cancel the spin. Apparently that isn't a thing anymore.
  3. Basically what Yianni said. It is also true about almost all of the CC based promotions on all classes. CC is incredibly weak in terms of duration right now because of the amount of retaliates that are available along with the combined resolve pool.
  4. Will be decent when everyone is running around in intermediates and no training. Once folks have gear and training the fessors will fall by the wayside--low dps, very low range, too squishy, effectively just a CC/physics platform at best. Ranger does it better.
  5. Loved the design and reveal. Likely will need a bit of balancing. Looking forward to 5.3 patch. RIP support druids.
  6. @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman Amazing update and worth the hype (and the wait). Once again ACE demonstrates they are staying true to JTC's vision and Crowfall's Shadowbane roots. This is worthy of the massive update title. For those of us that have been here since kickstarter, character customization has always been a major concern. Great job on the promo video as well. Love the darker feel. Takes some of the vibrant cartoony edge of things.
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