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    MaryJane reacted to Zatch in The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE   
    The question I have is how will this translate to the Dregs? Will "forts" have a specific designation in game and what will that be/how does it work, etc. 
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    MaryJane reacted to PopeUrban in 12 Exports are far too Low   
    The current status quo isn't a population problem. Its a skill, organization, and bandwagoning problem.
    The problem is that the winners always ending up on the same faction creates a too-predictable situation that encourages bandwagoning.
    Being good at the game should result in wins. The problem is that winning in factions shouldn't make winning easier in the next campaign by default by virtue of the desire to coast to a win by people that aren't as good evacuating the other factions.
    Were it load balanced all of these random small groups and individuals may easily end up in configurations that actually present some competition, or at the very least end up on the winning team without the stigma of bandwagoning to a victory.
    Were that uberguild's numbers sufficient to justify classifying it as a population problem (and let me be clear, that is not the case right now) its pretty easy to cap guild membership numbers for faction campaigns and tell people if they want to have a bigger guild to go to dregs where the arena is more suited to their size.
    Call me old fashioned but I don't think penalizing people for being good at the game is a good idea.
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    MaryJane reacted to thomasblair in The Trial of Arkon has begun   
    Sadly I hadn't seen what formula was going to be used until it went up.

    In the future Design will provide a series of vetted formulas that may be used for a variety of campaign types.
    *Crawls back into the Dregs work*
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    MaryJane reacted to C.R.E.A.M in The Trial of Arkon has begun   
  5. Haha
    MaryJane reacted to Angelmar in The Trial of Arkon has begun   
    The Great Slayer in the Melee, the Victor on the Field, the Conqueror hoisting his Banner over the Ruins of a Stronghold, these are not the souls dear to Arkon.
    Arkon values not the great deeds of many, but the small doings of the arrogant few.
    Arkon is the Patron God of the Noob Ganker (and Zybak is his prophet).
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    MaryJane reacted to Vicid in The Trial of Arkon has begun   
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    MaryJane reacted to mandalore in The Trial of Arkon has begun   
    This might be the best CF meme I have ever seen. 
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    MaryJane reacted to galvia in The Trial of Arkon has begun   
    They just added that!

    Put away your pitchforks until we triple cap tonight.
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    MaryJane reacted to Angelmar in 5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 7/26/19   
    Friar power "Chain Heal" roots the player while casting. 
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    MaryJane reacted to Yoink in 5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 7/26/19   
    The mouse cursor, keyboard inputs do not stay in the game.
    I play in windowed mode.
    If I move my mouse to the left, the cursor will go past the edge of the game window and interact with my desktop. The inputs will still be sent to the Crowfall client. This also happens with keyboard commands. There have been times were I'm playing the game and and I end up typing a bunch of gibberish in discord because my game inputs while playing were also entered into Discord. When I dual box I often times arm able to send commands to both game clients.
    It seems to have something to do with Alt-Tabbing. When it happens I have to hit the windows key and re-select the game client to 'anchor' the cursor to the game, but if I Alt-Tab it happens again.
    I don't think this is new with this build.
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    MaryJane reacted to Yumx in 5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 7/26/19   
    Devotion does not seem to be healing group members, after I took the talent that enhances it, in the Paladin tree.
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    MaryJane reacted to Jah in Uncle Bob killed SB so....why haven't you arrested him yet?   
    No, we never did it. Your side (whether you were Chaos or Order at the time) has been the only one to try to intentionally use zone caps to ensure a massive numbers advantage, or outright prevent a siege from even happening. 
    We had a number of relatively even sieges in the last campaign. They were fun. Order even won some of them. There is nothing to be gained by attempting to smear the winners. Figure out what you have to do to win, and do it.
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    MaryJane reacted to VaMei in Seasoned characters vs New Players (FAQ discussion)   
    If you feel that CF has a steeper power curve than either SWG or EvE, then you had a very different experience from mine.
    If you were a veteran SWG craftsmen, with deep stores of the highest rated materials to have spawned in the last 12-18 months, full crafting tapes, and access to the best loot only components, the things that you could make would put a new fully skilled craftsmen to shame. Stack the best armor, weapons, foods, meds, stims, doc & entertainer buffs on a solid character build and run as part of a good team that could work well together; 5 or so players could stand in Moenia and take all comers. Maybe you remember SamuriJack? He'd go solo against groups of pre-CU Jedi, and win.
    In EvE, I'd AFK my Dominix against any T1 frigate, my drones would do the job solo without me ever pressing a button. Not that a Domi is anything special, it's only a tier 1 battleship. It wouldn't break the passive shield regen of a mediocre carrier, forget a titan.
    If you have an end game player backed by the logistics of an entire guild, and a new player that geared himself in advanced whites made with crafting discs and no skills, how much difference can there be between them before it's too much?
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    MaryJane reacted to VaMei in Anti-blob mechanic vs anti-zerg mechanic.   
    Playing with objectives can make the balls smaller, but when combat range is 6m for most classes, that's how far apart they're going to be.
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    MaryJane reacted to DocHollidaze in Seasoned characters vs New Players (FAQ discussion)   
    "That's a fancy way of saying to only play like 25% of the specs in the game."
    No, it's almost as if whatever you are doing at the moment in the game might require a different setup depending on how many people you have with you, where you are at terrain/map-wise, and what you are trying to do.
    When you are ganking in valleys all day like you do, why don't you do it with a confessor?
    "A lot of the people I've talked to don't actually enjoy feeling forced to play meta classes and feeling like they have to run double healer. Why bother having the other 75% of promotion classes?"
    I mean, there are folks who play Overwatch that refuse to switch off of Hanzo and Widow, can't really say that means the people who play useful picks during matches should be considered slaves to meta. They are more interested in winning and playing in an optimized group setup than fulfilling their adolescent fantasy of pretending to be a ninja.
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    MaryJane reacted to Scorn in Anyone else finding the TTK a little to long now?   
    We have incoming armor changes that may help address your concerns. Or not, but there are changes coming.
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    MaryJane reacted to Gradishar in Anyone else finding the TTK a little to long now?   
    That's the weapon I used in that fight...

    When 35 can beat 65...the TTK isn't too long. If you made it easier for us to melt you...the results would be even more lopsided. Knowing who to target first, getting on target, having optimal builds, being prepared for the fight, communicating during the fight...all contributes to success. That being said, I'm looking forward to what the new armor revamp has instore and it may indeed, shorten the TTK. I don't think you're going to like that either.  
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    MaryJane reacted to VaMei in Vessels   
    The part you can't do alone is the minerals. It takes at least 2 players to harvest the mother lodes.
    As a new player, your focus should be more toward upgrading gear and finding a guild you like rather than upgrading your vessel. Getting into quality green gear made by a skilled blacksmith will give you far greater gains than any vessel upgrade.
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    MaryJane reacted to Thimble in [-W-] Winterblades   
    Good fight last night, Winterblades! You guys are geared to the teeth, and tough to take down. I thought we did pretty well considering we're casual compared to the other big guilds. In the video I was pleased to see our guys pretty much always (with the exception of stealthers, of course) fighting in groups. It's awesome to see things from the other perspective.
    I, and the rest of Corvus Citadel, look forward to meeting you on the battlefield again!
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    MaryJane reacted to Jah in The Strategy Game - Official discussion thread   
    I'm not talking about faction balance.
    This is what I am talking about. Being the "last person to cap before prime time people sleep" or "first to log in before anyone else" tends to get you more points for a capture. Night-capping is often more rewarded by the points system than prime-time capping because you'll tend to hold the point for longer with a lower population.
  21. Haha
    MaryJane reacted to Ardrea in Is in gaming spying an exploit?   
    I just had this vision of Crowfall in 2022, or whenever. You go to a runegate, and the first thing you see is dozens of characters with odd names, just loitering about, not moving, not saying anything. You go to the next zone in the campaign, and you see the same thing. The spies! They outnumber the actual players by two-, three-, no! Even four to one! Everyone has a spy account or two -- some people have many. You read the forums, and you see topic after topic about it, and there was this one event, back in the day, that people still speak about, but only in hushed whispers, something about ... "The Tarkening".
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    MaryJane reacted to Yoink in @New Players - No Vessel vs Vessel   
    I see a lot of new players making comments along the lines that they can not compete or even play until they get a crafted vessel. For information's sake here is a side by side view of a level 30 Centaur Champion with no vessel vs a level 30 Centaur Champion with a blue vessel. Same training, same talents selected. No gear. Higher quality vessels are possible ATM but almost all with a vessel will be at this level or lower of quality.

    This works out to a difference of-
    38.5 Attack Power
    3.9% Final Damage Modifier
    1.2% Crit Chance
    0.3% Armor Bonus
    1.5% Crit Hit Damage
    15.7 Support power
    1 Stamina
    351 Health
    I have heard people saying that their group of 3 got wiped out by 1 guy because he had a vessel and they didn't. I've heard a lot of people saying they can really feel the difference in combat now that "everyone has vessels and they do not."
    I have never heard anyone say that their group of 3 got wiped out by 1 guy because he did 4% more damage than them.
    I will concede that there are other places to gain advantage. Longer training time, better gear. These will all definitely add up, but it is not just vessels. You can gather all the mats you need in the safety of the temple to craft advanced armor and weapon and you can craft them in an EK right now.
    Vessels are awesome but don't feel that you shouldn't be playing if you don't have one yet. The biggest advantage vets have over new players is information. The best thing you can do is ask questions and ask for help. Most here with the information are willing to share it.
    Not sure how/where to craft or what the best way/location to harvest is? Ask
    Not sure what disciplines or build you should run? Ask
    Ask on the forums, in game. Hop into guild's public discord and ask questions.
    We want you to enjoy the game almost as much as you want to.
  23. Thanks
    MaryJane got a reaction from Xarrayne in [-W-] Winterblades   
    Great videos.
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    MaryJane got a reaction from Xarrayne in Test your might...   
    Was an amusing watch!
  25. Haha
    MaryJane reacted to Tinnis in Age limit   
    40+ shadowbane retirement gamers only ;p
    j/k no idea
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