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  1. I found you Waldo! Err wait a sec...

  2. http://pyetrek.redlem.com/ I can play with this for hours. Crowfall version please, when the time is right.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbLotpDrUJg&t=99 Something like this would be really cool indeed.
  4. Most of you in this topic must not have played Shadowbane. Flying worked in that game. Of course it was personal flight, but still flying. You could deal with flyers with spires in cities and grounding abilities. I think personal flight and/or flying mounts would be just fine in Crowfall as long as they add ways to ground people or prevent flying in certain areas.
  5. I should post more often.

  6. Along with the ability to set 3 presets you could quickly switch between
  7. One of the things on my list for what needs to be preserved from Shadowbane. I agree that it needs its own thread! It's probably the best UI I've had the experience of using in any MMORPG I've played. Loved it!! Oh and being able to make skins for it too, don't forget about that.
  8. shiden86


    Terrible topic. I'm playing on SBEmu with some friends of past that I've reconnected with and the fact I can even play SB at all makes me happy. Why does it matter if they're changing stuff with their Reforged in Flames patches? Why shouldn't the game evolve? If the official servers were still live you think they were going to stop at patch 24.3? Also, from my point of view, the population looks fine. It doesn't have to have a thousand people to be fun and/or successful. Like I said. I'm happy that I can even play the game at all. I don't know all the details about MB but, iirc, it's stolen code and the two people are hiding their identity. These facts alone makes me want to avoid it. Pretty glad that I don't care enough to look at the "behind the scenes" of the emu's teams and philosophies of what the emulators should or shouldn't be. Ignorance is bliss. I'm too dumb to put up a good argument. Leave me alone damnit! /hides from this thread.
  9. I really can't recall any amazing thefts I engaged in, sadly. But thanks for putting a smile on my face! I hope others have some great stories to share.
  10. Yes! skookum is right and I hope CF follows the same rules.
  11. In Crowfall if I play as a Centaur I want the ability for other people to ride me. What say you? Oh I thought of another thing: what about being able to pull a cart with crafting mats or sieging supplies on it around?
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