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  1. We're certainly going to try for all Dwarf, as we always have. In the past we've used sub-guilds and the like to fill out different roles while the core group plays all Dwarf. Generally speaking, we'd prefer to play with the racial handicap and remain all Dwarf just because that's the type of guild we are.
  2. The handicap is always worth it just to see an army of Dwarves charging across the battlefield.
  3. Har! Its a tough meat, them scratches yer mother leaves scar up an' get stringy.
  4. Fellow Stone Brothers! Come to the new Mithril Warhammers website and say hello on Discord: http://www.mithrilwarhammers.com Home of the Dwarves.
  5. We've just put up a new website: http://www.mithrilwarhammers.com Swing by our Discord and say hello.
  6. Excellent. Good luck! Hopefully the first handful of tests go swimmingly so we can usher in the other groups asap.
  7. Great read dude. Thanks for posting. Chief Theory-crafter indeed.
  8. I think you're underestimating the player skill required to select appropriate skills to train, apply them to an adequate vessel, apply disc runes strategically, and then actually play and use those skills effectively. Part of the player skill you're referring to is making strategic choices, utilizing the skills effectively over time, and making on the fly decisions to rework a build for a particular combat scenario in a campaign. In other words - I disagree with you on this.
  9. Good fights recently from all you -W- folks. Looking forward to more.
  10. The fact that this is your only post on the forum is great too. "Guys, I backed the game just so I could come here to say that Dwarves are my sole reason for existing." I like this guy. Spoken like a true brother of stone.
  11. That's the one. Our group is typically myself, Barab, McTan, and recently Mang joined us.
  12. Yeah, would be happy to grab a drink with some fellow Crows.
  13. Yes. SB mechanics were fantastic in some situations/servers but screwed people in others. I'm sure the same can be said for the EVE mechanics. The variance in the rulesets as well as the ability to tweak things and prune away what's not working over time should be great.
  14. Yep, huge fan of the art. It's no small feat either to be so consistent with a style like that. It's one thing to make something great but it's another skill entirely to be able to concept so many different characters, props, and environments with such a consistent style while maintaining the "great". Very cool stuff. Concept art is always awesome.
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