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  1. Excellent point, elvo. Something that I think most MMO players can agree on is that some level of customization, immersion, and advanced progression is expected for our characters. It does seem like a MOBA now that you mentioned it.
  2. Crowfall is going in the wrong direction in terms of mechanics and design. The classes and combat are on par but I feel like they are missing the mark with several systems. First of all, I dislike that you can craft anywhere in the world as opposed to having to deal with the issue of logistics. I'd appreciate forcing people to travel to a crafting bench or to some sort of crafting station in order to construct their gear/items. Second, I find the whole hunger system to be a little bit too much: ark, h1z1, and conan exiles-like. The game in its current state plays much like the aforementioned survival games. I believe food should be somewhat of a necessity but more along the lines of it boosting a stat or improving regeneration of health and mana. Gathering is too easy and unrealistic as it imposes no logistics issue as seen in a number of sandbox games. For example, likening this to EVE Online one would not be able to simply "create" new modules in open space. They have to do it in stations or at other facilities. i believe the developers should take a good hard look at what works in other sandbox titles and also pay close attention to the extreme similarities with Survival games. A course change is necessary. Please let me know your thoughts and/or opinions on this.
  3. Thanks for joining us, Paschall. I look forward to gaming with you.
  4. We've been recruiting people with great attitudes and belief in teamwork. Apply today!
  5. Become a part of something great, apply today!
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