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  1. What's the best way to bring myself up to date on the development? Has it strayed a lot from the initial concept etc?
  2. Great find. The thought process of the devs here is reassuring.
  3. Questions for these design thoughts from my perspective; How long does it take to destroy a city? How quickly can players move the bloodstone around? How quickly can players return to the city? (Can I leave an alt parked in the city ready to log on and defend?) Can I just grab the stone and hide in a remote corner of the world with one person? That way nobody gets the points, and I can defend the city freely.
  4. Narya Elentari


    I'm curious to see how much things have changed. What specs are people spamming nowadays?
  5. I'd just like to distance myself from my shadowbane alias, which is the one I used to sign up with.
  6. Just saw this button on our profile pages. Anyone know how to actually change the username? The existence of this button seems to imply it is possible!
  7. Oh nm I see it. On the official crowfall website. Yeah that's all messed up all over the place, looks totally wrong. Not sure what they'd do about honoring it.
  8. Either they fixed it or I can't see the typo you're referring to. It seems pretty clear to me ; 6 months silver, 1 year fold, 6 years amber.
  9. I don't particularly want my kickstarter perks attached to this username, this username is mostly for finding old friends from shadowbane.
  10. Huntress pets soloing enemy thieves please. Good times.
  11. Just nabbed myself an Amber. Brilliant value. Good luck to the devs! (I'm in the UK but paid on the kickstarter website? Hope this works.)
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