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  1. Where are the beard options for the knight. Gotta have the darkskin blonde hair with red beard combo that just sloots out idgafrpkerxxx420
  2. Yo I might reform Chocolate Sailors instead since it seems like a better fit for this game's lore (I had a chance to sit down with myself and Imagine what this game's lore would be like after watching the 'vikings' series on the history channel so I'm problably going to have a pretty accurate Idea of what it actually will be). so yea. Also shout out to jin cuz those were some good times winning cb dalgotham in about a day or two w/ those other homies with us whose names escape me.
  3. Reserved until I get back from work. (so about 2 yrs irl time)
  4. I think the cartoony look is cheap and easy to produce so unless tesla can best crude were poorly made socks out of luck
  5. Hey I'm just wonderin if there are gonna be safezones in this game or any thing kinda like that or nub isle
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