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  1. Jikap

    Armor Choices

    It's old and outdated, but i think you'll find this post interesting: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/armor-for-all-from-rule-to-choice/ In short: plate isn't necessarily more tanky than the other armors, but has different strengths and weaknesses compared to the other armor types.
  2. I recently upgraded my 2016 Contributor Bundle into a 2016 Backer Bundle. While my backer rewards correctly show rewards for 2016 backer bundle, I now somehow received the badges for the 2015 backer bundle instead. Not a big or important bug, but if I'm going to showcase my badge to the public, I'd rather it show the correct year. I don't like to claim I backed this game in 2015 when I didn't. -Jikap
  3. Hello~ I've played a lot of different MMO's over the years, and usually tend to drift towards the crafting side of things. Currently I'm beta testing Albion online. I'm looking forward to try out Crowfall when it arrives in the beta phase, so I'll patiently await it's arrival until then.
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